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Getting Sick
The body stops discussing. No more
loose warnings late at night, moss
tongues or headaches. It happens
when you are sleeping, the dreaming
head still thrumming in its shell
and the body bends out. Your shape
disintegrates in those few hours, the
headache settles in a petri dish, spots
up and blurs, the throat peels
like a rind, its music baroque,
the skin goes litmus. In the bathroom
rodent-throated, hunched like a Henry
Moore over the bowl, unable
to speak as your body tells it all.
It knows you much better than you,
does its thing, acts like a parent
who is tired of explaining. Out, poor
franks and gravy, farewell unctuous
creams! Your skin is a sieve,
your whole body shuts down as if
it is testing for mice in the walls
and needs total silence. It carries you
back and forth all day, the brilliant god
evicting the garden from you.
- Michael Redhill
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About Me[edit]

Gaming Me: Oblivion was my first ES game, and I played it off and on for around five years. I'm now playing Skyrim regularly, and eventually, I want to go through the other games as well, starting with Arena and moving forward. In addition to Skyrim, I'm currently playing Baldur's Gate off and on, and I tried X-Com: Enemy Unknown, but didn't really care for didn't feel like the old X-Coms. I'm also looking forward to getting Diablo III at some point.

Real Me: I'm a 51-year-old gay guy who lives in Ottawa with my partner, Pat. I'm on disability, being nearly housebound by Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (sometimes referred to as "chronic fatigue syndrome", though this name is falling out of style due to its inaccuracy), which is why you can often see me here at odd hours. If you're interested in knowing what that's like from a personal perspective, I wrote about it on Facebook a while back: A Day in the Life of CFS.

Mods I Use[edit]


See Characters.

Other Projects, Hacks, Etc.[edit]

  • Beta-tester (briefly) for the last Unofficial Oblivion Patch.
  • Contributed significantly to the Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Unofficial Patch.
  • Hacked Diablo II's character saved-game format for v. 1.09+, correctly figuring out the CRC check...only to find out someone else had beaten me to it. :(
  • Created a tiny mod to light up the various treasure sources in Diablo II and change trapped containers to glow red. Never released publicly, but available on request if anybody wants it.
  • Designed a "Speed Dating" mod for Baldur's Gate II that makes romances less glacial; in beta-testing.
  • Completely reverse-engineered Ultima III in 1993 and reproduced the game in a more "modern" Turbo Pascal 7, complete with interrupt-based animation. Lost the code in a hard drive crash about a year or two later.
  • Created map decoder complete with both text-based display and full graphical animation for X-COM: Terror from the Deep. Lost the code in the same hard drive crash as above. I re-created a text-only version of it in Turbo Pascal 7 afterwards, but never the full graphical version.