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This is a list of the various effects found in the game.

Damage Types[edit]

Physical Damage[edit]

Slashing Damage Slashing Damage
Bashing Damage Bashing Damage
Cleaving Damage Cleaving Damage

Elemental Damage[edit]

Fire Damage Fire Damage
Frost Damage Frost Damage
Shock Damage Shock Damage
Poison Damage Poison Damage


On Fire

Status Effects[edit]


Magical Effects[edit]

Attribute Effects[edit]

Restore Health Restore Health
Restore Stamina Restore Stamina
Restore Magicka Restore Magicka
Fortify Health Fortify Health
Fortify Stamina Fortify Stamina
Fortify Magicka Fortify Magicka
Fortify Health Regeneration Fortify Health Regeneration
Health Regeneration
Fortify Stamina Regeneration Fortify Stamina Regeneration
Stamina Regeneration
Fortify Magicka Regeneration Fortify Magicka Regeneration
Magicka Regeneration
Damage Health Regeneration Damage Health Regeneration
Damage Stamina Regeneration Damage Stamina Regeneration
Damage Magicka Regeneration Damage Magicka Regeneration
Absorb Health Absorb Health — Restores Health by damage done, up to for light weapons, <magnitude2> for versatile ones, and <magnitude3> for other attacks.

Restores Health by damage done, up to <magnitude> for light weapons, for versatile ones, and <magnitude3> for other attacks.

Restores Health by damage done, up to <magnitude> for light weapons, <magnitude2> for versatile ones, and for other attacks.
Absorb Stamina Absorb Stamina
Absorb Magicka Absorb Magicka
Fortify Healing Fortify Healing

Attribute Damage[edit]

Stamina Damage Stamina Damage
Magicka Damage Magicka Damage
Ravage Health Ravage Health
Ravage Stamina Ravage Stamina
Ravage Magicka Ravage Magicka

Resistances & Weaknesses[edit]

Bashing Immunity
Cleaving Immunity
Fire Immunity
Frost Immunity
Poison Immunity
Resist Bashing Resist Bashing
Resist Cleaving Resist Cleaving
Resist Fire Resist Fire
Resist Fire (innate)
Resist Frost Resist Frost
Resist Frost (innate)
Resist Poison Resist Poison
Resist Poison (innate)
Resist Shock Resist Shock
Resist Shock (innate)
Resist Slashing Resist Slashing
Resist Spells Resist Spells
Resist Spells (innate)
Shock Immunity
Slashing Immunity
Weakness to Bashing
Weakness to Cleaving
Weakness to Fire Weakness to Fire
Weakness to Frost Weakness to Frost
Weakness to Poison Weakness to Poison
Weakness to Shock Weakness to Shock
Weakness to Slashing

Block Bonuses[edit]

Block Bonus Vs Bashing
Block Bonus Vs Cleaving
Block Bonus Vs Fire
Block Bonus Vs Frost
Block Bonus Vs Poison
Block Bonus Vs Shock
Block Bonus Vs Slashing


Arcane Arcane
Bonus Ranks
Convert to Fire Damage
Convert to Frost Damage
Convert to Poison Damage
Convert to Shock Damage
Elemental Adrenaline Elemental Adrenaline
Elemental Mercy Elemental Mercy
Elemental Opportunist Elemental Opportunist
Elemental Resistance Piercing Elemental Resistance Piercing
Enhance Maneuver
Enhance Spells
Extend Elemental Statuses Extend Elemental Statuses
Fire Revenge Fire Revenge
Fortify Armor
Fortify Balanced Weapon
Fortify Blocked Damage Fortify Blocked Damage
Fortify Burning Fortify Burning
Fortify Combo Damage Fortify Combo Damage
Fortify Enervated Fortify Enervated
Fortify Fire Damage Fortify Fire Damage
Fortify Frost Damage Fortify Frost Damage
Fortify Frozen Fortify Frozen
Fortify Heavy Weapon
Fortify Light Weapon
Fortify Poison Damage Fortify Poison Damage
Fortify Poison
Fortify Poisoned Fortify Poisoned
Fortify Primary Effect Fortify Primary Effect
Fortify Shock Damage Fortify Shock Damage
Frost Revenge Frost Revenge
Haste Haste
Physical Adrenaline Physical Adrenaline
Physical Armor Piercing Physical Armor Piercing
Physical Mercy Physical Mercy
Physical Opportunist Physical Opportunist
Poison Revenge Poison Revenge
Powerful Block Powerful Block
Shock Revenge Shock Revenge
Shorten Elemental Statuses Shorten Elemental Statuses
Shorten Stagger Shorten Stagger


Absorb Health Or Self Repair Absorb Health Or Self Repair
Additional Regeneration Additional Regeneration
Black Green Smoke Black Green Smoke
Continuous Frost Damage Continuous Frost Damage
Continuous Poison Damage Continuous Poison Damage
Continuous Untyped Damage Continuous Untyped Damage
Extra Damage On Animals & Were-Creatures Extra Damage On Animals & Were-Creatures
Extra Damage On Criminals Extra Damage On Criminals
Extra Damage On Dragons Extra Damage On Dragons
Extra Damage On Undead Extra Damage On Undead
Extra Fire Damage On Undead
Fire Revenge On Blocked Spell
Fire Revenge Vs Spell Fire Revenge Vs Spell
Fortify Health Regeneration At Critical Health Fortify Health Regeneration At Critical Health
Frost Revenge On Blocked Spell
Frost Revenge Vs Spell Frost Revenge Vs Spell
Instant Kill Instant Kill
Poison Revenge On Blocked Spell
Poison Revenge Vs Spell Poison Revenge Vs Spell
Reduce Magicka Regeneration
Reduce Stamina Regeneration Reduce Stamina Regeneration
Self Repair On Taking Frost Damage Self Repair On Taking Frost Damage
Self Stop Magicka Regeneration Self Stop Magicka Regeneration
Shock Revenge On Blocked Spell
Shock Revenge Vs Spell Shock Revenge Vs Spell
Spell Cooldown Penalty Spell Cooldown Penalty
Timed Enchantments On Humanoid Killed Timed Enchantments On Humanoid Killed
Ward Spell On Block Ward Spell On Block