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Title Author Description Game(s)
The Mabrigash Trial Thorgo Letter describing an encounter with a Mabrigash
Macabre Manifest List of recently deceased persons in Cyrodiil
Mace Etiquette A warrior's instruction pamphlet on proper mace tactics
Mad Urkazbur's Ice-Effigy Notes on an Ogre shaman's powerful artifact
The "Madmen" of the Reach Arrianus Arius, Imperial Scholar A defense of the Forsworn
The Madness of Pelagius Tsathenes Profiling the renowned Mad Emperor
Mages Guild Charter Rules for membership of the Mages Guild
Magic from the Sky Irlav Jarol Treatise concerning Ayleid Wells, Welkynd Stones, and Varla Stones
Mal Sorra's Curse The tale of a powerful necromancer and her chilling fate
Malacath and the Reach Kyrtos A reachman's thoughts on Malacath
Malacath and Trinimac Ugdorga, the King's Scribe A discussion on Malacath and Trinimac
Malham's Annotated Compendium of Arcane Contrivances of the Second Age, Volume IV Malham
Malyn Varen's Grimoire Malyn Varen, Master Enchanter A proud mage boasts of altering a Daedric artifact
Manifesto Cyrodiil Vampyrum Tenets of the Cyrodilic vampires
The Manifesto of Make Way A call for Redguards to expunge weakness from their hearts
Manifestos of Kinlord Rilis XII High Kinlord Rilis XII The journal of an imprisoned ruler
Mannimarco, King of Worms Horicles Biography of Mannimarco, the leader of Necromancers, in verse
Mantra of Expulsion A prayer to Jone and Jode
Mantra of Redemption A hymn sung during Khajiiti exorcisms
Manual of Armor Guide to the various types of armor available for Imperial use
Manual of Arms Guides to the various types of weaponry available for Imperial use
Manual of Spellcraft An introduction to magic and the Mages Guild
Manual of Xedilian A guide to the workings and functions of each torture room in Xedilian
Maormer Correspondence A letter to the Maormer High Command offering potential advice regarding a planned invasion of Tempest Island
The Maormer of Pyandonea Imperial Geographical Society Entry 543, Atlas Notes
Map of Clans Notes on an ancient Orcish map
Mara's Tear Zhen The story of Mara's Tear and Shandar's Sorrow
Marbruk Builder's Log Notes on the town of Marbruk
The March Explored Fenlil the Wayfarer Excerpts from a guide to the Reaper's March region
Mark of Egg-Births A log of Argonians born at the Hatching Pools
The Marksmanship Lesson Alla Llaleth How a Bosmer slave teaches his master's son marksmanship
The Marriage of Moon and Tide Clan Mother Tsradama A clan mother's description of the connection between the moons and the tides
The Martyrdom of Saint Pelin Priestess Adie Rodeau How a humble clergyman stopped an army of vampires
The Massacre at Cormount Camoran Gorinir Alleging that the Aldmeri Dominion committed genocide in Valenwood
Master Assistant Materials Acquirer Pacrooti Answers Your Questions Pacrooti A Khajiiti hireling answers questions on lore
Master Zoaraym's Tale Gi'Nanth About the Temple of the Two Moons in Elsweyr and its students
The Masters' Hall Unknown Young and optimistic adventurers seek out a lost ruin in the Jerall Mountains
Masterwork of the Inducer A translated Ayleid manuscript attributed to Eldhaal the Inducer
Mastery of Discipline Frandar Hunding Frandar Hunding's insights on achieving mastery
Mathoc the Immortal Notes on a fearsome Breton warrior
Mathorak Hammerhurl, weaponsmith Mathorak Hammerhurl A blacksmith recounts his meeting with Jorunn the Skald-King
Matteo Gavendier's personal checklist Matteo Gavendier Instructions on armor care
Matthild Built This Place A poem dedicated to the life of Matthild
The Maulborn Manifesto Propaganda from the Maulborn asking plague victims to seek out their quarantine
Mauloch, Orc-Father Ramurbak gro-Abamath The origins of Mauloch and his laws
