Blades:Fortify Combo Damage

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BL-icon-Combat.png Fortify Combo Damage
Type Defensive
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Secondary Enchantments

Increases combo damage by <magnitude>.

Tier magnitude
1 18.41
2 22.09
3 25.77
4 29.45
5 33.13
6 36.81
7 40.49
8 44.17
9 47.84
10 51.53

Items with Fortify Combo Damage

Name Rarity Effect Description
Fork of Horripilation Fork of Horripilation Legendary Artifact

Fortify Combo Damage Increases combo damage by 19.
Self Stop Magicka Regeneration [[Blades:Self Stop Magicka Regeneration|]]

A cursed artifact created by the Daedric Prince Sheogorath, the Fork of Horripilation will inflict significant damage on enemies, but will prevent its wielder from regenerating magicka.