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Title Author Description Game(s)
Ja'darri the Endless A great Khajiiti hero's epitaph
Jagar Tharn's Letter Jagar Tharn A letter regarding Jagar Tharn's retainer
Jahar Fuso'ja The description of the Mane's qunan
Jarlsbane Notes on a Dunmeri musical instrument
Jaunt of the Jilted A play about a cursed pair of dancing shoes
Jearl's Orders Ruma Camoran A Mythic Dawn plot about opening an Oblivion gate outside Bruma
Jewels of Yokuda Master-Jeweler Donielle Geonette Notes on ancient Yokudan jewelry crafting
Jhunal the Rune God A religious essay extolling the Nordic god of knowledge and wisdom
Jokes Butha Sunhous A ribald look at the many races of Tamriel
Jomund's Research Notes Jomund Snowmead Experimental notes on an mysterious glowing ore
Jorunn the Skald-King Helgreir Lute-Voice, Bard of Windhelm A biographical book on High King Jorunn of Skyrim
Jorunn the Skald-King Helgreir Lute-Voice, Bard of Windhelm A biographical book on High King Jorunn of Skyrim
Josef the Intolerant Ilitha The tale of a prejudiced gladiator
Journal of a Fallen Officer Falura Uveleth, Former Officer The sad fall into the world of addiction for a undercover narcotics officer
Journal of Bravam Lythandas Bravam Lythandas The record of a wizard's experiments with illusions
Journal of Culanwe Culanwe The journal of a priestess of Azura surrounding a peace treaty between the Nedes and the Ayleids
The Journal of Emperor Leovic Emperor Leovic The journal of Emperor Leovic from his final days
Journal of Habbert Unsinett Habbert Unsinett, Senior Archivist and Researcher A researcher's journal regarding the priceless tomes of Dresan Keep
Journal of Justiciar Avanaire Avanaire Journal of a Justiciar who betrayed her squad for sisterly love.
Journal of Magiul Shiana Magiul Shiana The journal of a palace chef turned Seneschal chronicling the forty nine year reign of King Anton
The journal of Mehra Nerendas, Tribunal Temple Mehra Nerendas The journal entry of a Tribunal priestess having a crisis of faith
Journal of Mirtil Angoth Mirtil Angoth The ancient diary of a Snow Elf and their plan to seek refuge with the Dwemer
Journal of Orryn the Black Orryn the Black The research journal of a necromancer surrounding Fang Lair
Journal of the First Remnant The First Remnant How the Remnants came into Hermaeus Mora's service
Journal of the King's Seneschal An officer's notes on the discovery of an Ayleid runestone
Journal of the Lord Lovidicus Lord Lovidicus The tragic journal of a vampire in search of love
Journal of Thracius Mento Thracius Mento A priest of the Divines' account of the Knahaten Flu
Journal of Tsona-Ei Tsona-Ei The journal of a sailor in the All-Flags Navy
Journeys In Galen: A Scholar's Travels Jean Dutheil A scholar's look into the creation of Forest Wraiths
The Judgment of Saint Veloth Magistrix Vox A description of a relic of Saint Veloth