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This page serves as an archive of information and images from the official Elder Scrolls Online website.

Pre-Launch Articles[edit] Story Pages
General Articles
Date Title Description
10/15/2012 Welcome to the Official The Elder Scrolls Online Community! The first article on the new and improved ESO website.
10/18/2012 Reading the Future of the Past in the Elder Scrolls Discussion of setting The Elder Scrolls Online in the Second Era.
10/18/2012 Tamriel, Now and Then – Places Comparing locations seen in previous games and in ESO.
02/14/2013 Thank You for One Million Facebook Likes! The ESO team releases a new video featuring concept art to thank the community for liking the ESO Facebook page one million times.
03/12/2013 Visit Our Official ESO Tumblr Page Announcing the official ESO Tumblr page.
03/13/2013 Visit the New Bethesda Online Merchandise Store Announcing the launch of the Bethesda online merchandise store.
03/28/2013 Conflict in Cyrodiil, Part 1 An overview of Cyrodiil and the Alliance War, part 1.
Promotions and Products
05/02/2013 Play ESO at Gamescom 2013 Announcing ESO's presence at Gamescom 2013.
08/13/2013 ESO at Gamescom 2013 What to expect from ESO at Gamescom 2013.
08/28/2013 Gamescom 2013 Coverage Roundup A summary of ESO's coverage at Gamescom 2013.
9/18/2013 ESO Activities at PAX East What's in store for those interested in ESO at PAX East 2013.
9/20/2013 Get Your PAX East ESO Loot! Information on ESO-related merchandise that was available at PAX East 2013.
01/29/2014 Pre-Order ESO Now Pre-order information for the Imperial Edition.
02/13/2014 Hands-On Beta Impressions The developers share some early beta coverage of ESO.
03/11/2014 New Beta Invites – March 11th Announcing the release of invitations for the final scale test event.
03/25/2014 Early Access and Launch FAQ Frequently asked questions about the beta and pre-order bonuses.
Ask Us Anything
11/13/2012 Ask Us Anything: Ebonheart Pact (Part 1) First AUA for ESO, focuses on the Ebonheart Pact and General questions.
11/26/2012 Ask Us Anything: Ebonheart Pact (Part 2) Part 2 of Ebonheart Pact questions.
12/10/2012 Ask Us Anything: Aldmeri Dominion (Part 1) Questions focus on the Aldmeri Dominion.
12/20/2012 Ask Us Anything: Aldmeri Dominion (Part 2) Part 2 of the Aldmeri Dominion questions.
01/07/2013 Ask Us Anything: Daggerfall Covenant (Part 1) Part 1 of questions focused on the Daggerfall Covenant.
01/18/2013 Ask Us Anything: Daggerfall Covenant (Part 2) Part 2 of questions focused on the Daggerfall Covenant.
02/08/2013 Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack An eclectic variety of topics are covered, including questions about lore and what will be seen of the different races.
02/22/2013 Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 2 (?)
03/11/2013 Ask Us Anything: Combat (?)
03/25/2013 Ask Us Anything: Combat 2 (?)
04/08/2013 Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 3 (?)
04/22/2013 Ask Us Anything: Alliances at War (?)
05/06/2013 Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 4 (?)
05/20/2013 Ask Us Anything: Gathering and Exploration (?)
07/15/2013 Ask Us Anything: Dungeons (?)
07/29/2013 Ask Us Anything: Roleplaying (?)
08/12/2013 Ask Us Anything: QuakeCon Live Gameplay (?)
08/26/2013 Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 6 (?)
09/09/2013 Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 7 (?)
09/23/2013 Ask Us Anything: Lore (?)
10/07/2013 Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 8 (?)
10/21/2013 Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 9 (?)
11/04/2013 Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 10 (?)
11/18/2013 Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 11 (?)
12/09/2013 Ask Us Anything: Progression (?)
23/09/2013 Ask Us Anything: Cyrodiil (?)
01/31/2014 Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 12 (?)
02/18/2014 Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 13 (?)
03/10/2014 Ask Us Anything: Crafting (?)
03/24/2014 Ask Us Anything: AMA Recap (?)
04/14/2014 Ask Us Anything: Craglorn (?)
05/12/2014 Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 14 (?)
06/16/2014 Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 15 (?)

Design Articles[edit]

Creating ESO
Date Title Description
02/09/2015 Ready for War: Orc and Redguard Armor The development team discusses the changes made to Orc and Redguard armor in Update 6.

