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Location Draggin Tale
Race Argonian
Gender Male
Dreekius behind the bar

Dreekius is the Argonian bartender of the Draggin Tale Inn. He is from the village of Noota Nara in Black Marsh. He managed to smuggle Tobias' letter out of Stros M'Kai for him.

Dreekius has relevant dialogue throughout your adventures, and often points you toward the next objective. In particular, he mentions how Crendal was boasting about having a map piece to the Flask of Lillandril. After escaping the Catacombs, he will inform you that Brennan wanted to see you, and if you are friends with Siona, that she wanted to see you as well.

After the quest Contact the League, Tobias leaves Stros M'Kai. Dreekius gives you 47 gold he left behind if you asked Tobias the topic "Leaving".

Related Quests[edit]



  • Dreekius only gives you advice on how to find the Smuggler's Den password once you know it.



Weapon drawn:

"I've seen blades before. You can put that one away."

Brawling Forebear thugs:

"Gentlemen! Gentlemen! Take it outside, please!"
"Take care! We just cleaned the place."
"Break it? You pay for it!"
"Same old rules, boys! No face, no groin, no blood on the furnishings!"
"Haven't you people anything else to do?"

Behind the bar:

"Excuse me. Owners only behind the bar."
"Out in front for service, please."
"Patience, patience! If you'll get out of my way, I'll be right with you."

Standing on bar or table:

"Come down from there."
"Did your mother let you climb on the furniture?"
"No dancing on the fixtures in this bar, sir."

Haven't talked to him:

"What will it be traveler?"

Every other time:

"What is your pleasure?"
"Cyrus. Can I help you?"
"What can I do for you, Cyrus?"


First time:

"Barkeep, well met. I'm Cyrus."
"I know. I had Tobias made out a fool to believe you'd come."
"I'm the one that smuggled his letter out for him. The Empire's been watching all shipments from this port; I figured our chances were slim."
"Many thanks, then."
If you don't know his name:
"Many thanks, then, Dreekius."

Every other time:

"Hello, Dreekius."
"How are you, Cy?"


"How are you, Dreekius?"
"The Redguard. Good. Good to see you, again."
After Escape the Catacombs[edit]
RG-misc-Log Entry.png Dreekius says Captain Brennan is looking for me.
"Hello, Dreekius."
"Cyrus! I heard that Lord Rotund got you, but that you got away. Be careful, though. Imperial patrols are everywhere now. Richton's incensed anew, heh-heh! Good lad!
"By the way, that captain you rode in with was looking for you. Brennan, that's his name."
If friends with Siona:
RG-misc-Log Entry.png Dreekius mentions that Siona wants to see me.
"Oh, and Siona wants to see you too. Getting to be the well-sought sort around town, now, eh?"
After Contact the League[edit]

(Unlocked by Tobias: "Leaving")

(One of the usual greetings)
"I trust our captain made it out of the city, okay."
"He hoped you might be there to see him off, but that doubtless your cup was full; leastways, he left this for you."
(Receive 47 gold)
"Tobias said that might make your search easier. How goes it, then?"


(Disappears once asked)

"Welcome to the Draggin' Tale, by the way, thesis-bound subsistence of mine, where there is good ear and ale coequal. What can I do for you?"
"A drink might be nice. I'll use your ears later, maybe."
"Ever-ready to listen, softskin; let adventure thine be mine. I'll share what thoughts I can."


"What can you tell me about Iszara?"
If first time asking and you haven't asked Tobias: "Who Knew Iszara":
"She frequented this establishment much before the battle in Hunding Bay; less after, of course."
"Of course...?"
"She was a fervent one, your nestling, who hated the Empire not in hushed tones. After the occupation, she disappeared for awhile--"
"She disappeared three months ago."
"No, I'm talking about before that, right after the battle. Many Crowns made themselves scarce then.
"Iszara was one of them; I didn't see her for several weeks following. Later she showed up, needing a drink and rambling, intent on some decision."
"What then?"
Followed by:
"The Imperials came and I let her out through the window. I haven't seen her since."
"The occupation, it seems, is taking long to consolidate, with the League about and the Imperials still hunting for wayward Crowns --"
"Hammerfell's the defiant line of the human lay, still. They say some still fight the Empire on the mainland."
"Is thus the Empire delayed in further expansion?"
"The whole wild-world -- the Elf-Kingdoms, and the Beastlands -- waits to see what finally happens here in the last land of men."
"A word of advice: beware the Dragon-Tribe of the Emperor. The Warrior-King Tiber Septim does not tolerate rebellion.
"And Governor Richton has promised summary execution to any who take arms to oppose his rule."
"Wouldn't dream of it. Unless he's responsible for my sister's disappearance."
"Even if he were responsible, perhaps it would be wise to proceed cautiously."
"Cautiously, eh? If only I knew how to do that."
"You said the Imperials came here looking for Iszara the last night you saw her?"
"Not specifically for Iszara -- the Imperials had a list of dissidents they sought. Her name was there, with names of many other Crowns. Since that time I see only Forebears here."

