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Location Town
Race Khajiit
Gender Female
Faction(s) Townsfolk

Saashi is the local loremaster. She is initially rescued from goblins, and is later found in Town. She has a cousin named M'jaddah.

Related Quests[edit]

Main Quest[edit]


Bloodfall Queen[edit]


Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Greencap Bandits[edit]

When you approach her, she breathes a sigh of relief.

"Oh thank the Divines, somebody has finally came for me!"

Speak with her.

"Mmh… You do not look like one of the Queen's mercenaries.
Have you come to rescue Khajiit?"
Depends. Are you the loremaster?
"That is what the townsfolk call this one, but Khajiit's name is Saashi.
What is your name, Warrior?"
My name is <name>
"That is a nice name. Saashi is pleased to meet you,<name>.
Please come and visit Saashi in town."

Hidden Mysteries[edit]

"Saashi is devastated by the devastation here.
The Founder's Statue that got destroyed… Did you know it was created back in the First Era?
Why would anyone destroy such an ancient artifact?"
Maybe the answer is in the tunnels below the town…
"Tunnels? What tunnels?"
The villagers found them while clearing out the rubble.
"Those galleries were likely built by the Ayleids themselves!
We have to go down there to see what we can find."

You can offer to go in for her, or have her go in on her own.

I'll go first, and make sure it's safe.
"Yes, that's probably for the best!"
Let me know what's down there.
"Perhaps <PlayerName> could go first? Just... Just in case."

If spoken to again:

"Please tell Saashi when you have explored the tunnels!"
I'm ready to go.
"Good! Be careful down there!"
Yes, I will.
"All right, then."

After Hidden Mysteries, you can tell her what you found.

"So, what did you find?"
An ancient tomb, lots of undead, and an empty sarcophagus.
"An… Ayleid sarcophagus?"
Looked pretty old, but it was opened only recently.
"It is possible there was some sort of warding enchantment on the statue. Destroying the statue would have broken the spell, and released whatever was trapped in there. That would explain the burst of magick energy that people witnessed."
"Saashi will see for herself to find out more. Now that it is safe.
By the way, old Henrik Seven-Swords was looking for you earlier. You should seek him out near the West Gate."

Speaking to her before talking to Henrik Seven-Swords:

"Saashi will be sure to relay what is discovered down there."
"Do not forget to talk to Henrik Seven-Swords. It seemed rather important."

The Name of Evil[edit]

"Ah, <name>! Saashi has made much progress regarding the Ayleid crypt under the town.
First, Saashi learned who was buried in the tomb. An ancient Ayleid Sorcerer-King, ruler over these lands back in the First Era.
Little is known of him. His successor went to great length to have him erased from historical records.
Saashi could not even learn his name. It seems, though, that he was a powerful necromancer. That… might explain why the tomb is empty…"
Interesting…anything else?
"But this, this is exciting: inspecting the burial chamber, Saashi found a secret lever that opened the large door.
There is a whole other section of the tomb to explore!
Saashi hopes to find more about the identity of the Sorcerer-King in the unexplored chambers."

If you agree to go with her:

You're right, I'll go.
"Saashi will accompany you, show you the door that opened."

If you ask her to go into the tomb:

Let me know what you find.
"… but what if there are more monsters? Saashi is not a fighter! But please, allow this one to show you the door that opened."

If you agree to explore with her and speak to her again:

"Is <name> ready to explore the second part of the Ayleid crypt?"
I was just on my way to it.
"Look out for any clues regarding the Sorcerer-King's real name. Or anything else, really."
I've been busy with other matters.
"Saashi understands. This does seem important, however."

If you asked her to go into the tomb and then speak to her again:

"So, the tomb was definitely that of a powerful and feared Ayleid wizard…"

Once met in the tomb:

"Saashi stumbled upon a door, and seems to have found a whole other section to the tomb.
This appears to lead to the entrance of the tomb. Saashi believes we arrived at the end, if that makes sense.
Is <name> ready to see what is out there?"
As ready as I'll ever be.
"Excellent. Saashi will wait for you here."

