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The following cut content never made it into Blades.


  • The UI.TownOverview.NumberOfDistricts string may imply that it was once planned for Town to have districts.
  • There may have once been plans for the following decorations.
    • Several "Burnt Tree" variants in small, medium, and large. They were likely intended to have already been placed in Town when the game begins.
      • "A [size] tree that burned in the town fire."
    • Large:
      • Mage Statue
      • Thief Statue
      • Warrior Statue
      • Ysgramor Statue
    • Medium:
      • Skeleton Guard
    • Small:
      • Argonian Banner
      • Bosmer Banner
      • Breton Banner
      • Daedric Torch
      • Dunmer Banner
      • Khajiit Banner
      • Nord Banner
      • Orc Banner
      • Redguard Banner
  • There may have once been plans for the following buildings.
    • Alcove
    • Archway
    • Cottage
    • Guild Hall
      • A "Guild Hall Owner" NPC may have been intended. They could have said the following lines.
        • "Hi friend! Do you want to take a look at the market place?"
        • "Feel free to comeback anytime!"
    • Home
    • Large Mage House
    • Mage House
    • Mage Tower
    • Villa
  • The following placeholder NPC dialogue may have been used in testing the town-visiting feature.
    • "Gary!"
    • "Gary Gary. Gary!"
    • "Gary..."
    • "Gary. Gary, Gary...Gary."
    • "Gary."



