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The island of Vvardenfell

There are nine regions in Vvardenfell with their own weather and unique landscape.

Ascadian Isles — A fertile agricultural region of islands and peninsulas in southernmost Vvardenfell.
Ashlands — A forsaken ash desert in the areas surrounding Red Mountain.
Azura's Coast — A mostly uninhabited region of rocky islands and peninsulas on Vvardenfell's eastern coast.
Bitter Coast — A swampy and poor region along Vvardenfell's west coast.
Grazelands — The pastures in northeastern Vvardenfell.
Molag Amur — A region of volcanic rock and lava pools in the southeastern interior of Vvardenfell.
Red Mountain — The volcanic mountain dominating central Vvardenfell which is encircled by the Ghostfence.
Sheogorad — A wild region of islands and peninsulas surrounding Sheogorad Island off Vvardenfell's northern coast.
West Gash — A rocky, highland region in western Vvardenfell that is rich in minerals.



Ald'ruhn — A large city southwest of Red Mountain, and Redoran council seat. (map)
Balmora — A large city in the West Gash, and Hlaalu council seat. (map)
Sadrith Mora — A large city at the eastern periphery of Zafirbel Bay, and Telvanni council seat. (map)
Vivec — The largest city in Vvardenfell, off the southern coast of the island. (map)
Foreign Quarter — This canton houses non-Dunmer citizens, their shops, and the Imperial Guilds.
Hlaalu Canton — This canton is occupied by Great House Hlaalu.
Redoran Canton — This canton is occupied by Great House Redoran.
Arena Canton — This canton is where duels to the death between honorable competitors take place.
Telvanni Canton — This canton is occupied by Great House Telvanni.
St. Delyn Canton — This canton is owned by the Dunmer Temple, and offers low-cost housing to deserving members.
St. Olms Canton — This canton offers low-cost housing and shop space to deserving merchants.
Temple Canton — Also known as the High Fane, this canton is the largest Dunmer temple in Vvardenfell.
Ministry of Truth — This gigantic floating rock is riddled with tunnels and serves as a base and 're-education center' for the secretive Ordinators.
Palace of Vivec — This canton is the home of the living god Vivec and site of the Puzzle Canal.


Caldera — An Imperial mining town in the West Gash. (map)
Ebonheart — A large Imperial town west of Vivec. (map)
Ghostgate — A fortress that consists of two main towers, Dusk and Dawn, connected by a hallway that acts as a Tribunal Temple. (map)
Gnisis — An Imperial egg mine town with a notable bazaar and a cranky Telvanni wizard. (map)
Maar Gan — A Redoran temple town and pilgrimage destination. (map)
Molag Mar — A Tribunal Temple town and pilgrimage destination. (map)
Pelagiad — An Imperial farming town and retirement community northwest of Vivec. (map)
Suran — A Hlaalu town northeast of Vivec. (map)
Tel Aruhn — The Telvanni tower town of Archmagister Gothren. (map)
Tel Branora — The Telvanni tower town of Mistress Therana. (map)
Tel Mora — The Telvanni tower town of Mistress Dratha. (map)


Ald Velothi — A small Redoran harbor village north of Gnisis. (map)
Dagon Fel — A small Imperial fishing village in the far north populated almost entirely by Nords. (map)
Gnaar Mok — A small Hlaalu fishing village on the Bitter Coast. (map)
Hla Oad — A small Hlaalu fishing village and smuggler's stop-off on the Bitter Coast. (map)
Khuul — A small Redoran fishing village and trading post on Vvardenfell's northwest shore. (map)
Seyda Neen — A small Imperial harbor village and trading post in the southern Bitter Coast, and the port where the game is begun. (map)
Tel Fyr — A Telvanni tower serving as the isolated home of Divayth Fyr and site of the Corprusarium. (map)
Tel Vos — A Telvanni tower and the home of Master Aryon. (map)
Vos — A small Velothi farming village on the eastern coast of Vvardenfell. (map)

Imperial Forts[edit]

Buckmoth Legion Fort — An Imperial Legion Fort near Ald'ruhn. (map)
Fort Darius — An Imperial Legion Fort in Gnisis.
Fort Firemoth — An abandoned Imperial Legion fort on a circular formation of islands west of Seyda Neen (plugin-specific). (map)
Fort Pelagiad — An Imperial Legion Fort in Pelagiad.
Hawkmoth Legion Garrison — The headquarters of the Imperial Legion, located on the north side of the middle section of Ebonheart. (map)
Moonmoth Legion Fort — An Imperial Legion Fort near Balmora. (map)
Wolverine Hall — An Imperial Legion Fort near Sadrith Mora. (map)

House Strongholds[edit]

Indarys Manor — A Redoran stronghold located on the site of Bal Isra, near Ald'ruhn and Maar Gan. (map)
Rethan Manor — A Hlaalu stronghold located on the Odai Plateau, southwest of Balmora. (map)
Tel Uvirith — A Telvanni settlement in the Molag Amur region, located on the site of Uvirith's Grave. (map)

Ashlander Camps[edit]

Major Tribal Camps[edit]