If spoken to again:

"Be thorough; explore everywhere. Saashi is sure there is information about the Sorcerer-King somewhere."

When finished in the tomb:

"You are back! Did you find anything new down there?"
I found these inscribed stone tablets.
"You did? Wonderful! They must have quite the story to tell… Saashi will begin deciphering them right away.
In the meantime, perhaps <name> could ask the Town Elder if he needs anything? Dear old Junius is too proud to ask for help."

If spoken to again:

"Saashi will send word as soon as the stone tablets have been translated."

A Tale of Two Brothers[edit]

When first spoken to:

"Good news! This one managed to learn the name of the Sorcerer-King: Celemaril Light-Bringer."
That doesn't sound so bad…
"Not sure his people agreed with that. His own brother. Valentis, led a rebellion against him.
He and the other Ayleid kings managed to stop the Sorcerer-King and bind him magically.
Saashi is fairly certain the statue destroyed by the Queen's men was of Valentis.
This one has found Valentis' final resting place. Perhaps there are runic inscriptions in the burial chamber…
Up for a bit of tomb hunting?"
I'm on it.
"Good. Saashi cannot wait to see what there is to be found!"
Not right now.
"Well, Saashi is sure the Sorcerer-King is not, say, busy amassing power or anything…"

If spoken to again if the quest is refused:

"This one is certain the answer lies within that burial chamber."

If spoken to again if the quest is accepted:

"Ready to explore Valentis' tomb?"

When spoken to at first in the tomb:

" "This tomb looks a lot like the Sorcerer-King's, does it not?
It does make sense. They were built during the same era, probably by the same architects.
It certainly is just as… creepy."
I take it you'll wait here?
"Khajiit is sorry. This one knows you take all the risks… But Saashi is a scholar, not a fighter.
Saashi will follow from a distance, and meet you in the burial chamber."
You stay here, it's safer.
"Saashi will follow from a distance, and meet you in the burial chamber."

If spoken to again:

"You should go ahead… Saashi will follow at a distance, where it is safer, and meet you in the burial chamber.

When you enter the mural room:

"You did it, you found Valentis' burial chamber. This mural, it's…mesmerizing. Look, there's the Sorcerer-King! And this relates how Valentis fought back his brother's undead forces. Here he is shown binding the Sorcerer-King in his tomb…somehow. Let's copy those runes and go…I feel like someone's watching us."

If spoken to again:

"Khajiit is ready to return to town when you are."

Secrets of the Ayleids[edit]

Once at town:

"That was quite the adventure, was it not?"
Nothing we couldn't handle.
"This one had time to look over the tablets while we were traveling back here.
As suspected, it is a retelling of the struggle between the Sorcerer-King, his brother, and their allies.
In the end the brother prevailed, but regrettably, Saashi cannot decipher the last sentence."
So, what now?
"Khajiit knows of a scholar who may be able to help.
His name is Telarendil, an expert in the ancient Ayleid language.
He's currently studying some old ruins not too far from here.
You should seek him out at once!"
Sounds like a plan.
"Excellent. Saashi is sure he will be able to help."
I have other things to do first.
"Do not wait too long, or he might be gone."

If spoken to if the quest is refused:

"That scholar could certainly help with those runes… You should seek him out at once!"

If spoken to if the quest is accepted:

"You should get going to meet that scholar."

The Lair of the Sorcerer-King[edit]

"What have you found so far?"
Varro Matius mentioned the Howling Caves.
"You should investigate."
I'll leave at once.
Wanum talked about Fort Cassynder.
"Never liked that place… Is <name> up for it?"
Only one way to find out.
"That is the spirit!"
Constantia told me rumors about Hangman's Wood.
"Never liked that place… Is <name> up for it?"
I'm not afraid. I'll go right now.
"Watch your back out there…"
The Thalmor suggest the ruins of Niryastare.
"These Thalmor may not be very… agreeable. But Saashi does not see why they would lie."
I'll go find out.
"That way we will know for sure."
I can think of a few reasons…
"All right, whatever you say."
Arven Dalas thinks it might be Drachurst Keep.
"He does? We should go! Rather... Saashi means <PlayerName> should go."
I'm on my way.
"Saashi has a good feeling about this one."

