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Title Author Description Game(s)
Wabbajack Story of one man's summoning of Sheogorath and descent into madness
The Waiting Door A song about Ancestor Worship
The Waiting Door Canon Nileno Nirith From the Memoirs of Canon Nileno Nirith
Wait Till Next Time Fulgrush gro-Othgar An Orc's thoughts on the Daggerfall Covenant
Wakener's Sermon Wakener Maras A cultist's plans to revive House Dagoth
Walking the World, Vol XI Spatior Munius A comprehensive description of the city of Solitude
Wamasu Observations Boward, Regent of Wriggling Nightmares Notes on the creation of Mantikoras
The Wandering Skald A song on being a skald
Wanted Posted Captain Hieronymus Lex A wanted posted for the infamous Gray Fox
Wanted Poster A wanted poster for Cyrus the Redguard
War Call of the Mammoth Herders Fragment of a tale of a fight with a mammoth
War Customs of the Tribal Bosmer Mistral Aurelian Teriscor What to expect from the warriors of the Valenwood forests
Wardens of the Green A tale of the Green Lady and the Silvenar
Warlock Vanton's Research Proposal Warlock Vanton A proposal for the study of the Dreamstone
Warlords of the Ra Gada An excerpt surrounding Emperor Tarish-Zi's expansion into Craglorn
A Warning to the Aldmeri Dominion Erystera Ligen A Daggerfall Covenant ultimatum delivered to the Aldmeri Dominion
The War of Betony Fav'te A Sentinel citizen's take on the events and outcome of the war betwixt Sentinel and Daggerfall
The War of Betony Vulper Newgate A description of the events of the War of Betony from the Daggerfall perspective
The War of the First Council Agrippa Fundilius A brief account of a First Era religious conflict
War of Two Houses Drelisa Hlaalu, House Historian A Hlaalu account of an armed conflict with House Dres in 2E 559
The Warp in the West Ulvius Tero Reports from Imperial Blades concerning the effects of the Dragon Break on the Iliac Bay region
The Warrior's Blade A short text on the god Trinimac
The Warrior's Charge An old poem of the Redguards that deals with the constellations
War Weather Ancient Maormeri treatise on weather magic
Watcher of Stones Gelyph Sig, Thane of Bjorin Musings on the Guardian Stones of Skyrim
Watcher Shavmar's Journal Watcher Shavmar The journal of an ancient Nedic guardian
The Watcher's Pledge The Pale Watch's oath of honor
Watcher's Report Captain Gerarde A Pale Watch officer's letter regarding the rebuilding of Orsinium
The Water Cycle of Clockwork City Varlinsi Arandu, Apostle of Sotha Sil An explanation of Clockwork City's water purification process
Waterfront Raid Fails! A newspaper article on Captain Hieronymus Lex's attempt to capture the Gray Fox
Waterlogged Journal An old journal detailing Tarish-Zi's attack on a city
The Waters of Oblivion A work on the dangers of Daedra and Oblivion
The Way of Shadow Solis Aduro A reminder to hold true to Sithis
The Way of the Baandari Precepts of the Baandari
Way of the Exposed Palm Explanation of the key towards mastery of open-handed combat
Wayrest, Jewel of the Bay Sathyr Longleat A history of the city Wayrest, circa 3E 405
Wayrest, Jewel of the Bay Sathyr Longleat the Elder A history of the city Wayrest, circa 2E 582
Wayrest Sewers: A Short History Hilaire Beanique The first volume of a history of the sewers of Wayrest
Wayshrines of Tamriel Beredalmo the Signifier The origins of the Wayshrines of Tamriel
The Wedding Feast: A Memoir Naral, also known as Baretail A memorial Bosmeri wedding feast
Welcome to New Aldmeri Irregulars Aicantar of Shimmerene, Sapiarch of Indoctrination An introductory pamphlet for new Aldmeri Dominion combatants
The Welkynars of Eton Nir Sir Relequen, Wing Captain of the Welkynars A treatise on the famed gryphon knights of Cloudrest
We Reject the Pact Archmagister Nelos Otheri House Telvanni's formal refusal to join the Ebonheart Pact
A Werewolf's Confession Captain Philmont of the Oldgate Lancers, Daggerfall Covenant Army The confessions of a regretful lycanthrope
The Werewolf's Hide an Unknown Packleader A werewolf's greatest asset
Werewolves: Long-Suffering Guardians Brigwoal, Reach warrior
Transcribed by Zamshiq af-Halazh, Associate Folklorist at the University of Gwylim
Lycanthropy from the point of view of a Reachman Werewolf
Wergital the Wolf-Boy Edouard Longtemps Poem of the wolf boy of Glenumbra
We Rise to Fight Again Varana Tappo A Reachmen war song
We Sail for the Horizon Unknown Words of one of the Ra Gada fleeing Yokuda
Wet Wilds of Black Marsh Cirantille An unflattering appraisal of the wilds of Black Marsh
What About Glyphics? Cipher Drodos Drom An overview of what glyphics are
What a Pig Needs Swineherd Francois Wickton On the arduous tasks of a swineherd
What is Volendrung? Gurour Discussion on the mythical artifact Volendrung
What's an Arcanist? Gabrielle Benele A mage's speculation on Arcanists
What's Yours is Mine A thief's song
When I Will Come A-Courtin' A song on King Ranser's downfall
When the Spires Fell A song describing Dagon's attack on Mournhold
When We Pass A Redguard creed
Where Magical Paths Meet Warlock Aldaale On the benefits of Conjuration
Where Were You ... Dragon Broke Various A brief description and multiple accounts of the Dragon Break
The Whisperer's Song Three-part song of the Whisperer
Whitebear A record of the sixth Champion of the Blessed Crucible
