Blades:Fortify Enervated

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BL-icon-Generic Enchantment.png Fortify Enervated
Type Offensive
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Secondary Enchantments

Shock damage is <magnitude> points more effective at Draining.

Tier magnitude
1 5.06
2 6.08
3 7.09
4 8.1
5 9.11
6 10.13
7 11.14
8 12.15
9 13.16
10 14.18

Items with Fortify Enervated

Name Rarity Effect Description
IMG Spellbane Legendary Artifact

Shock Damage Does 33 shock damage to Health and Magicka.
Fortify Enervated Shock damage is 10 points more effective at Draining.
Physical Opportunist Increases physical damage by 15 against targets suffering a condition.
Resist Spells +9 Spell resistance.

And so, they named it "Spellbane," for its wielder was protected from magic and lightning sparked from its edge.