Mazubar-do's Advice Mazubar-do An essay on fighting and its relationship with dance
Mead, Mead, Mead! A drinking song about mead
Mean Old Torchbug A story about Brave Little Scrib and Mean Old Torchbug
Medium Armor: Tannins and Leather Defessus Lector
Meet the Character - Abnur Tharn Arctus Cove An Imperial spymaster's report on the famed Grand Chancellor of the Elder Council
Meet the Character - Alchemy of the House of Reveries Maestro Engima A letter regarding the newest addition to a performing troupe
Meet the Character - Archcanon Tarvus Adjuvant Drumara An interview conducted with the Archcanon of the Tribunal Temple
Meet the Character - Arkasis Adandora, Chronicler-at-Large An excerpt discussing the real life inspiration of a character from a popular series
Meet the Character - Astara Caerellius Green-Venom-Tongue An assassin's observations of the Matron of his sanctuary
Meet the Character - Captain Caudex Lieutenant Gavo Haderus An Imperial soldier recounts the heroics of Captain Anatolius Caudex
Meet the Character - Chevalier Renald Abnur Tharn Correspondence collected from the ruins of the Imperial City
Meet the Character - Chief Bazrag Zephrine Frey, Royal Chronicler of Wayrest A Daggerfall Covenant report on Chief Bazrag gro-Fharun
Meet the Character - Chief Inspector Rhanbiq Talsim, Master of Secrets for Her Majesty, the Queen of Taneth Information on one of the Iron Wheel's chief inspectors
Meet the Character - Clivia Tharn Magus-General Septima Tharn Septima Tharn reminisces her youth with her sister
Meet the Character - Commander Varian Captain Murzazir Correspondence between captains of an order of werewolf hunters
Meet the Character - Divayth Fyr Lilatha A letter to the Ritemaster of the Psijic Order
Meet the Character - Domihaus the Bloody-Horned Gherig Bullblood An intercepted message from a Reachman patriarch
Meet the Character - Drake of Blades Lieutenant Drathyn An Ebonheart Pact report on the Drake of Blades
Meet the Character - Eerika Skjoralmor Torik A letter penned by a loyal housecarl of Thane Eerika Skjoralmor
Meet the Character - Eveli Sharp-Arrow Aroz'lai, the Queen's Eye in Wrothgar An Aldmeri Dominion report on a Bosmer adventurer
Meet the Character - Eveli Sharp-Arrow Auditia Lentulus A response to an Imperial who seeks aid
Meet the Character - Famia Mercius Talen-Nakal An Argonian storyteller attempts to describe an Imperial anthropologist
Meet the Character - Father Egnatius Mannimarco The King of Worms airs his concerns about a well-loved priest
Meet the Character - Fennorian Zephrine Frey, Chronicler of Wayrest A chronicler's account of one of House Ravenwatch's members
Meet the Character - Forge-Mother Alga Tugha A letter from King Kurog's forge-wife
Meet the Character - Governor Fortunata Braccus Klinicus A thinly veiled threat to the count of Kvatch
Meet the Character - Green-Venom-Tongue Speaker Terenus A Dark Brotherhood Speaker's notes on a Shadowscale
Meet the Character - Hanu Mistress Dratha A Telvanni Magister's meeting with an Ashlander
Meet the Character - High King Svargrim Pjetr the Skald, of the Bards College A biography about the Wolf of Solitude
Meet the Character - Jaxsik-Orrn Tsojei The tale of a Naga warrior battling voriplasms and undead
Meet the Character - Jorvuld Davaux Professor Chamrond A letter endorsing a scholarly expedition to Scalecaller Peak
Meet the Character - Khamira Penewen A Dominion report on a mysterious young Khajiit
Meet the Character - King Kurog Zephrine Frey, Royal Chronicler of Wayrest A Daggerfall Covenant report on the ruler of Orsinium
Meet the Character - King Narilmor Tjurhane Fyrre Biography of a zealous Meridia worshipper
Meet the Character - Lady Thorn Fennorian of House Ravenwatch Research on an elusive vampire
