Blades:The Ghost of Valentis

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The Ghost of Valentis
Race High Elf
Gender Male
The Ghost of Valentis

The Ghost of Valentis is an Ayleid ghost that you encounter during the quest The Ghost's Tale. He is the brother of Celemaril.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Ghost's Tale[edit]

"Hear us, mortal, for we speak from beyond the veil of death."
I'm listening.
Speak, brother of Celemaril.
"Do not utter that cursed name in my presence! My brother died when the Sorcerer-King was born."

Either will lead to:

"The dark enemy draws ever stronger with each passing day. Soon, he will be restored to his full potential."
Shulkunaak told me how to defeat him.
"The dragon did not tell you everything. After defeating his physical form, it is not enough to simply utter the incantation. You must place the Elder Scroll within a marble statue, enchanted by five Varla Stones set in its base. Only then will the ritual be effective, and the Sorcerer-King imprisoned."
I understand.
"Here is the incantation. May the Divines guide you."
Thank you, noble spirit. We will not fail you.


  • He can be seen briefly during A Tale of Two Brothers, where he will disappear before you can get close.
  • While his in-game race is set as High Elf, he is mentioned as an Ayleid in dialogue.