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Gnisis Eggmine
(view on map)
# of Zones 4
Mine Type Egg
# of Samples 41
Kwama, Slaughterfish, Rats
Console Location Code(s)
Gnisis, Eggmine; Gnisis, Lower Eggmine; Gnisis, Underground Stream; Gnisis, Bethamez
West Gash, [-10,11]
In the hills above Gnisis
Gnisis Eggmine

Gnisis Eggmine is a three-level kwama egg mine in the town of Gnisis.

This egg mine has more than its usual share of interest (considering that egg mines are usually unremarkable). Unfortunately, the economy and food supply of the town depend on the mine, and its kwama queen has caught the Blight. Relations are tense between the Imperial, Orcish, and Dark Elf staff following the recent murder of a miner. The delvings of the kwama miners have uncovered an entrance into the lost Dwemer ruin of Bethamez.

A level 45 lock protects the upper entrance, but you can get the key from Vatollia Apo. To do so, discuss the eggmine topic while either a member of the Imperial Legion (the usual rules about talking to members of the Legion apply), carrying a miner's pick in your inventory, or having raised his disposition to at least 70. Alternatively, you could kill him and take the key from his corpse. A second, unlocked entrance just east of Gnisis exists at the exit of the Underground Stream section of the mine.



From the upper entrance, there is a staircase right in front of you. Up the stairs is miner Mausur Ababael, who stands next to a table that holds the Gnisis Eggmine Ledger, a bottle, and a small amount of gold. Crates of large kwama eggs are scattered around the area. Further into the mine is a small pool, which doesn't hold anything of interest except for a banner labeled 'danger'. After the pond is the mining area, where a miner, Shanud, stands. Up the stairs from this mining area is a small batch of kwama egg clusters, along with four scribs and a couple of loose kwama eggs. The door just north of this place leads to the Lower Eggmine. Two miners, Kummi-Namus, and Zebdusipal, wander around the area. Two rats are also encountered due west from an egg cluster, as well as another pond of water. This pond doesn't hold anything of interest.

Lower Eggmine[edit]

As you enter the Eggmine, Lugrub gro-Ogdum will greet you and may turn hostile depending on your progress with Darius' quests. You can kill Lugrub without penalties. Next to him are two bottles of Flin and a bed. If Lugrub sees you take the bottles, he will become hostile. Behind him to the north is a door leading to the Underground Stream. To the west is the Kwama Queen and numerous leveled kwama, including some Warriors. The intersection to the north leads to another entrance to the Underground Stream, as well as to Bethamez.

Underground Stream[edit]

Coming from Lugrub's direction, the first thing you'll encounter is the ghost of Mansilamat Vabdas, if you haven't done that quest yet. Mansilamat's corpse rests at the bottom of the pond, with Lugrub's broken axe beside his body. Across the pond, there are various kwama and kwama egg sacks. At the end of the tunnel is a ravine. The other side of the ravine has an entrance back to the Lower Eggmine; you'll need to backtrack, jump over it, or levitate. If you fail to cross the ravine and end up at the bottom of it, don't bother going south, as it's a dead end. Instead, head north. After a while, there are a couple of slaughterfish. It looks like another dead end, but the exit to Gnisis through an underwater door is just due east. There is an Athletics skill book, The Ransom of Zarek, beside some bones and a burned out torch on a wide ledge behind some boulders near this underwater exit.

Related Quests[edit]

Imperial Legion[edit]

Mages Guild[edit]

  • Bethamez: Retrieve some ancient Dwemer documents.


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Kummi-Namus Almu Male Dark Elf Miner Tribunal Temple Layman(Layman) 5 82 86 0 30 Eggmine
Lugrub gro-Ogdum Male Orc Warrior Imperial Legion Trooper(Trooper) 2 66 62 90 40 Lower Eggmine Will attack you after the count of 10
Mansilamat Vabdas Male Dark Elf Miner House Redoran Hireling(Hireling) 1 0 20 0 0 Underground Stream Dead
Mausur Ababael Male Dark Elf Miner Tribunal Temple Layman(Layman) 5 82 86 0 30 Eggmine
Shanud Ududnabia Male Dark Elf Miner Tribunal Temple Layman(Layman) 5 82 86 0 30 Eggmine
Zebdusipal Mantiti Male Dark Elf Miner Tribunal Temple Layman(Layman) 5 82 86 0 30 Eggmine