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Hello, my name is Mindtrait0r and I'm a big fan of The Elder Scrolls. My expertise lies with the game of Skyrim and the lore surrounding the various races, islands, water bodies, mountains, and artifacts of Nirn. I'm well researched in what constitutes a Dragonborn. I tend to take a simplistic, far less metaphysical view of the lore. It helps the mind, really.

If you need to contact me, know that I am in the CST timezone (the best one). Posting on my talk page is a good way to get my attention, as well as DMing me on Discord. I won't post my tag here, but you can find me on the official UESP server under the same username. I check my email (which I believe I have linked in my profile) every now and again, but not every day, as it is not my main address.

Current Projects: Expanding the water body pages to match the standards of the Lore Places Project.

How I Edit[edit]

I care a great deal about precedent, consistency, and strict accuracy to the lore. I adhere to the Style Guide as much as possible. Precedent and consistency go hand and hand, but lore accuracy is equally important to me. I try to remove original research whenever I see it, though I have, on occasion, felt that it is the best option to promote consistency and adherance to precedent. Lastly, I am rather novice when it comes to nitty-gritty syntax and formatting. I will steal and repurpose your table and I will have NO SHAME!

As far as grammar goes, I am currently in schooling and therefore have a good understanding of the system. However, I, of course, make mistakes. I am a staunch defender of the Oxford Comma and will add it wherever it is lacking, as I view it as an unmitigated benefit. I have an extensive vocabulary, but I try my best to use commonalities whenever possible, per wiki standard.

My User Pages[edit]

Pages I've Made, Rewritten, or Significantly Expanded[edit]

I count 'significantly expanded' as contributing to over 40% of the page's size.

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