The Missing Scroll[edit]

"You should ask the Bloodfall Queen about that Elder Scroll.
What does <name> think?"
It's worth a shot.
"Just keep this one informed."
Maybe later.

Once you return:

"You have returned! So? How did it go?"
Someone stole the scroll from them.
"Hmm. Saashi assumed as much."
We were attacked by necromancers.
"Well, now it is known where the undead are coming from."
"It seems safe to assume the Sorcerer-King has the scroll, or will have it soon.
If the Sorcerer-King is back, then he is likely gathering forces somewhere.
We need to find his lair and figure out what we are up against."

Journey to Fort Cassynder[edit]

Once Fort Cassynder has been cleared:

"How did it go at Fort Cassynder?"
The Lich wasn't there.
"Sasshi supposes we will just have to keep looking."

The Howling Caves[edit]

Once you return:

"So? Was it the Howling Caves?"
No. And they weren't howling.
"Sasshi sometimes wonders how these places come by such names. Ah but this reminds me. The traveling Dunmer merchant, Arven Dalas, is back in town. If anyone knows about what is going on in the realm, it is him!"
I'll ask him if he's heard about this.

The Ruins of Niryastare[edit]

Once you return:

"Was there anything in the ruins of Niryastare?"
Some undead, but no Liches.
"Just our luck..."

The Haunted Forest[edit]

If spoken to before going to the forest:

"This one has a good feeling about the Haunted Forest. Or rather, a bad feeling, but that's good, yes?"

Once you return with the Elder Scroll:

"See? Khajiit knew this was the right one! And you found the Elder Scroll, too! That is amazing! Saashi must admit, it is tempting to open it and peek inside..."
Won't you go blind?
"You are probably right... It might be worth it, though."
Let's deal with the Sorcerer-King first.
"You are right. The secrets of the universe will have to wait."
"Now that you have recovered the Elder Scroll, it is only a matter of time before the Sorcerer-King comes to take it back."
It'll take some time before he's ready.
"We need to move quickly. This town cannot withstand an undead assault."
What should we do next?

Both will lead to:

"Saashi once met someone while traveling... They might know how to use the Elder Scroll against the Sorcerer-King. You might not be too keen on talking to him, though."
Why is that?
"Well... he is a dragon. Shulkunaak. This one recognized his name in those runic inscriptions."
You met a dragon?
"It is a long story. But Saashi promises to tell once this is all over. This one believes he can help figure it out. If he does not kill you first, that is."
All right, let's go then.
"Saashi will start packing."
I need to think about it.
"This one understands, but... it may be our only hope at this point."

Facing the Dragon[edit]

If spoken to in town:

"Saashi still thinks asking the dragon Shulkunaak is our best plan."

When you both arrive at the cave:

"The dragon Shulkunaak should be somewhere in this cave complex. Just please, be respectful when you meet him. This one would be very sad if he ended up eating you."

If spoken to again:

"Are you having second thoughts? We could always go back to town..."

After speaking to Shulkunaak:

"You have returned!
You've met the dragon, yes? And he did not kill you, this is good!"
And I know how to beat the Sorcerer-King.
"You do? That is wonderful! Oh, Saashi has so many questions!"
I'll fill you in on the way back.
"Yes, apologies. Saashi is excited. Let us return home."
You sound surprised...
"Surprised? Of... Of course not. Saashi is simply relieved to see <PlayerName> in one piece, and... well, relatively unburnt. So, how did it go? Did you kill the dragon? How big was he? Did he tell you how to defeat the Sorcerer-King?"
Whoa, easy...I'll tell you all on the way back.
"Yes, apologies. Saashi is excited. Let us return home."

If spoken to again:

"Ready to go? Saashi cannot wait to hear all about the encounter with Shulkunaak!"