(Unlocked by "Imperials" or "Brawl")

"The Forebears seem to enjoy your place."
"The Imperial liquor tax has forced me to serve everyone, even this city's ancestral villains."

(Unlocked by "Brawl")

"What troubles these Forebears so?"
"They meant to make audience with the Governor, but he's too busy yet for their like"
"Too busy to guest these 'honored allies' at the Palace during their wait, which may explain their touchy dispositions here."

(Unlocked by "Imperials")

"Tell me about the Crowns."
"Their fire is gone since the Prince was lost. Few show their faces in Stros M'Kai. Some have passed to the mainland. Some few plot and scheme still, nursing fading dreams."
Battle of Stros M'Kai[edit]
"So Iszara did survive the Battle of Stros M'Kai."
"Aye, she did and then hid well in its aftermath, until three months ago."

Restless League[edit]

"What do you think of the Restless League?"
"A human tribe of ill account, but whose single-mindedness is something I can fathom.
"Their raids upset my smuggling operations -- and oft-thus my fair nature; Valenwood wine's hard to come by, you see -- but over-that I have nothing worse to say."
Something You Can Fathom[edit]

(Unlocked by "Restless League")

"You sympathize with the League, then?"
"Oh, no. I merely noted their clannish drives, which any Argonian might admire, being used, as we are, to honor the clan's interests about our own private affairs."
"How, then, does an Argonian manage to leave his tribe to wander Tamriel?"
"You refer to me? I do not wander, Redguard; this is a settled study for me, from which I'll add to the wealth of wisdoms when I return to my clan."

(Unlocked by "Restless League")

"I myself was a victim of these raids."
"More obstacle, I'd suspect, than victim. The raids had ended, it seemed; but your mischance may be token of renewed troubles the sailors speak of."
"The League is marshaling anew its forces... or so the rumor goes."
"Some second battle of Stros M'Kai?"
"True, it sounds unlikely. But they are Daggerlads, the Restless League, and they vow to make war again."

(Unlocked by "Something You Can Fathom")

"How have the denizens of Black Marsh resisted the Empire so long?"
"A thousand miles of swamp, bog, and stink aren't attractive to most humans, and terror of the Knahaten Flu still holds most at bay. But our days of testing will come."

(Unlocked by "Something You Can Fathom" or "Thesis-Bound Subsistence")

"What's your subject of study?"
"The other, of course -- those ones not skinned in scale. We see that Septim's tribes will not be long satisfied with the thrones of men and the elder race.
"One day they will come to Black Marsh. Argonians have lost land once before when we did not know our enemy."
"I see. And what better place to learn the wants of men than at the bar?"
"There are other places -- universities, the military, the magical guild -- but I aim to chart man's geography of desire, which is most readily charted when he is drunk and blathering."

Stros M'Kai[edit]

"Is this your first visit to Stros M'Kai, Cyrus?"
"Aye, but the occupation makes it seem less so. With the Imperial standards aloft at port it seems like any other vassal-town of Cyrodiil."
"But for the unrest of like-blood...?"
"The only blood I care about is my sister's. As far as I'm concerned, new kingless Hammerfell has gone its way."
"Your apathy is decidedly reptilian--"
"I don't know how to take that, coming from you."

Thesis-Bound Subsistence[edit]

(Unlocked by "Tavern"; disappears once asked)

"What are you talking about?"
"This tavern, of course, both site and subsidy of my studies. As well as a fine storehouse of spirits."

Opens same subtopics as "Restless League".


(Unlocked if you brawl Forebear thugs; disappears once asked)

"Sorry about the swordplay."
"Keep it just 'play' and I'll not mind if it even happens again. The Forebears have their troubles, so it's no surprise they come here looking to share them."
"It was good practice."
"Practice as often as you like, save for the deathblow. And mind the furniture, please."

Contact League[edit]

(Unlocked by quest Escape the Catacombs; disappears after quest Contact the League)

"Dreekius, I need to get in contact with the Restless League."
"Try the lighthouse over in Saintsport."

Met the League[edit]

(Unlocked by contacting the League)

"Well, I met the League."
"Evidently, Iszara was an important member. They seem sort of rag-tag but there's something about their leader that worries me."
"What did they say about your sister?"
"They've been hunting for her themselves for a while. They only let me into the hideout to find out what I knew."

