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Find the elusive cure to the dreaded disease.
Quest Giver: Many people in Vvardenfell
Location(s): Bal Ur, Dubdilla
Reward: Cure for Vampirism
ID: MS_VampireCure
Molag Bal, as seen in his shrine in Bal Ur

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. (Optional) Find the book Vampires of Vvardenfell, v II.
  2. (Optional) Find a rare document, The Private Papers of Galur Rithari, Buoyant Armiger.
  3. Travel to Bal Ur and speak to the statue of Molag Bal.
  4. Travel to Dubdilla and slay his daughter, Molag Grunda, and her atronach consort, Nomeg Gwai.
  5. Return to Molag Bal's statue to receive the cure.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Getting a clue[edit]

You can talk with many people across Vvardenfell on the topic of vampirism, and vampirism cure to receive a wide variety of advice. Mages and sorcerers will suggest you read the rare book Vampires of Vvardenfell, v II, which you may have come across in your travels or through a number of quests. This volume has actually been banned by the Tribunal Temple, explaining its rarity.

If you don't have the book, seek out Skink-in-Tree's-Shade in the Mages Guild at the Wolverine Hall or any bookseller to learn more about it and be directed to Jobasha's Rare Books. Retrieving the book is actually a task that Skink will give you as part of the Mages Guild quests. The few copies that do exist can be found at:

Even more clues[edit]

Even though this book contains some clues as to what to do to cure yourself of vampirism, this quest is not really activated until you also find a much rarer document, The Private Papers of Galur Rithari, Buoyant Armiger, which can only be found in Galom Daeus, Tureynulal, and the Hall of Justice Secret Library (hidden under a book near the Ordinator).

Maybe Molag Bal will help?[edit]

Either source should spell out the steps required to be cured of the disease. You must first travel to the Daedric shrine at Bal Ur, north of Suran. Enter the shrine and inside speak with Derar Hlervu who will tell you to speak with the statue.

But first, help a concerned father out[edit]

The statue, Molag Bal, will ask you to travel to the cave Dubdilla and kill his daughter, Molag Grunda, and her atronach consort, Nomeg Gwai (levitation is important). Molag Bal is apparently displeased about the company his daughter has been keeping.

A Cure for Vampirism[edit]

Return to the shrine once the pair are dead and your Vampirism will be permanently cured. You will lose all the skills and attributes gained when you became a vampire and the amulet you got from your clan will no longer teleport you to your clan's hideout. Your character cannot become a vampire again (you can still contract Porphyric Hemophilia; you just won't turn into a vampire three days later).


  • Molag Bal erroneously states that Dubdilla is below Mt. Assarnibibi.
    • This error is further made apparent with ESO, with Dubdil Alar Tower built on top of where Dubdilla would later be.
  • If you do not plan on becoming a vampire to complete this quest, you can "finish" it by using the Journal Console Command (Journal MS_VampireCure 50). You will not be able to become a vampire again and the path to Molag Grunda in the cavern Dubdilla will be blocked by rocks.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

A Cure for Vampirism (MS_VampireCure)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I have found a [sic] some papers by a Buoyant Armiger, Galur Rithari. In them, he gives hints as to how vampirism may be cured. It suggests that the cure may be obtained with the help of a Daedra Prince, perhaps Molag Bal.
20 In Molag Bal's shrine in Bal Ur, I spoke with Derar Hlervu. She has told me that she knows of no cure for vampirism, and that only the Daedra Lord himself will be able to help me.
30 I have spoken to Molag Bal through his statue in the shrine at Bal Ur. He tells me that he does not have the cure for my vampirism, but he will get it for me if I do him a favor. His daughter, Molag Grunda, has been consorting with a Frost Atronach named Nomeg Gwai. If I can kill the two of them, returning their souls to a realm where Molag Bal may punish them, Molag Bal will give me the cure. They live now in the cave Dubdilla, south of Vos.
40 I have succeeded in killing Molag Grunda and her paramour, Nomeg Gwai.
50 ☑Finishes quest I've returned to the Shrine of Molag Bal and spoken with the Daedra Lord. He was pleased with my efforts, and has retrieved the cure from the Daedra Vaermina.