When you both return to town:

"This one still cannot believe you were able to defeat Shulkunaak."
Now we know how to bind the Sorcerer-King.
"You are right, of course. At least now we have a fighting chance.
I never thought I'd fight a real dragon.
"Sad to think he might be the last of his kind, too."

Both will lead to:

"Also, this one *may* have overheard <PlayerName>'s conversation with Shulkunaak..."
You did?
"Saashi will keep your secret safe."
Thank you, I appreciate it.
"Finding all that is needed to defeat the Sorcerer-King is going to be a challenge. Saashi does not know where to find the ritual incantation. <PlayerName> will have to ask around."
All right, I'll do that.
"Saashi may know someone who could help with the crown, though. His name is M'jaddah. He is an expert in ancient Ayleid artifacts. A treasure hunter."
Can we trust him?
"If we have coin, he will help us."
Where do you know him from?
"He is actually a cousin of Saashi's. Twice removed."

Both will lead to:

"This one is unsure of who else could help at this point."
Okay, I'll go see him.
"Do keep an eye on your valuables while you are there..."
Let's wait a bit on that.
"If you think that is best..."

The Treasure Hunter[edit]

If spoken to before finding the treasure hunter:

"The Treasure Hunter lives quite far from here. You should get going as soon as you can."

Once you return:

"How did it go?"
I managed to get the info.
"Well, that is what matters, yes?"
I walked right into a trap!
"This one is sorry about that. My cousin never was very... trustworthy."

Both will lead to:

"At least now we can figure out where to go next!"
Also, the Queen's mage is a necromancer spy.
"Really? We should probably warn her about that..."
Good idea, I'll go.
"This one hopes it's not too late..."

High Treason[edit]

"This one hopes it's not too late to warn the Queen about her disloyal mage..."

The Ghost's Tale[edit]

Once you return:

"You are back! This one is so relived! You found the ritual incantation, yes?"
That, and more.
"Oh? Do tell, please!"
We must rebuild the Founder's Statue.
"Let Saashi guess: we must put the Elder Scroll inside, yes?"
That, and five Varla Stones.
"This will be no easy task, Varla stones are quite rare. Ah, no matter. <PlayerName> can do it, Saashi is sure of it! You should go talk to Junius, he'll want to know about rebuilding the Founder's Statue..."

The Five Stones[edit]

When you return with the Varla stones:

"Excellent! You brought back the Varla Stones!"
It wasn't easy.
"That is why you are a hero, my friend! This one thinks we have found all we need...."

Wrath of the Sorcerer-King[edit]

When spoken to after the stones have been placed:

"It is happening! The Sorcerer-King is coming! Hordes of undead are amassing near the Arena north of town! Saashi will be ready to begin the ritual as soon as you defeat the Sorcerer-King!"
It's on!
"Send those demons back to Oblivion, Warrior!"
I need to get prepared first.
"Better hurry then!"

If spoken to again:

"You must go back to defeat the Sorcerer-King! Saashi will begin to recite the incantation as soon as you do."
I'm going right now!
I need to do something else first.
"We are all relying on you!"

Once the Sorcerer-King has been defeated:

"You've done it! This one still can't believe this is really happening. Although these eyes have seen the ruins, the undead, the glow of magic in the arena... it is surreal. This used to be a quiet town with nothing but a mysterious statue to distinguish us."
What's next for you?
"An account must be made of what has passed. Never has this one had something so important to record."
Couldn't have done it without you.
"Saashi is glad she could be of help, <PlayerName>."
No "Thank you"?
"Oh, yes, thank you for saving us. From the lich. Of course."

All three of the replies lead to:

"Perhaps things will return to normal now... though it somehow feels like they won't. We did it! The Sorcerer-King has been defeated and bound, for a couple more millennia at least!"
And then...?
"And then... He will be someone else's problem. Let future heroes deal with it! I think we have earned the right to rest a little, don't you think?"
I suppose so.
"Glad to hear you say it!"

Depending on which quests are left to complete you can also say:

If you have yet to complete the Greencaps questline:

We have to help rid the area of the Greencaps.
"Yes... What would our glorious Queen do without her champion, Saashi wonders..."