White-Gold: The Ayleid Perspective The start of foreward for a text about the Ayleids
The Whithering of Delodiil Unknown An Ayleid legend surrounding the rivalry between two cities and their Daedric patrons
Who Are the Sea Elves? an unknown Breton child A child's thoughts on the Maormer
Who Are the Wardens? Lady Cinnabar of Taneth A description of the Wardens
Why Don the Veil? Jingoistic pamphlet condemning Queen Ayrenn and her allies
Why We Farm The final words of an imprisoned Bosmer who broke the Green Pact
Why We Fled An essay defending the Orcs who fled the sacking of Orsinium
The Wild Elves Kiergo Chorvak Brief description of the Ayleids, or Wild Elves
The Wild Elves Kier-Jo Chorvak Brief description of the Ayleids, or Wild Elves
The Wilderking Legend Unknown An ancient legend of Valenwood
Wilderness Survival Tips Gemelle Maraennius, Adventurer and Chronicler A collection of Reachfolk survival advice
The Will of Drulshasa Drulshasa A call for Dremora to sacrifice mortals to Molag Bal
Wind and Sand Afa-Saryat A treatise on the sands of the Alik'r Desert, and their relationship to magic
The Windhelm Letters Reylia A series of letters written in the Second Era from a woman in Windhelm to her husband in Solitude
Windwalker Tamahl An ode to Gaiden Shinji's loyal aide
Wines of Blackwood Orius Hertano A connoisseur's guide to the vintages of Blackwood
Wines of the Systres Melynie Agnan A guide to various vintages found across the Systres
Wines of West Weald Orius Hertano An overview of wine varieties found around the Colovian Highlands and West Weald
Wisdom of the Flying Gods Magnius Calussa A dragon worshipper's interpretations of his master's words
The Wispmother Mathias Etienne Summation of legends regarding the Wispmothers
Witch Cults of Northern High Rock Wafimeles Masteret (Lorekeeper) On the beliefs and practices of Wyrd covens
The Witches of Hag Fen Bonorion the Wanderer Observations on the hags in Glenumbra's Hag Fens, from the journals of Bonorion the Wanderer, 2E 567
Withershins Yaqut Tawashi A humorous tale of a man's ailment and cure
With Regards to the Ebony Blade A Morag Tong memorandum on the Ebony Blade
The Wolf and the Dragon Midara Salviticus, Historian, University of Gwylim A history of Kvatch's conflict with the Anvil during the Interregnum
The Wolf and the Pirate Queen Midara Salviticus, Historian, University of Gwylim A history of Kvatch's conflict with the Anvil during the Interregnum
The Wolf in the Sky A Nord seeks help from his inner wolf
The Wolf Queen Waughin Jarth The life story of Queen Potema
The Woodcutter's Wife Mogen Son of Molag A story of mistrust, murder, and magic
Wood Elf Etiquette: An Imperial Perspective Kerandas Calvus, in the year 2723 A long discredited late First Era text on manners in Valenwood
The Wood Elf Gourmet, Ch. 1 A wood elf recipe
Wood Elf Nicknames and Bynames Telenger the Artificer An overview of Bosmer nicknames and bynames
The Wood Elf's Message A coded message disguised as an echatere poem
The Wood Elves of Valenwood On Bosmeri government and warfare
Woodhearth: A Pocket Guide A brief history of Woodhearth
The Woodsmer Tale of an encounter with the mythical Woodsmer
Woodworking For Simpletons Hoary Durotzel, the Wood Butcher of Ska'vyn A beginner's guidebook to woodworking
Words and Philosophy An interview with a Bosmer master swordsman about her life
Words and Power Telenger the Artificer A scholar presents his radical theory regarding language
Words of Clan Mother Ahnissi Clan Mother Ahnissi How a Khajiit explains the origin of the world
Words of Donovan Jarnot, Daggerfall Covenant soldier Donovan Jarnot The thoughts of a soldier fighting in the Alliance War
Words of the Fallen Darien Gautier The last words from a golden knight
Words of the Masters Words of wisdom for students of the sword
Words of the Wind A volume of verse collected from Ashlander wise women
Working in the Infinite Panopticon Cataloger Volgunn A cataloger's recollections of working within the Infinite Panopticon
Work order for Roumane Bargeron, Tailor Enzo Chatillon Instructions for a ceremonial outfit
A World of Corpses Mannimarco An aggressive guide on how to find corpses
Worm Saga Mannimarco Rhyming autobiography of Mannimarco
Worship in Fanacas Mabrel Pierel On the Ayleid ruin Fanacas and plans to enact a ritual there
Worshiping the Illogical Proctor Nevyn, Apostle of Sotha Sil A religious essay rationalizing the Tribunal as a single entity
Worship of the Dragon God A religious essay outlining the commandments Akatosh
The Worth of Glass Raleth Heladren A story about the strength of glass
The Worthy Ar-Azal, His Deeds The tale of how of High King Ar-Azal reconciled the Crowns and the Forebears
The Wraith's Wedding Dowry Voltha gra-Yamwort, translated by Apthorne Story of how an Orc reclaims her wedding gift from thieves
Wulfmare's Guide to Better Thieving Wulfmare Shadow-Cloak A boastful thief discusses the tricks of the trade
Wuunding and Tumult Vothel Bethalas The legend of a Nord hero and his hammer
Wyrd and Druid Archdruid Barnabe's Discourse with Mainlanders, 2E 553 The druidic origins of the Bretons, as told by a Stonelore archdruid
Wyrd Tree verse A poem about the Wyrd Tree
Wyresses: The Name-Daughters Glargargil the Speaking Oak A song of Jephre and the Wyrd Women