Meet the Character - Lyris Titanborn Irnskar, Prince of Windhelm A letter from a prince to an associate
Meet the Character - Mother Ciannait Optio Cornelia Midara A legionnaire's eyewitness account of the Icereach Coven
Meet the Character - Mulaamnir Centurion Jagus Extracts from an Imperial's journal detailing his interactions with a group of dragons
Meet the Character - Naryu Virian Ashur A Morag Tong assassin's petition to his Guildmaster
Meet the Character - Primate Artorius Grand Sermonizer Fithia A flyer surrounding the background of Primate Artorius
Meet the Character - Princess Svana Brondold A letter from an agent of the Skald-King
Meet the Character - Proctor Luciana Grimrald Brassbones The dictation of an imprisoned thief in the Clockwork City
Meet the Character - Provost Varuni Arvel Alienist Arolosea An interview with a leader of the Clockwork City's Congress of Calibration
Meet the Character - Proxy Queen Alwinarwe Ayrenn A letter from Queen Ayrenn to her cousin Alwinarwe
Meet the Character - Quen Tundellde A letter of suspension from an Altmeri school
Meet the Character - Razum-dar Justiciar Rolumdel A Justiciar's investigation into a mysterious Khajiit
Meet the Character - Sai Sahan Abnur Tharn An entry from Abnur Tharn's journal
Meet the Character - Selene Vanus Galerion The Great Mage recounts an early guild contract in Valenwood
Meet the Character - Seryn Armiger Urnsi A Temple report on Ashlander activities at Ald'ruhn
Meet the Character - Shelaria Keroufeh The journal entry of a Pyrewatch Sentinel
Meet the Character - Silver-Claw Silver-Claw A letter from a Khajiiti merchant
Meet the Character - Sir Cadwell Razala A letter recounting one Khajiit's encounter with the oldest Soul Shriven
Meet the Character - Sun-in-Shadow Magister Therana Telvanni correspondence regarding a magically gifted slave
Meet the Character - Tharayya Notes on the Redguard scholar Tharayya
Meet the Character - Valsirenn of the Psijic Order Oriandra An essay on one of the most accomplished sages of the Psijic Order
Meet the Character - Xukas Leonian & Crassus Correspondence regarding an Argonian fraudster
Meet the Character - Yisareh Glirion the Redbeard An inspired speech about the first Undaunted Trailblazer
Meet the Character - Zeira Walks-Softly Notes on the guildmaster of the Thieves Guild
Meet the Character - Zumog Phoom Khamira A report on a dangerous necromancer
Meet the Character(s) - Za'ji and Caska Aeliah Renmus Entries from a personal journal concerning two Senchal pirates
Meet This Year's Officiate - Breda Breda A New Life Herald's letter to her colleagues
Members of the Hew's Bane Thieves Guild Answer Your Questions Walks-Softly

, Kari Coin-Counter , Velsa , Zeira , Thrag , Andarri || A group of thieves answer questions on lore ||

The Memories of Sotha Sil Varlinsi Arandu, Apostle of Sotha Sil An essay on the creation of the Mnemonic Planisphere
A Memory Book Fa-Nuit-Hen The recollections of a Daedric Demiprince
A Merchant's Guide to Valenwood Advice for traders traveling through Bosmer lands
Merchants, Scoundrels, Thieves Garold Farfly A biased history of the Dragonstar Caravan Company
Message from Dagoth Ur Dagoth Ur An appeal for a truce from a god to his former master
The Miner's Lament Verse from a miner
A Minor Maze A brief history of Labyrinthian
The Minotaur Song An ode to the Minotaur
Minutes of the Elder Council A record of the Elder Council meeting
Miregaunts of the Marsh Kratius Gray of the Black Marsh Exploration Society An essay regarding the tree-like creatures of Murkmire
The Mirror Berdier Wreans About a skilled fighter's showdown with his greatest enemy
Mixed Unit Tactics Codus Callonus A book about the strategies of the Khajiit during the Five Years War
