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BL-icon-Generic Enchantment.png Ravage Health
Type Offensive
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Reduces target's maximum Health by <magnitude>.
Shield description: Reduces target's maximum Health by <magnitude> on a blocked attack or Shield Bash.

Items with Ravage Health

Name Rarity Effect Description
Bloodthirst Bloodthirst Legendary Artifact

Absorb Health Or Self Repair Restores Health by damage done, up to 2 points. If Health is full, repairs itself by 1 instead.
Haste Increases attack speed by 7%.
Ravage Health Reduces target's maximum Health by 17.

All foes fear Bloodthirst, the vampiric blade with an unquenchable appetite for blood, whose cuts fortify the one who wields it.
Rueful Axe Rueful Axe Legendary Artifact

Stamina Damage Does 128 damage to Stamina.
Ravage Health Reduces target's maximum Health by 22.
Extra Damage On Animals & Were-Creatures Does 20% more damage to Skeevers, Wolves, and Bears.

Who knows what terrible pact was sealed when Clavicus Vile, the Prince of Bargains, created the Rueful Axe, a weapon that steals strength as it cuts and tears.
Witsplinter Divine Witsplinter Legendary

Magicka Damage Does 154 damage to Magicka.
Ravage Magicka Reduces target's maximum Magicka by 32.
Ravage Health Reduces target's maximum Health by 32.

This agile blade is used to seal the minds of spellcasters, making them easy targets for skilled fighters.
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