Blades:Fortify Stamina

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BL-icon-Stamina.png Fortify Stamina
Type Defensive
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+<magnitude> Maximum Stamina.

Tier magnitude
1 56.67
2 65
3 75
4 85
5 95
6 106.67
7 118.33
8 125
9 131.67
10 138.33

Items with Fortify Stamina

Name Rarity Effect Description
Ring of Namira Ring of Namira Legendary Artifact

Fortify Stamina +75 Maximum Stamina.
Timed Enchantments On Humanoid Killed Increases maximum Health and Health regeneration for 5 minutes after a human, mer, beastfolk, or Dremora is killed.

The dark hunger of Namira lives within her ring, feeding off of its wearer's victims and granting some of their health as a boon.