Modern Heretics Haderus of Gottlesfont An account of one researcher's visit to the shrine of the Daedric Lord Azura
The Monomyth A theological book containing the common creation myths
Moon Bishop Hunal Answers Your Questions Moon Bishop Hunal Moon Bishop Hunal answers questions on lore
The Moon Cats and their Dance Clan Mother Ahnissi A story of the Khajiit
The Moons Rhyme
Moon-Sugar for Glossy Fur? Yes! Rathuni-la Dawnwhisker, Daughter of Azurah A pamphlet dismissing claims that moon-sugar is bad for a Khajiit's health
Moon-Sugar in the March An excerpt on farming moon-sugar in Reaper's March
Moon-Sugar: A Report Cornelius Clanius, Agent-Inspector of the Imperial Trade Service A briefing on a potent Khajiti narcotic
Moon Worship among the Cat-Men Cirantille A description of the Khajiiti religion
Mora'at's Theory of Lightning Mora'at the Lesser, Wizard of Corinthe A Mages Guild theory on the inner workings of shock spells
Morgaulle Dechery's Journal Morgaulle Dechery Notes on King Joile and his reaction toward the Redguard forces within Bangkorai
Morkuldin Visitor's Observations A researchers notes on the mysterious forge of Morkuldin
Morrowind Fauna, Part One Holia Asellio A fragment of a larger text covering the bestiary of Morrowind
Motalion Necropolis Report Maffud
Moth Sister Terran Arminus Answers Your Questions Moth Sister Terran Arminus A moth sister answers questions on lore
A Mother's Nursery Rhyme A dark nursery rhyme surrounding the Night Mother and her five sacrificed children
Mottos of the Dunmeri Great Houses Vilyn Girith A Dunmer rebukes his son for lacking common knowledge
Murky Time Teldenrinde of the Mages Guild A description on the Saxhleel view of time
My Beloved Siblings, the Exarchs Rada al-Saran A list of the leaders of the Gray Host
Mycaelis Julus Answers Your Questions Mycaelis Julus A sewer architect answers questions on lore
The Mysteries of Moravagarlis History of mysterious Ayleid ruin
Mysteries of the Divines An excerpt regarding the teachings of Zenithar
Mysteries of the Mundus Stones Lady Cinnabar of Taneth Lady Cinnabar's theories on magicka
Mysterious Akavir Information about the continent Akavir
The Mysterious Mermaid of Anvil An essay surrounding the famous mermaid statue of Anvil
Mysterium Xarxes Mehrunes Dagon A book supposedly written by Mehrunes Dagon
The Mystery of Artaeum Penewen, Advisor to the Court An Aldmeri Dominion report on the return of Artaeum and the Psijic Order
The Mystery of Factotums Associate Zanon, Clockwork Apostle Scholarly notes pondering the mysteries of the Factotum
The Mystery of Gargoyles—Solved! Porbert Lyttumly On a possible connection between Giant Goblins and Gargoyles
Mystery of Talara Mera Llykith The five-part story of Princess Talara
Mystery of the Chub Loon Zabia-ko A treatise on a unique Wrothgarian bird
Mystic Visions of the Guardians Cryptic musings surrounding the constellations of Nirn
Mysticism Tetronius Lor A treatise on the school of Mysticism
Mysticism - Unfathomable Voyage Tetronius Lor A description of the school of Mysticism
The Myth of the Sea Sloads Raavarion, Sapiarch of Aquatic Malevolence A sapiarch discusses any potential threats from the so-called Sea Sloads
Myth or Menace? Conjecture as to the existence of a modern Thieves Guild
Mythic Dawn Commentaries Mankar Camoran The series of books read by initiates to the Mythic Dawn cult
Mythical Beast, Real Powers Drusus Ovicula, Proctor of the Imperial Library An Imperial scholar's notes on his experience with Dragonknights
Myths and Legends of the Hist Cirantille Details on the Hist of Black Marsh
Myths of Sheogorath Mymophonus Magical myths about the Madgod himself
Mzulft Researcher's Journal A researcher's journal surrounding a mysterious orb and its relationship to the Dwemer