If you have yet to get rid of the Thalmor:

Those Thalmor are still nosing around town.
"Do you think they found out about you?"
Probably not, only you and Henrik know.
"Well, let us hope they leave soon..."

If you have yet to get rid of the goblins:

We still have goblins to worry about.
"Come, now. There will *always* be goblins to worry about. Wipe them out, and still they would return..."

If spoken to again:

"You know, perhaps one day in the future another loremaster will read of our adventures, yes? This one feels happy just thinking about it."

A Snake in the Grass[edit]

"Did Saashi hear correctly? The Greencap Bandits have a spy in town?"
I'm afraid so.
"These bandits are bad news. Rumor has it their leader cares not for money, just inflicting pain and misery. What is <PlayerName> planning to do?"
Look for suspicious people in town.
"Have you found any yet?"
Theodor Gorlash is pretty strange.
"Who? Saashi has never heard this name before, sorry."
We're still looking.
"Very well, keep this one informed, yes?"

The Cave of Thieves[edit]

"This one has heard from our Queen that you are searching for smugglers in the area. Khajiit would point you to her troublesome cousin, M'jaddah. He always finds the roughest folks to hang around with, and smugglers are often among them. You may get a hint out of him, if you can provide something in return."
Like what?
"A service, most likely. Perhaps M'jaddah will want you to rough someone up."
I'll find them on my own.
"Suit yourself. This one was only trying to help..."
Thank you. I will look for him.
"You will find him downriver. Look for a small cave. Please pretend Saashi did not tell you this."

If spoken to again if you refused:

"This one still believes M'jaddah will be helpful on your quest. Would you like to know where he is?"

If spoken to again if you accepted:

"Please let Saashi know if her cousin was of any help!"

Once you return:

"Have you spoken with M'jaddah?"
Yes, he's looking into it.
"This one is glad her cousin can be of use. That cub loves trouble like it's moon sugar. Please keep Saashi updated, or she will worry about you both!"

If spoken to again:

"Saashi will tell you if she hears from M'jaddah."

The Big Hit[edit]

"Saashi's cousin has sent a message. The River Snake will drop a shipment at the trading docks to the North. This one has no idea what it means, and she will not ask."
Thanks, I'll check it out.
"Please be careful. It is a dangerous business that you stick your nose into."

Once you return:

"Hello, my friend. How did your mission go?"
It was a setup. M'jaddah is dead.
"… So it is true. Saashi had a dream last night. M'jaddah said good-bye and vanished into the moon. Please do not believe this is your fault. That one was always playing with fire. Thank you for telling Saashi. This one will perform the funeral tonight. Is it true what this one heard? The Queen will go with Gabrielle to find the lost treasure?"
"Khajiit assumed you knew...perhaps you should talk to the Queen first. You can come back and talk to this one afterwards."

Gabrielle's Treasure[edit]

"Let's hope the Queen finds that treasure. The kingdom could really use it!"

The Forbidden Divine[edit]

"There is a rumor that the Thalmor plan on arresting Talos worshippers... Is this true?"
I'm afraid it is.
"Oh no... The Thalmor will torture them until they recant! And kill them if they don't..."
Not if I can warn them first.
"Let us hope you can find them in time. If only the location of their shrine was known..."

If spoken to again:

"You have to protect those peaceful worshippers from the Thalmor."

The Freedom to Believe[edit]

"Thank you for warning the Talos worshippers. Why won't the Thalmor just leave them alone?"

A Friend in Need[edit]

"You look... glum. What is wrong?"
Henrik Seven-Swords is dead.
"Oh no! How did it happen?"
The Thalmor killed him.
"Those... villains! What will <PlayerName> do?"
Nothing. They're gone now.
"Saashi knows you were close. Many sympathies for your loss."

