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Title Author Description Game(s)
Kagouti Mating Habits Edras Oril Everything you never wanted to know about kagoutis' private lives
Kagrenac's Tools Gilvas Barelo Concerning the use of Wraithguard, Keening, and Sunder at Red Mountain
Kasura's Notes Kasura Notes on Dragonguard tombs by a distinguished blademistress
Katria's Journal Katria Research notes about the location of an ancient Dwemer forge
Keeper of Tomes Notes on a bound Daedra guarding the Reliquary Ruins
Keepers of the Grove Urig the Wanderer An overview of the Shrine of Kynesgrove and its resident the holy order
The Keepers of the Razor Silus Vesuius An account of the separation and division of Mehrunes' Razor into three pieces
The Kendhall Book of Riddles Kendhall A book giving the answers to various riddles
Keshu Peek-Ereel and Mee-See Heroic tales from the life of Keshu the Black Fin
Keystones of Loriasel Notes on the mysterious Keystones and their relationship to Argonian magic
Khajiiti Arms and Armor A treatise on Khajiiti armaments and armor
Khajiiti Honorifics Lady Radurra-dra of Torval An informational guide to Khajiiti naming conventions
Khunzar-ri and the Demon Various A Khajiiti legend detailing Khunzar-ri's conflict with dragons
Khunzar-ri and the Demons The tale of Khunzar-ri battle against dragons
Khunzar-ri and the Lost Alfiq Aneshi, Keeper of Legends for the 16 Kingdoms A first meeting between a Khajiit hero and his friend
Khunzar-ri: Origin Aneshi, Keeper of Legends for the 16 Kingdoms A collection of stories detailing the origins of the hero Khunzar-ri
Khunzar-ri Sayings Sayings attributed to the mythic hero Khunzar-ri
Khunzar-ri: Tales Tales of Khunzar-ri
Killing - Before You're Killed Eduardo Corvus Tips on effective combat methods
King Edward The story of the life of a long-ago king
King Farangel's Beer Ballad A drinking song dedicated to the first king of Wayrest
King Farangel's Ode to Wayrest King Farangel The king of Wayrest's first attempt at poetry
King Kurog's Promise Kurog gro-Orsinium A royal agreement granting Malak's Maw to Gruznak gro-Volkar
King Maxevian's Orders King Maxevian Military orders for the Pale Watch in Wrothgar
The King of Vipers, Canto 17 A poem surrounding a failed Maormer attack on Sunhold
King Olaf's Verse A lost part of the Poetic Edda, sung during the burning of Olaf's effigy in Solitude
King Ranser's Tirade King Ranser King Ranser's ravings surrounding the Battle of Markwasten Moor
King's Haven Scouting Record Scout's records of a mountain passage's geography and inhabitants
King's Haven Territory Record Records on territorial concerns and offerings
King's Haven Trade Record Trading records between the elves and the goblins
The King's Riddle
King Thunder Notes on an Orcish war drum
Kinlord Rilis and the Mages Guild High Incunabulist Valaste of the Mages Guild Essay dispelling common misconceptions surroundings the formation of the Mages Guild
Kireth's Taarengrav Note Kireth Vanos Notes on the Dragon Priests and their relationship to the ancient Nords
Kireth Vanos Answers Your Questions Kireth Vanos Kireth Vanos answers questions on lore
A Kiss, Sweet Mother A description of the Black Sacrament in order to enlist the Dark Brotherhood
Kjalnar's Research Notes Kjalnar Tombskald Notes about Tzirzhalir, the nightmare behemoth
Knahaten Flu Confirmed Shaman Chirah A Kothringi shaman's journal entry
Knightfall Jaren Aethelweald, edited by Kirellian Odrenius The Legend of Garridan Stalrous
The Knightly Orders of High Rock Lady Cinnabar of Taneth A description of Breton knights
Knightsgrave: Legend or Legacy Chanter Wobolan, Cathedral Historian An essay on the ruins of Knightsgrave
Knights of the Dragon A notice to potential recruits of the Knights of the Dragon
Knights of the Gleaming Blade Lateesh A royal edict commanding the destruction of the Mortuum Vivicus
The Knights of the Nine Karoline of Solitude The founding and breakup of the original Knights of the Nine
Knowing Satakal Seven Redguard Maxims
Kolb & the Dragon A story of a quest to slay a dragon where the reader makes the choices and decides the hero's fate
Kothringi Leviathan Horn Notes on a Kothringi musical instrument
Kurog's Betrayal Propaganda calling for Orc resistance against the Daggerfall Covenant
Ku-Vastei: The Needed Change Lights-the-Way, Mystic of the Mages Guild A scholar's notes on the Argonian concept of Change
Kwama Breeding Research Notes Notes on the effects of various flora on kwama
Kwama Mining for Fun and Profit Dorayn Redas, House Hlaalu An instructional guide to Kwama mining
Kyne's Tears An ode to Kyne's tears