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ON-icon-skill-Dawn's Wrath-Eclipse.png Eclipse
Line Dawn's Wrath
Line Rank 30 Cost 4051 Magicka
Cast Time Instant Duration 4 seconds
Target Enemy
Range 28 meters
Morph ON-icon-skill-Dawn's Wrath-Total Dark.png Total Dark
You are healed when enemy attacks.
ON-icon-skill-Dawn's Wrath-Unstable Core.png Unstable Core
Deals area damage when effect ends.
An enemy affected by Eclipse
Eclipse: Envelop enemy in a lightless sphere, causing [6152 / 6218 / 6287 / 6355] Magic Damage each time they use a direct damage attack.
Total Dark: Envelop enemy in a lightless sphere, causing [6357 / 6426 / 6496 / 6566] Magic Damage and healing you for [6357 / 6426 / 6496 / 6566] each time they use a direct damage attack.
Unstable Core: Envelop enemy in a lightless sphere, causing [6354 / 6423 / 6493 / 6563] Magic Damage each time they use a direct damage attack. Place volatile magnetic energy on an enemy which explodes after 4 seconds, dealing [5534 / 5595 / 5656 / 5716] Magic Damage to them and nearby enemies.

Eclipse reflects the target's spells back to them and explodes at the end of the effect, dealing Magic Damage to the target and other nearby enemies. The Unstable Core morph removes the reflect effect but increases the ending blast damage instead. Or you can use Total Dark, which heals you for each reflected spell.


  • This spell is mostly useful against spellcasters (unless you use Unstable Core). The explosion at the end is still useful against all targets, but only if the target survives long enough for the blast to occur.
  • One subtle use for this spell is that it can be used against non-hostile targets such as bugs and rats, etc. This turns them into tiny little bombs which will still deal area damage to your enemies. With Unstable Core, you can set up a couple of them without actually alerting the enemy to your presence, so they'll go off during the fight. So look around for those little critters if they happen to be nearby, because this spell can actually make them useful.
  • Before Update 13, only the Unstable Core morph could be placed on an unlimited amount of enemies.

Patch Notes[edit]