Lore:The Spinners of Y'ffre

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The Spinners of Y'ffre
A description of the Bosmeri Spinners

The Wood Elf priests of Jephre, or "Y'ffre," are known as spinners. They refer to Jephre as "the Storyteller" and believe he taught them how to live and behave through stories and metaphors.

As his priests, spinners emulate Y'ffre by preserving Bosmeri history, culture, and even laws through stories and metaphors. Elder spinners often speak entirely in metaphors, which makes them difficult to understand, even by other Bosmer. Some believe the spinners go insane as they age and this strange way of speech is merely a symptom of that madness.

Do not be deceived! Spinners have magical powers, or at least keen insights. They tell stories not only of the past, but of the future, and their oft-confusing tales speak of upcoming events with remarkable, though often baffling, accuracy.

One more note: despite the popular belief that spinners only move when carried, the priests of Y'ffre can walk on their own. While they seldom travel far from their homes, some do so when the need arises. It is likely that other Wood Elves, fearing the loss of their spinners, spread the rumor that they cannot travel on their own to discourage such risky expeditions.