Iszara in League[edit]

(Unlocked by "Met the League")

"I've been to the League hideout. They say that Iszara was in the League, and mention that they were preparing for a counterattack against the Empire, but that she put a stop to that--"
"She stole a soulgem from them. If I can find it, I can find her."


(Unlocked by contacting the League)

"What have you heard of soulgems, Dreekius? I need to get my hands on one."
"Such arts are practiced in Black Marsh, but we use unhatched eggs in place of gems. The practice was outlawed for a while in the previous era, because such magic was so prone to error.
"But after the mage's guilds were founded, the ban on soulgems were lifted. You should try asking someone at the guild here to find out more."


(Unlocked by Kotaro: "I'll Take the Job"; disappears after escaping the Catacombs)

"Hey, Dreekius, I got this delivery job that'll get me into the Palace for sure."
"What are you going to deliver?"
"Some amulet meant for the Governor."
"Do you have it yet?"
If you have the amulet:
"Yeah, I got it from the necromancer myself."
"Then deliver it, and perhaps while you are there you can ask a few questions about your sister."
"Not yet. I've got to get it at the necromancer's isle."
"Don't forget to bring some gold to pay the boatman, Cyrus. And be careful."
"Thanks, Dreekius, I will."


(Unlocked by "Troubles"; disappears after escaping the Catacombs)

"Maybe I should check out the Palace."
"Get that look off your face, Cyrus. If it must be done, find a way that gets you invited in, not dragged in as a battered cripple."

Escape from the Catacombs[edit]

(Unlocked by escaping the Catacombs)

"I think I got away too easy, like maybe the Governor is watching me, hoping I'll lead him to Iszara."
"So you saw no sign of her in the Catacombs?"
"There was a section closed off from me, true, but I don't think she was in there.
"The Governor admitted he would have executed her if he knew where to find her. I don't think he cared enough about me to lie to me."


(Unlocked if you have entered the Goblin Caverns but do not have Voa's ring)

"I discovered the caverns beneath the city."
"Goblin country."
"Aye, but I've not gone far. I have a feeling I'll be going back."

Voa's Ring[edit]

(Unlocked if you have Voa's ring but haven't given Kithral's journal to Nidal)

"I found the ring mentioned in Brother Kithral's journal. It belonged to the Archmage Voa."
"Prince A'tor's wizard?"
"I think that's right. I wonder why the ring is so important?"
"Maybe you should ask Brother Nidal about it."

A'tor's Body[edit]

(Unlocked if you don't have Voa's ring but have given Kithral's journal to Nidal)

"I showed Brother Nidal Kithral's journal that I found in the caverns. He was upset, but he let me in on a secret."
"I'll never tell."
"The priest has Prince A'tor's body hidden at the temple.
"And it's covered by some kind of magical shell to keep it from harm, something the Archmage cast on the Prince just before they both were slain by the dragon.
"Kithral mentions the Archmage's ring in his journal, and that he had to find it for Iszara. I guess I should go back an [sic] look for it before I'm through."

Dwarven Gear[edit]

(Unlocked by Erasmo: "Burn Your Legs" if you have the gear; disappears once you fix the Observatory)

"I found this gear that might come in useful. I think I can fix the Observatory with it."
"I thought a crazy elf was working on that."

Fixed the Observatory[edit]

(Unlocked by fixing the Observatory)

"The Observatory's fixed. Now I can use the telescope."
"Astrology fan, are you?"
"It'll help me somehow, I'm sure."


(Unlocked by Erasmo: "Burn Your Legs"; disappears once you fix the Observatory)

"I've been up to the Dwarven Observatory. This crazy elf there needs it fixed. I think I can get something out of it once that's done."
"Don't know too much about Dwarves, Cyrus, nobody really does. You might want to talk to Lakene, though. He's a bigger Dwarf-buff than the Governor!"

Yokudan Camp[edit]

(Unlocked by Coyle: "Hayle")

"I met some Yokudans outside the city."
"Aye, I heard about the Governor driving them out of the city. What're they doing now?"
"They're busy burying of their own."
If you answered yes to Coyle: "Serpent's Path":
"The dead one is in some kind of trouble. The necromancer's soul snare is threatening to claim his, but the gypsy woman is keeping its evil at bay. I've decided to help them."
"Good, good."

Helped the Yokudans[edit]

(Unlocked by quest Save Hayle's Soul)

"I've helped the Yokudans solve their problem. The gypsy woman figures she owes me one now."
"Never hurts to have a wizard on your side."

