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Luminous Indrik[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Luminous Indrik.png
The Luminous Indrik seems to radiate the same soft aetherial glow as the stars in the heavens, but steady and nearby rather than flickering and remote. It's reassuring, somehow.

The Luminous Indrik is a mount datamined in Patch 4.0.2 that is yet to be available. Its default name is "Starglow".

Lustrous Nix-Ox Fabricant Steed[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Lustrous Nix-Ox Fabricant Steed.png
Before Saints Llothis and Olms had to be confined in the Asylum Sanctorium, they used to ride through the Brass Fortress on holy days on these bizarre Fabricant mounts. But the parades are long gone, and the synthetic steeds have been repurposed.

The Lustrous Nix-Ox Fabricant is a mount available from the Crown Store between May 3rd and May 7th, 2018 for 035003,500 Crowns. Its default name is "Splendiferous".