Online:Memorandum: Indrik Emergence & Formal Development

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Memorandum: Indrik Emergence & Formal Development
ID 5403
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Collection The World and Its Creatures
Found in the following locations:
Memorandum: Indrik Emergence & Formal Development
How indriks enter the world and evolve

If found, please return to Sapiarch Undaisse, College of Sapiarchs, or to any licensed courier in Lillandril.

My reading on indrik observations has led only to more mysteries. For example—the "union of four feathers" described in Haladan's "Natural Magics" does not actually generate an indrik egg or fawn, but beckons an indrik from some other Aurbic place. Should I happen across feathers of four different origins, I must be sure to experience this for myself!

Further, the "age-forms" noted in Brucus Crito's "Bestiary from Another Shore" are wholly inaccurate. It seems, instead, that the indrik first enters Tamriel in a pure or nascent state, and on exposure to some infused stimulus—enchanted berries, according to Crito—will change its form, developing secondary characteristics and more specialized antlers. Such curious, majestic creatures.