Ahemmusa Camp — The campsite of the Ahemmusa Ashlander clan. (map)
Erabenimsun Camp — The campsite of the Erabenimsun Ashlander clan. (map)
Urshilaku Camp — The campsite of the Urshilaku Ashlander clan. (map)
Zainab Camp — The campsite of the Zainab Ashlander clan. (map)

Minor Camps[edit]

Aharasaplit Camp — An Ashlander camp on the southern shoreline of the island of Sheogorad, located southwest of Dagon Fel and northwest of Rotheran. (map)
Aidanat Camp — A small Ashlander camp just south of Ald Velothi. (map)
Ashamanu Camp — An outcast Ashlander camp on an island west of Tel Aruhn. (map)
Bensiberib Camp — A small Ashlander camp located on the mainland of Azura's Coast between Tel Fyr and Tel Uvirith. (map)
Elanius Camp — Located in the Grazelands Region, not far northeast from Falensarano. (map)
Kaushtababi Camp — A small Ashlander camp south of Molag Mar, just over the mountains. (map)
Mamshar-Disamus Camp — An isolated Ashlander camp located just east of the ruins of Kogoruhn. (map)
Massahanud Camp — The home of a small group of Ashlanders southwest of the Dunmer stronghold Indoranyon. (map)
Mila-Nipal — A simple yurt northeast of the Daedric shrine Dushariran and east of Salothan Ancestral Tomb. (map)
Salit Camp — A medium-sized outcast Ashlander settlement southwest of Tel Mora. (map)
Shashmanu Camp — A desolate camp east of Ald Velothi and south of Khuul. (map)
Shashurari Camp — A tiny outcast Ashlander settlement west of Erabenimsun Camp. (map)
Sobitbael Camp — A yurt on Azura's Coast, north of Erabenimsun Camp. (map)
Yakaridan Camp — A yurt south of Tel Vos. (map)


Bal Isra — A barren location in the western Ashlands roughly between Ald'ruhn and Maar Gan. (map)
Fields of Kummu — A holy ground of the Temple located on the east-west path running from Balmora to Suran. (map)
Ghostfence — An enormous shield-like wall surrounding the crater of Red Mountain.
Holamayan — A monastery located on an isolated island located north of the Shrine of Azura on Azura's Coast. (map)
Khartag Point — Located northwest of Gnaar Mok, and east of the Neglected Shipwreck. (map)
Manor District — The seat of House Redoran Council in Ald'ruhn. (map)
Mount Assarnibibi — A mountain peak north of Molag Mar, destination of a high ranking Temple pilgrimage. (map)
Mount Kand — A mountain northwest of Molag Mar. (map)
Odai Plateau — The site of the stronghold of House Hlaalu southwest of Balmora and east of Hla Oad. (map)
Sanctus Shrine — A shrine sacred to the Temple located on a medium-sized island in the Sheogorad region, due west of Dagon Fel. (map)
Uvirith's Grave — An isolated place in the Molag Amur region and the site of the Telvanni Stronghold Tel Uvirith. (map)


Foyada Ashur-Dan — The hardened lava river from the crater of Red Mountain into the Molag Amur region. (map)
Foyada Bani-Dad — The hardened lava river starting at Red Mountain, running just north of Maar Gan to the coast north of Khuul. (map)
Foyada Esannudan — The short hardened lava river between Foyada Mamaea and Foyada Ashur-Dan. (map)
Foyada Ilibaal — A foyada leading from Molag Mar to Mount Kand, forming the rugged Molag Amur region. (map)
Foyada Mamaea — The hardened lava river that runs from Ghostgate past Balmora all the way to Hla Oad. (map)
Foyada Nadanat — The foyada which runs through the Molag Amur region to the Erabenimsun Camp. (map)
Foyada Zabirbael — The foyada that runs northeast from Mount Kand to Mount Assarnibibi, two pilgrim sites in the rugged Molag Amur region. (map)
Valley of the Wind — A fabled valley in the northeastern Ashlands. (map)

Bodies of Water[edit]

Inner Sea — The ocean surrounding the southern and western parts of Vvardenfell. (map)
Lake Amaya — A large lake in the Ascadian Isles region of Vvardenfell. (map)
Lake Hairan — A small lake between Pelagiad and Vivec. (map)
Lake Masobi — A small lake to the west of Suran. (map)
Lake Nabia — A small lake in the Molag Amur region, north of Suran. (map)
Nabia River — A river in the Molag Amur region of Vvardenfell. (map)
Odai River — A river that flows through Balmora. (map)
River Samsi — A large waterway in the West Gash region of Vvardenfell. (map)
Sea of Ghosts — The ocean surrounding the top half of the island of Vvardenfell and all of northeastern Tamriel. (map)
Zafirbel Bay — A large body of water on Azura's Coast.

Other Locations[edit]

Ancestral Tombs
Daedric Shrines
Dunmer Strongholds
Dwemer Ruins
Velothi Towers

Test Cells[edit]

ToddTest — A hidden area used by the developers for testing.
Character Stuff Wonderland — A secret room used by the developers for testing which is accessible only through the console.
Mark's Vampire Test Cell — A test area used by the developers.
Clutter Warehouse — A secret area used by the developers for testing.


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