  • Bonemold Armor
  • Chaurus weapons
    • Chaurus Battleaxe
    • Chaurus Dagger
    • Chaurus Greatsword
    • Chaurus Hand Axe
    • Chaurus Light Hammer
    • Chaurus Longsword
    • Chaurus Mace
    • Chaurus War Axe
    • Chaurus Warhammer
  • Dragonscale weapons
    • Dragonscale Battleaxe
    • Dragonscale Dagger
    • Dragonscale Glass Mace
    • Dragonscale Greatsword
    • Dragonscale Hand Axe
    • Dragonscale Mace
    • Dragonscale Staff
    • Dragonscale Sword
    • Dragonscale Warhammer
  • Elven Plate/Aldmeri
    • Aldmeri Armor
      • "Heavier than standard Elven armor, yet lighter than Iron or Steel, Aldmeri Armor is standard issue for Thalmor warriors."
    • Aldmeri Boots
      • "The armored boots of the Aldmer are both hardy and comfortable, ideal for roaming Tamriel... or hunting down Talos worshippers."
    • Aldmeri Gauntlets
      • "Aldmeri Gauntlets are as delicate, light, and strong as the hands they have traditionally protected."
    • Aldmeri Helmet
      • "Distinctive and strong, the Aldmeri Helmet offers significant protection without limiting visibility."
  • Watcher's, in the same vein as the Watcher's Blade and Watcher's Helm which did find its way in-game.
    • Their English descriptions are removed. However, the other languages are still intact. The descriptions listed below are combinations of translations of the available descriptions.
    • Watcher's Armor
::*Watchers rarely wear armor, as their duties require the utmost discretion. However, when called into battle, they often wear this distinctive armor.
  • French: "Les Gardiens portent rarement des armures, leur travail requérant un maximum de discrétion. Toutefois, lorsqu'ils sont appelés au combat, ils revêtent ces armures reconnaissables."
  • Italian: "Gli Osservatori indossano raramente corazze, poiché i loro incarichi richiedono molta discrezione. Quando però vengono chiamati in battaglia, portano spesso queste armature caratteristiche."
  • Spanish: "Los Vigilantes no solían llevar armadura, puesto que debían ser bastante discretos en sus actividades. Sin embargo, cuando se les llamaba al combate vestían estas armaduras distintivas."
  • German: "Wächter trugen nur selten Rüstung, da ihre Aufgabe höchste Diskretion erforderte. Sobald sie jedoch in den Kampf zogen, legten sie oft diesen charakteristischen Schutz an."
  • Russian: "Наблюдатели по самой природе своей службы редко носят доспехи. И всё же, случись им пойти в бой, Наблюдатели облачаются в специальную броню."
  • Watcher's Gauntlets
::*These are the standard gauntlets used by the group of Blades known as Watchers, agents specialized in undercover operations.
  • French: "L'armure couvrant les bras et les mains utilisée par la section des Lames appelée Gardiens, des agents spécialisés en opération sous couverture."
  • Italian: "Questa è l’armatura per il braccio standard della sezione delle Blade chiamata Osservatori, agenti specializzati in operazioni in incognito."
  • Spanish: "Es la armadura básica para manos y brazos utilizada por el grupo de Cuchillas conocidos como Vigilantes, agentes especializados en operaciones de infiltración."
  • German: "Dieser Standardschutz für Hände und Arme gehört den Wächtern, den Schläferagenten der Klingen, die in geheimer Mission operieren."
  • Russian: "Это стандартные защитные перчатки Наблюдателей - воинов ордена Клинков, специализирующихся на нелегальной разведке."
  • Watcher's Greaves
::*Although little is known about the internal command structure of the outlawed order of the Blades, it is rumored that there are undercover "Watchers" in every major capital in Tamriel.
  • French: "Bien que l'on n'ait que très peu d'informations sur la structure de commandement interne de l'ordre proscrit des Lames, la rumeur dit que des “Gardiens” sous couverture seraient présents dans toutes les capitales majeures de Tamriel."
  • Italian: "Si sa ben poco della struttura interna dell’ordine fuorilegge delle Blade, ma si dice che ci siano degli “Osservatori” in incognito in tutte le maggiori capitali di Tamriel."
  • Spanish: "Aunque se sabe poco sobre la estructura de mando interna de la orden proscrita de los Cuchillas, se rumorea que los Vigilantes están presentes en todas las principales capitales de Tamriel."
  • German: "Obgleich nur wenig über die interne Hierarchie des für gesetzlos erklärten Klingen-Ordens bekannt ist, wird gemunkelt, dass sich in jeder größeren Stadt von Tamriel verdeckte “Wächter” aufhalten."
  • Russian: "О структуре запрещенного ордена Клинков мало что известно, но поговаривают, что глубоко законспирированные Наблюдатели есть в каждом крупном городе Тамриэля."
  • The following cut artifacts may have been intended to be the Crusader's Relics. They may also have been intended to have the listed effects.
    • Templar's Boots
    • Templar's Cuirass
      • "Sets undead that hit the wearer On Fire if also wearing the Templar's Helm, Gauntlets, and Boots"
    • Templar's Gauntlets
    • Templar's Helm
    • Templar's Mace & Templar's Sword
      • Does <magnitude> Fire damage per second to undead while wearing the Templar's Cuirass, Helm, Gauntlets, and Boots.
    • Templar's Shield
      • +<magnitude> Block Rating against undead while wearing the Templar's Cuirass, Helm, Gauntlets, and Boots.
  • Arena Rewards
    • DefendersArmor
    • Golden Harbinger's Gauntlets, Silver Harbinger's Gauntlets, Bronze Harbinger's Gauntlets
      • "These finely-detailed gauntlets, forged using ancient techniques mostly lost to time, will provide as much protection as ones made from Dragonplate, and are considered as such for the purpose of the Matching Set perk."
    • Golden Hammer of Champions, Silver Hammer of Champions, Bronze Hammer of Champions
      • "This formidable war hammer weapon, once given as a prize to Grand Champions of the Imperial Arena, isn't just for show. It is in fact just as every bit as deadly as one made out of Dragonbone, and was often used by said Champions in subsequent fights."
    • Golden Commander's Boots, Silver Commander's Boots, Bronze Commander's Boots
      • "Once fashioned for the highest ranking officials of the Imperial Army, these stylish boots are as tough and durable as anything else you'll find on Mundus. They count as Dragonplate for the purpose of the Matching Set perk."



  • Saashi may have once been intended to say the following lines upon during The Founder's Statue.
    • "We must convince Valentis' descendant to perform the ritual."
    • "Ah, splendid! You have brought back Valentis' heir!"
  • The Lost Heirloom/Find Mac's Guffin, likely a test quest used in development. It would have involved traveling to a place called Thastla's Tomb to fight bandits and wights to retrieve the Jewel-Encrusted Sword.
    • "I must recover a jewel-encrusted sword that was lost in a dungeon raid gone wrong."
    • The following dialogue may have intended to appear in this manner.
      • "You look like a traveling adventurer! Can you help my family?"
      • "Mac, my fool of a father, went to explore Thastla's Tomb and barely made it out with his life."
      • "As he escaped, a wight took a jewel-incrusted [sic] sword that's been in our family for generations from him."
      • "Please, can you recover our family heirloom?"
        • "I'm too busy right now."
        • "Sure, I can do it."
          • "Oh thank you! Thastla's Tomb is due west of here."
      • "You are a brave adventurer, I know you can do it!"
      • "You mighty warrior! You brought back the sword!"
      • "Thank you for helping my family!"
  • There may have once been plans for "elemental jobs" which may have added variety to jobs by imposing an extra challenge. Events may have been the form in which this idea came to fruition.
    • Prefixes
      • Flames of Doom -
      • Fire Quest -
      • Cold Snap -
      • Frozen Solid -
      • Poisoned!
      • Toxic -
      • Shocked!
      • Thunder and Lighting -
    • Suffixes
      • - Inferno Edition
      • - Fire and Steel
      • - Below Zero
      • - Ice Cold
      • - The Pestiferous Edition
      • - Danger: Poison
      • - High Voltage Edition
      • - Shock Hazard
    • Warnings
  • Special Jobs, a kind separate from Daily and Weekly
  • The following challenges do not appear in the final game. They were presumably used for testing purposes.
    • Get brewin', bro!
    • It's house time! Wut wut

