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Title Author Description Game(s)
Sacred Places Goes-Here-and-There An Argonian treasure-seeker reflects on her heritage
Sacred Rites of the Stonechewers Nellic Sterone A description of the Stonechewer Goblin tribe
Sacred Witness Enric Milres Account of Enric's meeting with the Night Mother and career as an assassin
A Sacrament Remains Nazala A chronicle of an assassin's journey to kill her father
Sacred Waters of the Shining Sea Moon-Bishop Shavka Writings on the holy waters in the Moonlit Cove
Sacrilege and Mayhem in the Alik'r Doctor Tazhim of the Bureau of Outlander Affairs A Report to the Royal Family of Hegathe
Saergnar, Pact soldier Saergnar A soldier's observations of a homesick Argonian
The Saga of Captain Wereshark Various adventures of Captain Wereshark and his crew
The Sage Aegrothius Goth A Breton's journey to become the Sage
Sage Svari Answers Your Questions Sage Svari Sage Svari answers questions on lore
Sages of the Crystal Tower Nularan, Mages Guild Scribe A Mages Guild scholar describes the renowned Sapiarchs of the Crystal Tower
A Sailor's Guide to Sea Elves Virillda of the Silver-Sails Advice for dealing with the Maormer
Saint Jiub's Opus Jiub Saint Jiub the Eradicator of the Winged Menace recounts his rise to glory
Saint Nerevar
Saints and Seducers Andoche Marie Sentinels of the Isles: A treatise on Golden Saint / Dark Seducer culture and history within the Shivering Isles
The Salas En Expedition Lady Clarisse Laurent An academic study into the ruins of Salas En
Sanarel the Great A record of the ninth Champion of the Blessed Crucible
Sanavar's Research Notes Sanavar A researcher's journal attempting to establish a connection between Dwemer and Yokudan astronomy
Sanctioned Murder Mjahlar Virian Extract from the journal of a retired Morag Tong assassin
Saradin's Diary Saradin
Saryoni's Sermons Archcanon Tholer Saryoni Annotated text of the Temple with commentary by Archcanon Tholer Saryoni
Saving Your Hide Lieutenant Anders Gemane On the finer points of dagger use
Savior of the Altmer, Part 1 Canonreeve Oraneth A Canonreeve's journal justifying her supposed betrayal
Savior of the Altmer, Part 2 Canonreeve Oraneth A Canonreeve's journal justifying her supposed betrayal
Savior of the Altmer, Part 3 Canonreeve Oraneth A Canonreeve's journal justifying her supposed betrayal
Sayings of the Wise Orcish proverbs
The Scaled Elves Marin Laroix A essay on the fearsome Maormer leviathans
Scales of Shadow Nisswo Xeewulm A poem regarding Sithis from the Clutch of Nisswo
Scaly Steeds of Black Marsh Ukaspa, Lilmoth Stablemaster An essay on the unique Argonian lizard-mounts
Scandals of Solitude's Royalty Erisa Sylbenitte of the Coterie of Organized Scholars Stories about the lesser known High Kings of Western Skyrim
Scared Little Snow Moth The Scared Little Snow Moth goes on a journey to get some food
Scepter of the Riekr King-Chief Notes on an ancient Orcish artifact
Schemes of the Reachmage Gabrielle Benele, Wizard A Mages Guild record of findings on Angof the Gravesinger
A Scholar's Guide to Nymphs Vondham Barres One man's experience with Nymphs
Scorpion Observations Boward, Regent of Wriggling Nightmares
Scourge of the Gray Quarter Frilgeth Horse-Breaker A complaint on the presence and behavior of the growing Dunmer population of Skyrim
The Scroll of Avalian An account of Avalian's battle with a fiery beast
Scroll of Eight A list of the eight sacred aspects of the Ghost Snake
Scroll of Shadow Scrolls detailing Azra Nightwielder contributions to Shadow Magic
The Scroll of Usunok An account of Usunok's hunt
The Scroll of Vaia An account of Vaia's battle with Rhogar the Destroyer
The Sea It Rises A Sea Chanty of the Long Coast
Seafood Supper A few simple recipes for a family
Sealing the Great Serpent How a clan of elves defeated the Great Serpent
Searching for the Horn of Ja'darri, Part 1 Commander Oholin of the Dragonguard A quest for a legendary weapon
Searching for the Horn of Ja'darri, Part 2 Commander Oholin of the Dragonguard A quest for a legendary weapon
Searching for the Horn of Ja'darri, Part 3 Commander Oholin of the Dragonguard A quest for a legendary weapon
The Seasons of Argonia Jekka-Wass Paxalt, Keeper of the Xinchei-Konu Notes on the Argonian months and their respective meanings
