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Me rn
My Team of Editors

Have practically memorized the Bestiary. Spend most of my time there and most other pages related to Fauna. Regularly patrol them and look for ways they can be improved. Also make sure to keep an eye on the Creation Club stuff, though haven't been able to contribute much there.

Recently started working on Obscure Fauna if you spot any unidentified or really obscure UOL creatures make sure to add them or let me know on Discord if you aren't sure what to do with the information.

If there is anything you wanna know about specific creatures or more obscure beast races don't be afraid to ask me on Discord as well.

My Sandboxes:

Creature Classification/Taxonomy: Mostly Headcanon

Creature Habitats: Meant to be completely verifiable


Articles I've Done Work of Note For:

Other Articles I've contributed to and keep a close eye on:


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