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Title Author Description Game(s)
Jagar Tharn's Letter Jagar Tharn
Jahar Fuso'ja The description of the Mane's qunan
Jewels of Yokuda Master-Jeweler Donielle Geonette Notes on ancient Yokudan jewelry crafting
Jhunal the Rune God A religious essay extolling the Nordic god of knowledge and wisdom
Jokes Butha Sunhous A ribald look at the many races of Tamriel
Jomund's Research Notes Jomund Snowmead Experimental notes on an mysterious glowing ore
Jorunn the Skald-King Helgreir Lute-Voice, Bard of Windhelm A biographical book on High King Jorunn of Skyrim
Jorunn the Skald-King Helgreir Lute-Voice, Bard of Windhelm A biographical book on High King Jorunn of Skyrim
Josef the Intolerant Ilitha The tale of a prejudiced gladiator
Journal of Bravam Lythandas Bravam Lythandas The record of a wizard's experiments with illusions
Journal of Culanwe Culanwe The journal of a priestess of Azura surrounding a peace treaty between the Nedes and the Ayleids
Journal of Habbert Unsinett Habbert Unsinett, Senior Archivist and Researcher A researcher's journal regarding the priceless tomes of Dresan Keep
Journal of Justiciar Avanaire Avanaire Journal of a Justiciar who betrayed her squad for sisterly love.
Journal of Magiul Shiana Magiul Shiana The journal of a palace chef turned Seneschal chronicling the forty nine year reign of King Anton
The journal of Mehra Nerendas, Tribunal Temple Mehra Nerendas The journal entry of a Tribunal priestess having a crisis of faith
Journal of Mirtil Angoth Mirtil Angoth Translated from Falmer text by Calcelmo of Markarth
Journal of Orryn the Black Orryn the Black The journal of a necromancer
Journal of the King's Seneschal An officer's notes on the discovery of an Ayleid runestone
Journal of the Lord Lovidicus Lord Lovidicus The tragic journal of a vampire in search of love
Journal of Thracius Mento Thracius Mento The journal of a priest of the Divines
Journal of Tsona-Ei Tsona-Ei The journal of a sailor in the All-Flags Navy
The Judgment of Saint Veloth Magistrix Vox A description of a relic of Saint Veloth