The Second Akaviri Invasion Yngmaer Raven-Quill, Historian Royal of the Bards' College, Solitude A description of the Second Akaviri Invasion
Second Invasion: Reports Diary surrounding the Battle of Windhelm during the Akaviri Invasion of 2E 572
Secrets of Dwemer Animunculi Diagrams of a Sphere Centurion in various stages
Secrets of the Riddle'Thar Rid-Thar-ri'Datta, First Mane of the Epiphany
Secrets of Treehenge Vanendil On visiting the sacred Treehenge
Secrets Overheard in Apocrypha Morian Zenas Eavesdropping on servants of Hermaeus Mora
Seladess and Sirahai-daro, returning from a hunt A friendly conversation between two hunters
Selected Letters from Pacrooti Pacrooti A collection of delivery letters
Selenwe's Journal Selenwe A Direnni's recollections and grievances after sealing her beloved sister for her practices in Necromancy
Sellonus's Confession Sellonus A dying father's last wishes
Senche-rahts: Not Just Mounts Saharrzag A pamphlet warning those who might seek to enthrall senche-raht
Senilius' Report Senilias Cadiusus A report on an excavation of a Dwemer ruin
Sentinel, the Jewel of Alik'r The Unveiled Azadiyeh, Songbird of Satakalaam Yokudan legend surrounding the establishment of Sentinel
Sep's Kiss Instructions on brewing a poison
Septima Tharn's Leadership Maxims Magus-General Septima Tharn On how to command
Serpent Hollow Observations A researcher's notes on the behavior of a clan of Ogres
Settling the Debate Ralevyn Nerano On what type of leather armor to use
The Seven Curses Gilvas Barelo Extract from the Apographa of the Dissident Priests alluding to the trials the Nerevarine must face
The Seven Shadows of Rajhin, Pt. 1 How Rajhin beat the heat
The Seven Visions These are the words of the prophecy called "The Seven Visions."
Shad Astula Academy Handbook Introductory pamphlet for new students at Shad Astula, Academy of Magic
Shadow Draining: A Hypothesis the Glimmering Foxbat On the magical effect of absorbing another's life force
Shadowmarks Delvin Mallory A list of symbols members of the Thieves Guild leave behind for each other
Shadows and Whispers Romien Garvette of the Whispering Shadows A Nocturnal cultist's notes on the invasion of the Clockwork City
Shad Astula Curriculum The curriculum of the Shad Astula academy
Shadya af-Abia, innkeeper Shadya af-Abia The thoughts of a concerned resident of Bangkorai
Shalidor's Insights Shalidor A disquisition on the origin and nature of Dragons
A Shallow Pool A poem regarding the Hist
The Sharper Tongue: A Jel Primer Lights-the-Way, Mystic of the Mages Guild A primer for common terms heard in the Argonian language
Shezarr and the Divines Faustillus Junius The relationship between the god Shezarr and the other Cyrodilic deities
The Shields of Senchal Ziri, Chronicler of the Senchal City Council An overview of the Thirteenth Legion's time in Senchal
The Shivering Apothecary Cinda Amatius A catalogue of potions creatable through ingredients found throughout the Shivering Isles
The Shivering Bestiary Namlir Esprink A catalogue of the characteristics and combat skills of the creatures that reside in the Shivering Isles
Shornhelm, Crown City of the North Lord Wylon, 39th Baron Montclair On Shornhelm and the House of Montclair
A Short History of Morrowind Jeanette Sitte Some excerpts from the book's introduction and its section on Vvardenfell
Shrine inscription An appeal to Kyne
Shrine to Derik Hallin A plaque dedicated to Derik Hallin, last of the Ansei
Shrine to Divad Hunding A plaque dedicated to Divad Hunding, famed Yokudan sword-singer
Shrine to Frandar Hunding A plaque dedicated to Frandar Hunding, famed Yokudan sword-singer
The Siege of Ald Marak Siege-Master Germia Demetrius A recounting of how the Imperial Legion overthrew an imposing Dunmer fortress
Sighs of Blackwood An Argonian song about Blackwood
Silence Ganpheril Kimeth How an adventurer's fight with a powerful mage was aided with a simple Silence spell
The Silver Werewolf Hildegard The tale of a werewolf rescuing a kidnapped giantess
Simple Illusion Magic Ninaleon Sightbinder the First The contents page of a beginner's guide to illusion magic
Sinderion's Field Journal Sinderion A detailed account of an alchemist's obsession with Nirnroot
Singed Page The Sisters Glumm
