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Band Egg Mine

Morrowind is justly famous for its mineral wealth, sourced from its many underground Mines. Here are to be mined raw Ebony and Glass, both used for making weapons; competition is particularly fierce in the Ebony industry, with Imperials taking a keen interest, competition between houses Hlaalu and Redoran, and even the Zainab Ashlanders have an interest in the business. A single Diamond mine is also operational, run as a joint Imperial/Hlaalu concern.

Also to be found in Morrowind are the "egg mine" lairs of the Kwama. Although not strictly "mines" in the traditional sense (in that they are not artificially delved by man or mer), several are exploited as mines in which the principal products are Kwama Eggs, one of the region's staple foods. Many more eggmines are either undiscovered or unexploited: food is not a scarce resource, even considering that some mines are blighted.

Ebony Mines[edit]

Glass Mines[edit]

Diamond Mine[edit]

  • Abaelun Mine — The only working diamond mine in Vvardenfell, located just over the hills northeast of Caldera. (map)

Egg Mines[edit]