Creating ESO[edit]

Creating ESO
Date Title Description
12/17/2012 Creating ESO: The Dreugh Behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the Dreugh for ESO.
04/09/2013 Creating ESO: The Ogrim From concept art to in game model for Ogrims.
05/22/2013 Creating ESO: The Wamasu Concept for the Wamasu and in-game effects.
07/03/2013 Creating ESO: The Kwama Concepts and designs for the Kwama.
07/26/2013 Creating ESO: The Scamp Desiging the Scamp for ESO.
08/19/2013 Creating ESO: Flame Atronach Creating the Fire Atronach for ESO.
09/26/2013 Creating ESO: Clannfear Designing the Clannfear for ESO.
10/30/2013 Creating ESO: Werewolf Concept and design for the Werewolf in ESO.
12/04/2013 Creating ESO: Designing Skill Lines Discussing choices made for the Skill Line progression system in ESO.
12/20/2013 Creating ESO: Cyrodiil's Keeps Article on design choices for the Keeps in Cyrodiil.
02/06/2014 The Making of Molag Bal An article laying out the process of designing Molag Bal and creating the statue bundled with the Physical Imperial Collector's Edition.
02/11/2014 Creating ESO: Dark Anchors Article discussing the design choices for the Dark Anchors encounters.
02/26/2014 Creating ESO: Music Article discussing the creation of music for ESO.
03/19/2014 Creating ESO: Crafting Facts Discussion of the Crafting System in ESO.
04/23/2014 Creating ESO: Trials Article on the introduction of Trials with the Craglorn Update.
06/19/2014 Creating ESO: Veteran Dungeons Designing Veteran Dungeons for ESO.
07/22/2014 Creating ESO: Identity and Update 3 Discussing Update 3 and customization in ESO.
08/28/2014 Creating ESO: Dragonstar Arena Article on the introduction and creation of the Dragonstar Arena in ESO.
10/27/2015 Creating ESO: Orsinium Article on designing the zone for the Orsinium expansion.
08/05/2015 Creating ESO: Arboretum District This article talks about the process of developing the Imperial City, with a focus on the Arboretum District.
03/02/2016 Creating ESO: Maw of Lorkhaj Discussing the development of the Maw of Lorkhaj, looking at visuals and mechanics.

Update and Development Articles[edit]

The Road Ahead[edit]

The Road Ahead
Date Title Description
03/14/2014 ESO Road Ahead
05/01/2014 The Road Ahead - May 1st
06/04/2014 The Road Ahead – June 4th
07/08/2014 The Road Ahead – July 8
08/20/2014 The Road Ahead - August 20
10/16/2014 The Road Ahead - October 16
12/04/2014 The Road Ahead - December 4
02/12/2015 The Road Ahead - February Discussing the fate of the Loyalty Program, console releases, and the philosophy of the upcoming Crown Store.
01/12/2016 ESO – The Year Ahead
05/29/2020 ESO's Performance Improvements Plan

Update Guides and Announcements[edit]

Date Title Description
05/23/2014 Craglorn Is Here! Lower Craglorn is released with Update 1.
06/25/2014 Update 2 Has Launched! Update 2 introduces lighting improvements, Veteran Crypt of Hearts, and lootable items in the world.
08/05/2014 Update 3 is Live! Update 3 introduces armor dyeing and guild stores.
09/16/2014 Update 4 is Here Upper Craglorn, Dragonstar Arena, and Sanctum Ophidia arrive with Update 4.
11/04/2014 Play Update 5 Now! Update 5 introduces Veteran City of Ash, dungeon scaling, the Dwemer crafting style, improved facial animations, chat bubbles, crafting writs, and Pledges.
01/15/2015 Update 6 Guide: The Champion System Introduces the Champion system.
01/19/2015 Update 6 Guide: Provisioning Introduces Provisioning.
01/26/2015 Update 6 Guide: The Justice System Introduces the Justice system.
01/30/2015 Update 6 Guide: Collections Introduces the Collections system.
02/19/2015 Nine-Month Loyalty Reward and More The Mask of Cheerful Slaughter is unveiled for the Loyalty Reward program. The team also teases the upcoming Striped Senche-Tiger.
03/04/2015 Update 6 is Here! Summarizes the changes made to ESO with Update 6.
03/17/2015 Welcome to Tamriel Unlimited
04/06/2015 Reflecting on ESO's First Year
04/08/2015 ESO Welcomes Beta Players Back Announcing the Welcome Back Weekend.
04/13/2015 Welcome Back Weekend Kicks Off This Week
04/22/2015 The ESOTU Console Beta Starts Tomorrow!
06/09/2015 Console Launch and New Trailer
06/12/2015 ESOTU Console Launch Update
06/15/2015 Coming to ESOTU
07/30/2015 Imperial City Special: Live Q&A
12/22/2015 A Look Back on 2015
09/15/2016 Update 12 Guide: Return to Craglorn Details changes to Craglorn with Update 12.
09/21/2023 Japanese Localization Arrives on Consoles with ESO's Update 40


Date Title Description
12/11/2014 Introducing Undaunted Pledges Details about the Undaunted Pledges.
11/23/2016 One Tamriel: Companions 'til the End Describes the then-upcoming changes One Tamriel would make to ESO.
11/29/2016 ESO Welcomes Crown Crates A cursory introduction to Crown Crates, a new feature of the Crown Store.
4/08/2020 Update on Greymoor from ESO's Game Director A letter from Matt Firor to the community about progress on Greymoor during the COVID19 pandemic, which gives some insight to how voice lines are recorded.



Articles detailing promotions such as giveaways.

Community Events[edit]

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Betrayal of the Second Era[edit]

Articles dedicated to The Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era

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