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Namira's Rot
Namira's Rot
Value 0 Weight 0.25
Alchemy Effects
1st Damage Magicka Damage Magicka
2nd Fortify Lockpicking Fortify Lockpicking
3rd Fear Fear
4th Regenerate Health Regenerate Health
# Samples 11
Plant Namira's Rot
# Plants 262
Garden HF 3
Merchant Avail. Uncommon
A cluster of Namira's Rot

Namira's Rot is a fungus found on the floors of caves. It takes its name from the Daedric Prince Namira.


In terms of combinations of two ingredients, Namira's Rot can be combined with 46 other ingredients.

2 Effects[edit]

Desired Effect Combine with:
Damage Magicka Damage Magicka Fear Fear Daedra Heart
Damage Magicka Damage Magicka Regenerate Health Regenerate Health Luna Moth Wing, Nordic Barnacle
Fear Fear Regenerate Health Regenerate Health GleamblossomDG

1 Effect[edit]

Desired Effect Combine with:
Damage Magicka Damage Magicka Bittergreen PetalsCC (1.5×Magnitude,1.56×Value), Butterfly Wing, Chaurus Eggs, ChokeweedCC (1.5×Magnitude,1.56×Value), Eye of Sabre Cat, Glow Dust, Hagraven Feathers, Hanging Moss, Human Heart, Jarrin Root, Mort FleshCC, Trama RootDB
Fortify Lockpicking Fortify Lockpicking Ashen Grass PodDB, Falmer Ear, Pine Thrush Egg, SpadefishCC, Spider Egg, Worm's Head CapCC (1.5×Magnitude,1.56×Value)
Fear Fear Blue Dartwing, Bog BeaconCC (2×Magnitude,2.14×Value), Cyrodilic Spadetail, Elytra IchorCC (2×Magnitude,2.14×Value), Green Butterfly WingCC, Luminous RussulaCC (2×Magnitude,2.14×Value), Netch JellyDB, Poison BloomDG, Powdered Mammoth Tusk, Rot ScaleCC (0.16×Duration,0.14×Value), Sload SoapCC (2×Magnitude,2.14×Value)
Regenerate Health Regenerate Health Alocasia FruitCC (1.2×Magnitude,1.22×Value), AmbrosiaCC (1.2×Magnitude,1.22×Value, Emperor Parasol MossDB, Garlic, Gnarl BarkCC (1.2×Magnitude,1.22×Value), Hydnum Azure Giant SporeCC (1.2×Magnitude,1.22×Value), Juniper Berries, Minotaur HornCC (1.2×Magnitude,1.22×Value), Ogre's TeethCC (1.2×Magnitude,1.22×Value), Purple Butterfly WingCC, Screaming MawCC (4×Magnitude,0.03×Duration,0.11×Value), Thorn HookCC (0.6×Magnitude,0.6×Duration,0.32×Value), Vampire Dust, Void EssenceCC (1.2×Magnitude,1.22×Value)


11-12(DG) guaranteed samples can be found in 7-8(DG) different locations:

It is categorized as an uncommon ingredient, meaning that all apothecary merchants have a 15% chance of carrying 1-5 samples. In addition, it may be randomly found in uncommon- and rare-type apothecary's satchels.


262 Namira's Rot plants can be found in 49 different locations. Locations with the greatest numbers are:


In Blackreach, down the stairs from Alftand's entrance, directly southwest and under the porch of a Dwemer building patrolled by Falmer is a patch of Namira's Rot where the mushrooms are almost ten times larger than those in regular patches.