Sir Amiel's Journal Sir Amiel Dying confessions of the founder of the Knights of the Nine
Sirdor's Journal Sirdor A researcher's notes on Root Sunder and how the Ayleids bound the spirit of the jungle to it
A Sister's Regret Ruelde A Dragon cultist's remorseful letter regarding the betrayal of their priest
A Sister's Retort Ruelde A Dragon cultist's letter regarding their order's downfall
Sithis Text detailing an apparent connection between Sithis and Lorkhan
The Sixteen Kingdoms A traditional chant about the sixteen kingdoms of ancient Elsweyr
Skin Blights By Any Other Name Ravosa Ildram, House Healer A study of skin diseases
Skin-Stealers Notes on the behavior of Skin-Stealers
Skorm Snow-Strider's Journal Skorm Snow-Strider The journal of a First Era Nordic commander and his encounter with the Dragon Cult
Sky and Storm
A Sky of Dusk Romien Garvette of the Whispering Shadows A Nocturnal cultist's notes on Evergloam
The Sky Spirits Amun-dro, the Silent Priest A pre-ri'Datta text listing deities associated with the sky
Skyreach Explorer Reginus Buca, Historian, University of Gwylim Scholarly journals on the exploration of Skyreach
Skyrim's Rule Abdul-Mujib Ababneh A Redguard explains Skyrim's political system
The Slave Pits of Coldharbour Instructions for Dremora taskmasters in the service of Molag Bal
The Slave Rebellion – Man's Triumph Chancellor Abnur Tharn An examination of the Alessian Slave Rebellion and the fall of the Ayleids
Slave's Diary The writings of a soul shriven prisoner
Smithing: A Worthy Endeavor Cuinaamo, Great Sage of the Forge On the merits of smithing
Smuggler's Island Quarde Anarion A tale of eleven moon sugar smugglers' grisly fate
A Soldier's Letter Duqaq af-Wazif A Covenant Soldier's view on the war with the Dominion
Solitude: A Charred Journal Ysogar Entries from a ruined journal about strange dreams
Solitude Bedtime Stories A collection of bedtime stories
Something's in the Attic On the bumps in the night...

{[Lore Book Entry|Song of Alkosh's Champion}}

Song of Despair Anonymous Song on the Daedric Princes
Song of Hrormir The epic narrative of Hrormir, one-time champion of Nocturnal
The Song of Khunzar-ri (A Mythic Hero's Song)
The Song of Pelinal The life of Pelinal Whitestrake, assembled from various old fragmentary texts
Song of the Askelde Men A traditional Nordic poem about a ghost stalking those that killed him
Song of the Prowler A pirate's sea shanty
Song of the Spirits
Songs of Skyrim: Revised Giraud Gemaine, Historian of the Bards College, Solitude A compilation of popular songs in Skyrim
Songs of the Return Parts of the traditional legend of Ysgramor and his Five Hundred Companions
Songs of the Stars High Astrologer Caecilus Bursio A Star-Gazer reflects on his order's newfound relevance
Songs of Vvardenfell A collection of Dunmer songs collected by Jerin Dres
Soran's Journal Soran Hariksen, Wildlife Scholar A wildlife scholar's journey to find a unicorn
Sorcery is Not Necromancy! Divayth Fyr A famed wizard's objections to being labeled a necromancer
Sotha Nall A plaque honoring Sotha Sil's sister
Sotha Sil and the Scribe Andrunal, Seer of Verse
Soul of the Sword Valami, Goutfang Master A claw-dance master's attempt at figurative writing
Soul-Trapping I: An Introduction Warlock Elinyon Musings on soul-trapping
Souls, Black and White A scholar's look at the souls of man and beast
The Sounding Horn A short text on the god Stendarr
The Source of Power Notes on the forging of the Great Shackle and its role in the Planemeld
The Source of the Bone Selalleth The Death Stories of the Bosmer
Sovngarde, a Reexamination Bereditte Jastal Speculation regarding Sovngarde, the Nordic Hall of Valor
The Spawn of Molag Bal Brief description of Molag Bal and his relationship to Vampires
Speakers of Nothing Nisswo Xeewulm A poem regarding the Nisswo
Spear of Bitter Mercy Inscription A short inscription about the Spear of Bitter Mercy
Special Flora of Tamriel Hardin the Herbalist A list of the rare plants of Tamriel
Special Flora of Tamriel (Daggerfall) Hardin A list of the rare plants of Tamriel
The Spinners of Y'ffre Cirantille A description of the Bosmeri Spinners
Spinning a Story Cirantille A description of strangely prophetic Bosmeri priests
Spirit of Nirn, God of Mortals Opinions of the god Lorkhan and the origin of creation
