Lore:Mauloch, Orc-Father

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Mauloch, Orc-Father
The origins of Mauloch and his laws

Know Mauloch, spurned of Boethiah and King of Curses.

An age ago, a cult of Elves left the Summerset Isles, abandoning their kin to follow Veloth, a pathetic tool of Boethiah. Trinimac confronted Boethiah for this trespass and was challenged to battle. Trinimac was about to strike a mighty blow when Mephala appeared and stabbed him in the back. As Trinimac kneeled, wounded by Mephala's treachery, Boethiah gloated and cast a terrible ritual to scar and twist his appearance, then cast him to a place of choking air and ash.

Trinimac, enraged by his failure, was reborn in blood as he sliced open his own chest, tearing the shame from his spirit. Mauloch, the God of Curses, rose from the ash and cursed Boethiah for his malice.

On that day, Mauloch spoke the Code to his faithful, and swore vengeance against those who would break it.

"Do not steal.

Do not kill your kin.

Do not attack without cause.

Those who break these rules must pay the Blood Price."

And thus, the Orcs were born of blood: the Blood of Mauloch.