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Lambent Shadowmane Courser[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Lambent Shadowmane Courser.png
"Imbued with the spirits of those turned away from Sovngarde, this dark courser emanates tendrils and spines of those lost souls. Dare you walk with it along its path of shadows and regret, taking on some of its burden?"—Clever Woman Moritra

The Lambent Shadowmane Courser is available in Sovngarde Crates as a Radiant Apex-level reward. Its default name is "Bonedancer".

Legendary Dragon Horse[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Legendary Dragon Horse.png
Hunters riding these valiant steeds are often the first on the scene of a Dragon attack. With its ornate, jade-accented barding, and its fierce loyalty to its rider, this steed is a must-have for any veteran Dragon Hunter.
Legendary Dragon Horse

The Legendary Dragon Horse is available with the Dragonhold Collectors Edition. It can also be bought from the Crown Store for 030003000 Crowns. Its default name is "Viridian".

Legion Zero Charger[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Legion Zero Charger.png
Battlemages within the perfidious Legion Zero conjure these powerful warhorses out of thin air using forbidden Daedric magic. The sight of this otherworldly charger inspires both fear and awe on the battlelines.

The Legion Zero Charger is a transparent purple horse with Legion Zero-themed armor. It was available during the 2020 Imperial City Celebration Event for 00600600 Crown Gems. Its default name is "Magnate". When summoned, it created a purple beam of light and leaves a purple Daedric summoning circle imprinted on the ground; this circle has the Daedric letter 'O' in its center, and quickly fades away. When walking on certain surfaces, this mount will leave behind purple hoofprints with tendrils coming off them.

Legion Zero Destrier[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Legion Zero Destrier.png
By forcing their steeds to consume the Blood of Coldharbour, the traitorous soldiers of Legion Zero created a war horse unlike any other. Adorned with fearsome barding and their sullen red colors, this is truly a mount to be feared.
Legion Zero Destrier

The Legion Zero Destrier was available during Midyear Mayhem 2020 for 025002500 Crowns. Its default name is "Imperator".

Luminous Indrik[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Luminous Indrik.png
The Luminous Indrik seems to radiate the same soft aetherial glow as the stars in the heavens, but steady and nearby rather than flickering and remote. It's reassuring, somehow.
Luminous Indrik

The Luminous Indrik is an evolved variant of the Nascent Indrik mount. It was obtained by combining four different Luminous Berries. Its default name is "Starglow".

Lustrous Nix-Ox Fabricant Steed[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Lustrous Nix-Ox Fabricant Steed.png
Before Saints Llothis and Olms had to be confined in the Asylum Sanctorium, they used to ride through the Brass Fortress on holy days on these bizarre Fabricant mounts. But the parades are long gone, and the synthetic steeds have been repurposed.
Lustrous Nix-Ox Fabricant Steed

The Lustrous Nix-Ox Fabricant is a mount available from the Crown Store between May 3rd and May 7th, 2018 for 035003,500 Crowns. Its default name is "Splendiferous".