The Message[edit]

"Did <PlayerName> want to ask this one something?"
What do you make of this document?
"Saashi isn't an expert, but this seems to be Imperial records from around ten years ago. Something involving Martius Silius and his men in the town of Blackridge? It does not say much more, though. What is this about?"
I'm not sure...
"Do you know where this town of Blackridge is situated? Perhaps someone there could help you."
I don't know where it is.
"Don't worry. Saashi will look for it and tell you if she finds anything."
I think it's a few days north.
"Saashi will try to find a map for you. Come see this one in a little while, yes?"
Could be a clue.
"If it is genuine. You should ask Gaius Platorius to authenticate it for you, if he can."

Into the Fire[edit]

There might be a dragon loose in the area.
"What? How do you know this?"
Asuf says he saw it.
"The young man you brought from the village that was burned? You are certain it was a dragon?"
No. Let's find out.
"Indeed. If there is a dragon, many more will die! Khajiit will go to Sorine's village with her and look for clues."
What else could it be?
"Bandits? Ogres? Hm... This one will go to the first village and ask Sorine to come with her. If it was a dragon, there may be clues left behind."

Either will lead to:

"Will you join us?"
I'll meet you there.
"Wonderful. We will certainly feel safer that way."
Not right now.
"Ah. Well, Khajiit will go anyway. You can find us there if you change your mind."

If you offered to help and speak to her again:

"This one is eager to see the wreckage and rule out a dragon attack. Come meet Saashi in the village when you can!"

If you refused to help and speak to her again:

"So? Will you come to Sorine's village with Saashi to look for hints of a dragon attack?"

Once the dragon has flew off:

"By the moons! Are you all right? You seem a bit singed!"
I fought the dragon.
"Yes. Saashi saw everything from her hiding spot. You managed to drive it away! Perhaps it thought you were going to be easy prey, yes? This is very troubling. Let us return to town at once."

Once you return to town:

"Well, at least one cannot say life is boring here. Thank you for helping this one, and for fighting off that dragon. Khajiit will visit Shulkunaak, to see if he knows anything that might help us. In the meantime, stay vigilant..."


"Is everything all right, Warrior? You look troubled."
Azzin wants to kill Shulkunaak.
"Ah. And he wants you to help him, yes? Will you do it?"

You have two options to pick from, the first being:

It's my sworn duty.
"But the Blades no longer exist. You are no longer bound to them."
You're right. I'm not.
"Perhaps you should go and warn Shulkunaak? He did help us against the Sorcerer-King."
It's not that simple.
"This one cannot choose for you. Only you can."

The second option is:

I don't know.
"This seems uncalled for. Shulkunaak is no threat, and he helped us against the Sorcerer-King. Can't you talk Azzin out of it?"
I doubt it.
"Then perhaps you should warn the dragon that Azzin is coming for him."
Maybe I will.
"You should go before Azzin leaves, then."
We owe the dragon nothing.
"This one cannot tell you what to do. Listen to your heart, and choose accordingly."

If spoken to again:

"Shulkunaak may be a dragon, but he deserves better than that, doesn't he? I trust you will make the right choice."

In Shulkunaak's lair a cutscene will play:

Saashi: "You're too late. Shulkunaak's gone. This one could not let him just get slaughtered like that."
Azzin: "... and *this* is why you should never trust a Khajiit. They'll turn around and betray you without blinking an eye."
Saashi: "Saashi did not betray anyone. The dragon once spared this one's life, she owed him as much."
Azzin: "Rest assured, I will not make the same mistake. Prepare to die."
Saashi: "Warrior, help!"

After fighting Azzin, you will have to speak to Saashi to see if she is okay:

"Poor man... He cannot be blamed for hunting dragons, really. But if one cannot make exceptions, always being rigid, then what is to be done? Thank you for your help. This one feared for her life and, once again, you saved it."

Once back in town:

"Thank the Divines that is over. Perhaps this one should take up the sword, so you don't have to rescue her every time."
I'll train you if you want.
"Ah, perhaps one day. I think there are others in town better suited for this, though."
You're more useful as a loremaster.
"Perhaps you are right. There are others in town who would make better fighters."

Either leads to:

"This one knows there are more dangers ahead, but there is no fear in her heart. That is because <PlayerName> will be there to protect us, yes?"