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The official map of Tamriel

This is a general hub page for all relevant maps related to The Elder Scrolls Online. Individual locations can be found through the places page.

When you open up the Map menu in-game, passing players will see you looking at a map of Cyrodiil.

General Maps[edit]

Interactive ESO Map
Tamriel — A map more clearly colored by Alliance
Regions — All regions from before the launch of Tamriel Unlimited, labeled
Regions and Sub-Regions — All launch regions and sub-regions, labeled
Zones — A map showing the current regional divisions
Aurbis — A cartographical representation of the currently-accessible regions on a universal scale
Vvardenfell — The map of Vvardenfell that came with the Morrowind Collector's Edition
Summerset — The map of Summerset that came with the Summerset Collector's Edition

Detailed Maps[edit]

A player looking at their Map

More detailed maps of specific locations are provided throughout the site on the appropriate articles. Specifically:

  • Each zone and many cities have a map on their respective articles.
  • Every individual cave, ruin and dungeon has maps provided in its article. See Places for a list.

Map Related[edit]


On the compass and map, icons for locations first appear when you get near to that place, or if you have been previously told about it. Once "Discovered", the icon will always be shown. White icons are places that you have "Cleared" or "Completed", while black icons indicate locations that are "Incomplete". Some locations cannot be completed, and these turn white as soon as they are discovered.

These are the icons used on the in-game map.

Points of Interest



Icon Description
Ayleid Ruin Ayleid Ruin
Battlefield Battlefield
Camp Camp
Cave Cave
Cemetery Cemetery
City City
Crafting Site Crafting Site
Crypt Crypt
Daedric Ruin Daedric Ruin
Dock Dock
Icon Description
Dwemer Ruin Dwemer Ruin
Estate Estate
Farm Farm
Fort Fort
Gate Gate
Great Lift Great Lift
Group Boss Group Boss
Grove Grove
Lighthouse Lighthouse
Mine Mine
Icon Description
Mundus Stone Mundus Stone
Player House Player House
Ruin Ruin
Sewer Sewer
Nord Boat Ship
Locale Striking Locale
Mushroom Tower Telvanni Tower
Town Town
Wayshrine Wayshrine
World Event World Event
Icon Description
Delve Delve
Group Delve Group Delve
Public Dungeon Public Dungeon
Group Dungeon Group Dungeon
Trial Group Trial
Infinite Archive Infinite Archive
Solo Solo Instance
Trial Solo Trial/Arena
Icon Description
Artifact Gate Artifact Gate
AvA Town AvA Town
Border Keep Border Keep
Bridge Bridge
Elder Scroll Elder Scroll
Farm Farm
Forward Camp Forward Camp
Imperial City Imperial Sewers
Icon Description
Imperial District Imperial District
Keep Keep
Milegate Milegate
Lumbermill Lumbermill
Mine Mine
Scroll Temple Scroll Temple
Outpost Outpost
Battle Recent Battle


Icon Description
Alchemy Alchemy
Antiquarian Circle Antiquarian Circle
Armory Armory
Bank Bank
Caravan Caravan
Clothier Clothier
Dark Brotherhood DB Sanctuary
Dye Station Dye Station
Enchanting Enchanting
Events Event Hub
Icon Description
Fargrave Fargrave
(Plaza of Portals)
Fighters Guild Fighters Guild
Furnishings Furnishings
Guild Kiosk Guild Kiosk
Inn Inn
Jewelry Jewelry
Mages Guild Mages Guild
Museum Museum
Marketplace Marketplace
Outfitter Outfitter
Icon Description
Outfit Station Outfit Station
Outlaws Refuge Outlaws Refuge
Tales of Tribute Roister's Club
(Tales of Tribute)
Shrine Shrine
Smithy Smithy
Stable Stable
Thieves Den Thieves Den
Transmutation Station Transmutation
Undaunted Enclave Undaunted Enclave
Woodworking Woodworking
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