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Ships can be found all around the coast of Vvardenfell. Some ships are intact and afloat, while many others are derelict and sunken. A ship usually consists of three interior areas: One cabin, and two decks. Open boats have no interiors. Most of the ships contain little loot, but some hold many valuables, such as moon sugar, skooma, and gems.

Full Ships[edit]

  • Arrow — A ship that can be found at the docks of Dagon Fel, north of the town. (map)
  • Chun-Ook — The ship of Nevosi Hlan at the docks in Ebonheart. (map)
  • Elf-Skerring — A large ship owned by Gals Arethi located at the docks of Sadrith Mora. (map)
  • Fair Helas — A ship that can be found at the docks of Ald Velothi, northwest of the town. (map)
  • Falvillo's Endeavor — A large vessel owned by Sedyni Veran at the docks of Vos. (map)
  • Grytewake — A smuggler's ship located at a secluded harbor along the Bitter Coast southwest of Hla Oad. (map)
  • Imperial Prison Ship — Located at the docks in Seyda Neen. (map)

Open Boats[edit]

  • Frost-Ghost — A small open boat just north of the Foreign Quarter in Vivec owned by Ano Andaram who is offering transport. (map)
  • Harpy — A boat owned by Baleni Salavel, operating from the docks in Hla Oad. She provides you transport to Ebonheart, Gnaar Mok, Molag Mar and Vivec. (map)
  • Omenwedur — A small open vessel at the docks of Khuul. (map)
  • Pole Star — A small open boat at the docks of Tel Mora owned by Tonas Telvani who is offering transport. (map)
  • Priggage — A small open boat in Gnaar Mok belonging to Valveli Arelas, who offers travel services. (map)
  • Saucy — A small open vessel docked at Tel Aruhn. (map)
  • Spring — A small open boat at the docks of Tel Branora, owned by Nireli Farys who is offering transport. (map)
  • Whistler — A small open boat owned by Rindral Dralor who is offering transport outside Molag Mar. (map)


  • Abandoned Shipwreck — Just off the northeastern coast of the island of Vas, northwest from Sud. It has run aground and only the stern is underwater. (map)
  • Ancient Shipwreck — Located on a small island southeast of Dagon Fel. (map)
  • Derelict Shipwreck — A large vessel that has run aground on the northern shores of Vvardenfell, west of the Urshilaku Camp and the Daedric ruin Assurnabitashpi. (map)
  • Deserted Shipwreck — A vessel run aground about halfway between the two island ruins of Mzahnch and Bal Fell. (map)
  • Desolate Shipwreck — A ship sunk not at sea, but on the southern edge of Lake Amaya, just nearby and to the west of the Dren and Arvel Plantations. (map)
  • Forgotten Shipwreck — A sunken vessel a little way west from Ald Velothi, containing a couple of small chests of gold and gems. (map)
  • Lonely Shipwreck — Aptly named, as this vessel ran aground in the middle-of-nowhere. (map)
  • Lonesome Shipwreck — A sunken vessel located north of Tel Mora. (map)
  • Lost Shipwreck — A sunken vessel off the east coast of Morrowind. (map)
  • Neglected Shipwreck — A sunken vessel off Khartag Point, close to the Dunmer stronghold of Andasreth. (map)
  • Obscure Shipwreck — A large sunken vessel in the Sheogorad Region, a short distance northwest from Vas, south-southeast of island with Big Head's Shack, and northeast of Ald Redaynia. (map)
  • Prelude Shipwreck — A ship wrecked east of Bal Fell. (map)
  • Remote Shipwreck — A vessel that ran aground on an island south of Seyda Neen and west of Vivec's Hlaalu Canton. (map)
  • Shunned Shipwreck — A vessel run aground at the bottom of the sea some way due southwest from the abandoned shack in Gnaar Mok. (map)
  • Strange Shipwreck — A vessel washed up on an island northeast of Sadrith Mora. (map)
  • Unchartered Shipwreck — A vessel run aground on a rock some way south of Vivec's Palace Canton. (map)
  • Unexplored Shipwreck — A vessel wrecked just where the Odai River runs into the sea on Morrowind's southwestern coast. (map)
  • Unknown Shipwreck — A vessel run aground a short way west of Sadrith Mora. (map)
  • Unmarked Shipwreck — A vessel that sank a short distance off the northwest corner of Morrowind's mainland, near the half-flooded Daedric shrine of Yasammidan. (map)