In the Blades Alpha there are references to a cut NPC and Count, the Imperial Centurion known as Adamus Macrina was most likely meant to fill the role of Gaius Platorius:

  • NPC.ImperialEnvoy.Town.Presentation.Dialogue.001,"I am a tribune in the Imperial Legion, and the representative of Count Prentius Cipius."
  • NPC.ImperialEnvoy.Town.Presentation.Dialogue.002,"I am here to communicate requests from the Count, as well as keep tabs on you.
  • NPC.ImperialEnvoy.Town.Debug.Dialogue.001,"[DEBUG] I am the primary quest giver for the ""The Empire is the Law"" questline.
  • "I am a retired Imperial Centurion, and one of your former brothers-in-arms if you were in the Legion."
  • NPC.ImperialCenturion.Name,Adamus Macrina


There may have once been plans for the following enemies.

  • Chaurus
    • Chaurus Fledgling
    • Chaurus Hunters
    • Chaurus Reapers
  • Gargoyles
    • Gargoyle
    • Runic Gargoyle
  • Draugr
    • The pluralized string is erroneously defined as "Draugar".
  • Wight Hound


The following emotes have not appeared in-game.

  • Bend the Knee
    Bend the Knee
    • "You tried your best, but your opponent was just too strong. Use this emote to sincerely acknowledge their greatness."
  • Boo
  • Bow
  • Cheer
  • Dust Off
  • Frostbite
    • "Keep your cool with this magical, snowy emote. Unless you're already competing in the Frozen Battleground, that is..."
  • Good Show
    • "At times you just want to give credit where credit is due. Use this emote to tell opponents you appreciate their efforts."
  • Mercy!
    • "Fight's not going you way? Feeling the icy breath of the grim reaper on your shoulders? Don't care about being called a coward? Try begging for mercy!"
  • Mock Dread
  • Raise it Up
    Raise it Up
    • "Raise your weapon in celebration. Whether the gesture is premature or not is entirely dependent on you.
  • Success!
  • Thumbs Down
  • Thunderstorm
    • "Opponents raining on your parade? Show them exactly how that makes you feel with this magical emote."
  • Triumph
  • Vanish!
    • "Sometimes, you just need to disappear in a puff of smoke. This emote provides the smoke, leaving you to take care of the disappearing part."
  • Woe is Me


  • There may have once been intentions to have a Market Place. The aforementioned Guild Hall Owner's dialogue implies that it may have been related to guilds, perhaps as place to sell or trade items within or between guilds.
  • Additional guild ranks of Elder, Master, and Member
  • The UI message "You cannot drop your last weapon!" may imply that it was once intended for players to be able to drop items.
  • The aforementioned Watchers Greaves and the ItemEquipmentSlot.Waist string "Belts" may imply that it was once intended for more equipment slots.
  • An unused ability titled "Unrelenting Force Rank 1"
  • The Damage.Source.Trap string may imply that there were once plans for damage-dealing traps.
  • The empty BookTemplateList MonoBehaviour may imply that there were once plans to have books in the game.
  • The following skills are referenced by an ID that does not match with their in-game name, seemingly due to revision.


  • Strings for the months and days of the week of the Elder Scrolls calendar
  • Localization aliases "lassie" and "boyo", female and male respectively
  • A "TownDailyReward" for each day of the week
    • Sunday Stash!
    • Monday Money!
    • Tuesday Treasure!
    • Wednesday Wealth!
    • Thursday Stuff!
    • Friday Fortune!
    • Saturday Stock!
  • The following NPCs are referenced by an ID that does not match with their in-game name, seemingly due to revision.
  • The following terms are referenced by an ID that does not match with their in-game name, seemingly due to revision.