Smuggler's Den[edit]

(Unlocked by hearing about it from Gerrick, Mariah, Prnell, or Siona)

"Dreekius, you mentioned taking part in some smuggling operations --"
"Minor stuff, is all, and mostly nil now that the Governor's men are keeping such tabs on me."
"What can you tell me about the Smugglers Den?"
"It's run by some upright from the north; a quick-to-anger sort, and he only talks to members of the Den."
If you know the password:
"What's the Smugglers Den password?"
"They've changed it ever since the Empire's been keeping such an eye on the Draggin' Tale. But I'm sure some people about town could be persuaded to give it up."

Flask of Lillandril[edit]

(Unlocked if you examine or buy Elven Artifacts vIII, or talk to Joto)

"I've come across the legend of the Flask of Lillandril."
"That bug's got you, too, huh? A lot of people on this island are looking for it --even the Empire, I hear."
"What would they want with it?"
"The scuttlebutt's they want it for an invasion of Summerset Isle, to help them dispel its magical defenses.
"Leastways, be advised that the flask's burial ground is well sought by more dubious parties than you."
Lots of People
RG-misc-Log Entry.png Dreekius says a Breton drunk, Crendal, bragged about having a piece of a map to the legendary Flask of Lillandril.
"A lot of people are looking for the flask. Anybody in particular?"
"There's a Breton about town, loud and lit to here, by the name of Crendal. He was in a few weeks back bragging about having a piece of the map--"
"A map showing where the flask is buried."
"Yeah, but Crendal's a drunk, so make of it what you like."


"I'd better keep moving. Can we talk later?"
"Any time, any time."

Unused Dialogue[edit]

Several topics were meant to unlock after the quest Rescue Iszara:

Joined the League
"I've made the League's cause my own, Dreekius."
If you have asked "Stros M'Kai":
"Really? Very patriotic for someone who believes, let's see, kingless Hammerfell has gone its way."
"Things are different now."
Followed by:
"What does the League plan to do?"
"We're going to bring back Prince A'tor and win the kingdom back, of course."

Iszara is Safe
"Iszara is safe, Dreekius, as much as anybody can be from the Empire. She's at the hideout, with the rest of the League."
"What now?"
"They're waiting for me to get everything needed for the Prince to return."
"What are you missing?"
If you haven't asked Saban: "Help with Soulgem":
"I need a sorcerer who is powerful enough to draw the Prince's soul from the gem."
"I see."
Also, if you don't have the soul gem:
"I need the gem itself."
"I see."

Soulgem Magic
(Unlocked if you have the soul gem)
"I got the soulgem, Dreekius. And another dragon-head for your wall that I'll get to you later."
If asked Saban: "Help with Soulgem":
"I found an old gypsy woman who can work soulgem magic."
"Good, good."
"Now I need to find someone who can work soulgem magic."
"Good luck, Cy."
If you don't have Voa's ring, followed by:
"The Prince's body is covered in a stasis spell. I need to get rid of it."
"I'm sure you'll find a way."

The Treasure Vaults
RG-misc-Log Entry.png Dreekius thinks a dragon guards the soulgem in a hoard in a secret treasure vault in the catacombs. Dreekius says a weapontip roasted in dragonfire will pierce a dragon like no other.
"There's a secret section of the Catacombs I need to explore. I think the soulgem is there, in the dragon's hoard."
"See the head, over there?
"It troubled my village of Noota Nara back home. Burned its walls to the ground.
"My sires roasted their spear-tips in the dragonfire -- that enchantment will pierce the dragon like no other, you know.
"Strike true in that way, and you'll send the Emperor's pet to quick eternity."
"Thanks for the tip, Dreekius."

Due to an oversight in dialogue scripting, the following greeting is not used:

"There he is."
Possibly followed by:
"Hey, Cy."

An unnamed dialogue topic exists in the game files, but the variable that enables it is never set. It would have unlocked if you found Kithral's journal, but did not have Voa's ring.

"I found the journal of Brother Kithral in the underground caverns."
"What was the poor bastard doing there?"
"Searching for some kind of ring. And he mentions Iszara, too. I guess I'll have to search for the thing now --"

Another topic called "Dwarven Ruins" does not appear for the same reason. It was supposed to unlock if you had seen the door to the ruins, but had not opened it.

"I've been up to the Dwarven Ruins, but I can't seem to get in. There's some riddle on the front of the door--"
"Standard practice."
"And it's written in Dwarven, so I can't solve it. I'll have to find a cipher if I want to get in."

A third topic called "Something in the Ruins" was meant to unlock if you opened the ruins door, but did not have the Dwarven gear.

"I got inside the ruins, but I haven't explored it all. I should go back and see what I can find."
"I see."

Cyrus has an unused response, which might have been related to the topic "Dwarven Gear":

"I thought I might lend a hand."