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Guilds are player-made factions. Each player can only be in one guild at a time. Creating a new guild costs 0000005050Gems. Players in guilds can chat with each other and request materials. Guilds also track the number of Arena mode victories each member has achieved, which increases the guild's overall leaderboard position.

Guilds can be public, private, or open by request. You may be prompted to select an avatar when joining a guild for the first time, if you have not already done so.

Requesting Materials[edit]

Every 0000008H8HTime, you may request a material. Your guildmates can then donate this material to you with a 0000001H1HTime cooldown. After the cooldowns are over, you can donate or request any chosen material you like except for Pyrines, Arentines, and Firebreath Opals. The following table shows the amount requested of each material depending on your Town level, the building required to request that material, and the amount granted by each donation as a percentage of the amount requested, rounded up.

Material Request Amount by Town Level Donation Building Requirement
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Lumber 0000001010Lumber 0000002020Lumber 0000003030Lumber 0000004040Lumber 0000005050Lumber 20% Town Hall[verification needed — true?]
Limestone 0000001010Limestone 0000002020Limestone 0000003030Limestone 0000004040Limestone 0000005050Limestone 20% Town Hall[verification needed — true?]
Copper 000000044Copper 0000001212Copper 0000001818Copper 0000002424Copper 0000003030Copper 20% Town Hall[verification needed — true?]
Iron Ingot 000000033Iron Ingots 20% Smithy
Pelt 000000033Pelts 20% Smithy
Steel Ingot 000000033Steel Ingots 20% Smithy Level 1
Leather 000000033Leather 20% Smithy Level 1
Silver Ingot 000000033Silver Ingots 20% Smithy Level 2
Scrib Chitin 000000033Scrib Chitins 20% Smithy Level 2
Orichalcum Ingot 000000033Orichalcum Ingots 20% Smithy Level 3
Dwarven Metal Ingot 000000044Dwarven Metal Ingots 20% Smithy Level 4
Quicksilver Ingot 000000044Quicksilver Ingots 20% Smithy Level 5
Moonstone Ingot 000000044Moonstone Ingots 20% Smithy Level 5
Malachite Ingot 000000044Malachite Ingots 20% Smithy Level 6
Chaurus Chitin 000000044Chaurus Chitins 20% Smithy Level 6
Ebony Ingot 000000055Ebony Ingots 20% Smithy Level 7
Stalhrim 000000055Stalhrim 20% Smithy Level 7
Daedra Heart 000000055Daedra Hearts 20% Smithy Level 8
Dragon Bones 000000055Dragon Bones 20% Smithy Level 9
Dragon Scales 000000055Dragon Scales 20% Smithy Level 9
Garlic 000000022Garlic 000000044Garlic 000000066Garlic 000000088Garlic 0000001010Garlic 50% Alchemy Laboratory
Lavender 000000022Lavender 000000044Lavender 000000066Lavender 000000088Lavender 0000001010Lavender 50% Alchemy Laboratory Level 1
Histcarp 000000044Histcarps 000000088Histcarps 50% Alchemy Laboratory Level 2
Blue Dartwing 000000044Blue Dartwings 000000088Blue Dartwings 50% Alchemy Laboratory Level 3
Ectoplasm 000000044Ectoplasm 50% Alchemy Laboratory Level 4
Moon Sugar 000000044Moon Sugar 50% Alchemy Laboratory Level 5
Nightshade 000000088Nightshades 50% Alchemy Laboratory Level 6
Giant's Toe 000000088Giant's Toes 50% Alchemy Laboratory Level 7
Daedroth Tooth 0000001010Daedroth Teeth 50% Alchemy Laboratory Level 8
Dragon Claw 0000001010Dragon Claws 50% Alchemy Laboratory Level 9
Fire Salts 000000022Fire Salts 000000044Fire Salts 000000066Fire Salts 000000088Fire Salts 0000001010Fire Salts 50% Alchemy Laboratory
Frost Salts 000000022Frost Salts 000000044Frost Salts 000000066Frost Salts 000000088Frost Salts 0000001010Frost Salts 50% Alchemy Laboratory
Void Salts 000000022Void Salts 000000044Void Salts 000000066Void Salts 000000088Void Salts 0000001010Void Salts 50% Alchemy Laboratory
Deathbell 000000022Deathbells 000000044Deathbells 000000066Deathbells 000000088Deathbells 0000001010Deathbells 50% Alchemy Laboratory
Imp Stool 000000022Imp Stools 000000044Imp Stools 000000066Imp Stools 000000088Imp Stools 0000001010Imp Stools 50% Alchemy Laboratory
Honeycomb 000000022Honeycombs 000000044Honeycombs 000000066Honeycombs 000000088Honeycombs 0000001010Honeycombs 50% Alchemy Laboratory
Glow Dust 000000022Glow Dust 000000044Glow Dust 000000066Glow Dust 000000088Glow Dust 0000001010Glow Dust 50% Alchemy Laboratory
Petty Soul Gem 000000011Petty Soul Gem 100% Enchanter's Tower Level 2
Lesser Soul Gem 000000011Lesser Soul Gem 100% Enchanter's Tower Level 2
Middling Soul Gem 000000011Middling Soul Gem 100% Enchanter's Tower Level 2
Common Soul Gem 000000011Common Soul Gem 100% Enchanter's Tower Level 3
Exceptional Soul Gem 000000011Exceptional Soul Gem 100% Enchanter's Tower Level 4
Greater Soul Gem 000000011Greater Soul Gem 100% Enchanter's Tower Level 5
Elevated Soul Gem 000000011Elevated Soul Gem 100% Enchanter's Tower Level 6
Grand Soul Gem 000000011Grand Soul Gem 100% Enchanter's Tower Level 7
Greater Soul Gem 000000011Greater Soul Gem 100% Enchanter's Tower Level 8
Transcendent Soul Gem 000000011Transcendent Soul Gem 100% Enchanter's Tower Level 9
Pearl 000000011Pearl 000000022Pearls 000000033Pearls 33% Smithy
Brass Ingot 000000011Brass Ingot 000000022Brass Ingots 000000033Brass Ingots 33% Smithy
Topaz 000000011Topaz 000000022Topazes 000000033Topazes 33% Smithy Level 1
Garnet 000000011Garnet 000000022Garnets 000000033Garnets 33% Smithy Level 2
Amethyst 000000011Amethyst 000000022Amethysts 000000033Amethysts 33% Smithy Level 3
Ruby 000000011Ruby 33% Smithy Level 4
Gold Ingot 000000011Gold Ingot 100% Smithy Level 4
Sapphire 000000011Sapphire 100% Smithy Level 5
Emerald 000000011Emerald 100% Smithy Level 6
Diamond 000000011Diamond 100% Smithy Level 7
Atronite 000000011Atronite 100% Smithy Level 8
Faerite 000000011Faerite 100% Smithy Level 9
Bronze 000000011Bronze 000000022Bronze 000000033Bronze 33% Workshop
Marble 000000011Marble 000000022Marble 000000033Marble 33% Workshop
Fabric 000000011Fabric 000000022Fabric 000000033Fabric 33% Workshop
Seeds 000000011Seeds 000000022Seeds 000000033Seeds 33% Workshop
Dye 000000011Dye 000000022Dye 000000033Dye 33% Workshop
Crystal 000000011Crystal 000000022Crystals 000000033Crystals 33% Workshop


These are the banners that you can choose for your guild.

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