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A typical scene in the Grazelands
The tower of Tel Vos
The Ahemmusa Camp
Map of the Grazelands
Grazelands Weather Table
Clear 30% Thunder 10%
Cloudy 40% Foggy 5%
Ash 0% Blight 0%
Overcast 5% Rain 10%
Snow 0% Blizzard 0%

The Grazelands (also called Sunna Guradan or the Telvanni Grazelands) are the pastoral heartland of Vvardenfell. On the northeastern corner of the island, these grasslands extend from the ancient stronghold of Falensarano north to the coast above Tel Vos. To the east, the Grazelands stretch to the coast and the islands of Zafirbel Bay, facing the Telvanni Peninsula. To the west, it is bounded by the forbidding steepness of the mountains of the Ashlands.

The flora of the Grazelands is dominated by wickwheat, and this is one of the few areas where it grows. There are trees spread sporadically around the landscape. Stoneflower is the most frequently flowering plant. It is home to wild guar, alit and shalk. The south is dominated by hackle-lo shrubs, whose leaves can be found across the island. It is also a region where, due to its scarce population, it is not uncommon to see Daedra, including golden saints and ogrim, just walking around in the open.

Much of Grazelands is uninhabited and thus belongs to the Temple. The population of the Grazelands consist of mostly nomadic Ashlanders. Other inhabitants include those who live in Tel Vos and the nearby town of Vos, along with Master Aryon in the tower of Telvanni.

Ashlander settlements in the area are the Ahemmusa Camp in the north and the Zainab Camp to the south. The presence of Tel Vos and the proximity to the Telvanni homeland means that this House is the most likely to make future claims in the region.

There are relatively few ruins in this region. The only significant Dwemer site is the fabled Nchuleft, and the only Daedric ruin is Kushtashpi in the far north. Dunmer strongholds include Falensarano in the south, and Indoranyon, in the central east, near the coast. They are both worth investigating, but be wary of Daedra worshippers and Bandits.


Smaller Towns[edit]

  • Tel Vos — A Telvanni tower and the home of Master Aryon. (map)
  • Vos — A small Velothi farming village on the eastern coast of Vvardenfell. (map)


Ancestral Tombs[edit]


Daedric Ruins[edit]

Dunmer Strongholds[edit]

Dwemer Ruins[edit]

Inns and Taverns[edit]



Related Quests[edit]

A list of quests that take are related to the Grazelands region, Vvardenfell, Morrowind.

Main Quest[edit]

  • Ahemmusa Nerevarine: Travel to the Ahemmusa camp in order for them to recognize you as the Nerevarine.
  • Zainab Nerevarine: Travel to the Zainab camp in order for them to recognize you as the Nerevarine.

House Hlaalu[edit]

  • Ashlander Ebony: Convince the Zainab Ashlander camp to sell ebony only to House Hlaalu.

House Telvanni[edit]

Fighters Guild[edit]

Mages Guild[edit]

Imperial Cult[edit]




Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Adaishah Ahanidiran Male Dark Elf Barbarian 6 81 88 0 90 [10,6]
Ansu Senatbael Female Dark Elf Mabrigash 7 90 92 0 90 [9,12]
Ashamanu Female Dark Elf Healer 10 0 102 0 30 [8,15]
Athanden Girith Male Dark Elf Trader 7 81 100 0 30 [10,15]
Benudni Ilurnubishpal Female Dark Elf Mabrigash 5 77 88 0 90 [11,9]
Elibael Puntumisun Male Dark Elf Barbarian 6 81 88 0 90 [11,6]
Emul-Ran Male Dark Elf Hunter Ashlanders Initiate(Initiate) 11 92 96 0 30 [11,15]
Iveri Llothri Female Dark Elf Witch 15 101 124 0 70 [11,10]
Kashtes Ilabael Male Dark Elf Hunter Ashlanders Initiate(Initiate) 10 87 94 0 30 [11,15]
Manirai Mirshamammu Female Dark Elf Mabrigash 6 84 90 0 90 [8,16]
Musan Zaintashara Male Dark Elf Scout 5 75 88 0 90 [9,5] Trainer
Shin Assemmus Male Dark Elf Archer 5 71 86 0 90 [10,6]
Shipal Zansatanit Male Dark Elf Scout 5 75 88 0 90 [11,6] Trainer
Shishi Yanumibaal Female Dark Elf Mabrigash 7 90 92 0 90 [8,16]
Shullay Malman-Ammu Male Dark Elf Barbarian 6 81 88 0 90 [9,5]
Yanabani Ashushshirari Female Dark Elf Mabrigash 5 77 88 0 90 [11,9]
Yanibi Adur-Dan Female Dark Elf Mabrigash 7 90 92 0 90 [11,9]
Zabi Adidshina Female Dark Elf Mabrigash 8 98 92 0 90 [9,12]


  • There is an area in the Grazelands where creatures are set to spawn with a 3D scale of 2.00, meaning that they will appear at double their usual size, resulting in "giant enemies". The area is on a hill northwest of Nerano Ancestral Tomb. Specifically, cell (8, 14), coordinates 66842, 120248, 2236.