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Spinning a Story
A description of strangely prophetic Bosmeri priests

Though they are our allies in the Aldmeri Dominion, I have had only a little time to study the Bosmer. Their culture is strange and seems insular, and they do not write much down. Asking questions can be dangerous, as the Bosmer are wary of strangers.

That is, with one exception. Their priests, shamans, or "Spinners" as they call them, are quite loquacious. Indeed, getting a Spinner to talk is not at all difficult … understanding what they're talking about is.

The Bosmer Spinners are, essentially, priests of Y'ffre, but unlike other priests, who seem most concerned with leading their people in worship, Spinners are more like bards or historians for the Bosmer. They live their lives as if they're narrating a story, and speak in much the same way.

But these aren't just gaffers and gammers speaking of the good old days. Spinners weave tales about future events. They divine and prophesy the same way other people remember the past, and the older the Spinner, the more powerful his or her prescience seems to be.

When I arrived in Silvenar, the youngest of the city's three Spinners, Einrel, greeted me at the bridge. There, in the shadow of the Guardian, the young Spinner related to me the tale of my travels right up to the gates and then continued as if the next few days had already happened!

I won't even attempt to relate what happened when I met the two elder Spinners of Silvenar, at least not until I understand it better. All three Spinners seem upset about something. I hope to learn—and, of course, document—more.