Spirit of the Daedra A look into the Daedric mindset
Spirits of Skyrim Isstille the Scholar On the guardian spirit of the Haunted Wood
The Sport of Clans A description of a traditional Orcish sport
Sporting Chance
Staff of Towers Holven Alessian writings on a powerful staff and its relationship to the mythical Towers
Stagger and Sway A love song
The Standing Stones Anonymous A brief history and description of the Shivering Isles' Obelisks of Order
Star Teeth, Volume I Alanwe A study on the nature of the Star Teeth
A Star Walks In Craglorn Adandora the Tale-weaver A Tale of Romance and Adventure
The Star-Eyed Bride of Alinor A poem of lost love upon stormy seas
Starlover's Log Samar Starlover Entries from the journal of a Battlemage seeking escape from Battlespire
Statue of Amminus Entius A plaque honoring an Order of the Hour knight
Statue of Cavor Merula A plaque honoring an Order of the Hour knight
Statue of Justia Desticus A plaque honoring an Order of the Hour knight
Statue of Rusio Olo A plaque honoring an Order of the Hour knight
Statue of Sir Byric A plaque describing the origins of the Knights of the Flame
Stendarr's Divine Spear Ptolus the Bright, Resolute of Stendarr A poem extolling the power of Stendarr's magic
Stepping through Shadows the Glimmering Foxbat On teleportation magic
Stone Garden Dissection Notes Arkasis the Mad Alchemist Notes pertaining to the dissection of a vampire bloodknight
Stone Husk Dissection Log Arkasis the Mad Alchemist Notes recorded during the dissection of a Stone Husk
Stonefire Ritual Tome A Stonefire cult text praising Molag Bal
The Stormcrag Family Crypt Vunhilde Stormcrag On the Stormcrag clan and their cursed crypt
The Stormfist Clan Thora Far-Wanderer The rise and fall of the Stormfist Clan
Stormhold, City of Shadowfen Cirantille A description of the city of Stormhold
The Story of Aevar Stone-Singer Traditional Skaal myth about a young Skaal's journey to recover the Gifts of the All-Maker
The Story of Lyrisius Bresne Smythe Epic tale of Lyrisius and the wyrm of Akavir
The Story of Princess Eselde Thinly-veiled propaganda from House Tamrith
Strakes and Futtocks Curly Lainlyn, Master Shipwright New standardized instructions for boat building
The Strange Case of Ja-Reet The story of an Argonian born away from his people
The Strange Case of Ragnthar Guylaine Marilie On the temporospatial claudication of Ragnthar
Strange Rituals of the Orsimer Chaplain Jorden, Priest of Arkay A study into the funerary rites practiced by the Orcs of Wrothgar
The Strangeness of Dryskins Kaal Dreenjee of the Naga-Kur
Translated by Tyrrya Len, The Wayrest Wanderer
A Dead-Water Naga's thoughts on non-Argonians
The Stranger These are the words of the prophecy called "The Stranger"
Stuck in the Slag Circone, Good Deputy of Slag Town A commoner's musings on life in Clockwork City's Slag Town
A Study of Fabricants Endilaril, Naturalist A naturalist's research notes on the Fabricant
The Sublime Brazier Augusta Purusius, Associate Historian, Imperial Academy of Records and Histories The legend of a mythical cauldron used to kindle the Dragonfires
Subtropical Cyrodiil: A Speculation Lady Cinnabar of Taneth Thoughts on the climate of Cyrodiil and its relationship to the White-Gold Tower
Sugarbelly Azmu-ra On training Senche-Tigers
The Sultry Argonian Bard, v1 Ellya Erdain A short excerpt from Ellya Erdain's play
Sumiril's Book The story of a boy named Ostion
Summerset Isles: A Visitor's Guide Runilstir the Surveyor A travel guide to Vulkhel Guard
The Summoner Poem on Faindor the Prodigy
Summoning Rituals (Legible) Archmage Shalidor The words of a great mage
Sunk into Ouze A solution to dealing with the defeated Oathbreakers of the Green Pact
Surfeit of Thieves Aniis Noru How a busted robbery gets even worse
Suril's Journal Suril A Mages Guild research journal documenting field studies in Black Marsh
Survivor's Guilt
Svarkjar Bitterblood, overheard on Bleakrock Svarkjar Bitterblood A Nord's complaints on dealing with Dunmer on Bleakrock Isle
The Swallowed City Beredalmo the Signifier Documenting the fall of a city into Coldharbour
Sweet Life Dusted-with-Sugar A Khajiit's offering to Alkosh
Sweet Moon-Sugar Cane (A Khajiiti Working Song)
Sword-Wisdom of Saikhalar Advice from a sword master