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A passable scholar of Elder Scrolls lore. Created the articles Lore:Mede Dynasty, Lore:Keepers of the Razor, Lore:Longhouse Emperors, Lore:Empire of Cyrodiil (Interregnum), Lore:Verkarth, Lore:Bird Men, and Lore:Karthald, and made substantial revisions and additions to Lore:Reman Dynasty, Lore:Tamrielic Emperors, Lore:Skyrim (list of rulers), Lore:Battle of Glenumbra Moors, Lore:Alessian Empire, Lore:Red Mountain, Lore:Baar Dau, and Lore:Riften, among others.


List of symbols of Royalty[edit]

  • Cyrodiil/The Empire
    • Red Diamond Crown
    • Ruby Throne
    • Amulet of Kings
  • Skyrim
    • Jagged Crown
    • Crown of Verity/Crown of Freydis
  • Ayleid
    • Crown of Nenalata

All lore on Ami-El[edit]

  • 1E 358 - Emperor Ami-El of Cyrodiil lends his forces to Skyrim in a military campaign against the Direnni Hegemony in the Western Reach. Anti-Aldmer sentiments rise as Skyrim loses more and more of Greater Bretony to the Direnni.

Source: The Imperial Library Timeline, First Era, 1E 358, taken from comments by Matt Grandstaff (also on TIL).

Transcribed timeline from The Daggerfall Chronicles[edit]

  • The 1st Era
    • 1E 0 - Oldest date in written record. Camorian [sic] Dynasty founded by King Eplear.
    • 1E 143 - King Harald conquers Skyrim.
    • 1E 221 - King Harald dies at the age of 108. King Hjalmer succeeds.
    • 1E 222 - King Hjalmer dies. His youngest son, [sic] Vrage the Gifted follows.
    • 1E 240 - Skyrim expands and swallows up Morrowind and High Rock.
    • 1E 246 - Daggerfall founded.
    • 1E 355 - Clan Direnni rises through political maneuvering and questionable machinations.
    • 1E 369 - Skyrim War of Succession begins.
    • 1E 401 - Skyrim loses Morrowind and High Rock in Skyrim War of Succession.
    • 1E 477 - Clan Direnni now controls High Rock and large parts of Skyrim and Hammerfell.
    • 1E 498 - After years of power, the Direnni clan falls.
    • 1E 950 - Beginning of the Siege of Orsinium (Orc Stronghold).
    • 1E 980 - Orsinium falls.
    • 1E 983 - With opening of Bjoulsae River, open trade between provinces flourishes. Great social and technological boosts, including writing, ensue.
    • 1E 989 - Wayrest grows from a small village to a major city.
    • 1E 1100 - Wayrest becomes a city-state.
    • 1E 2200 - The Thrassian Plague kills half of Tamriel's population. Nobility from Daggerfall, Sentinel, and Wayrest escape to the Isle of Balfiera.
    • 1E 2813 - Throughout Tamriel, Cyrodilic becomes language of all legal documents, replacing High Elven. Cyrodilic is the ancestor of the modern Tamrielic language.
  • The 2nd Era
    • 2E 230 - First Mages Guild formed.
    • 2E 324 - Members of the Morag Tong assassinate Potenate Versidue-Shaie. The Tong is outlawed forever and persecuted. They reform secretly under the name The Dark Brotherhood.
    • 2E 431 - Civil wars and insurrection dissolve the Tamrielic Empire.
    • 2E 563 - Voyage of the Crimson Ship, filled with Kothringi tribesmen fleeing a deadly flu. The ship set out of Black Marsh on 9 First Seed. After a year of unsuccessfully trying to port at many Tamriel locations, it sets off west through the Abeccean Sea. The ship and its passengers were never seen again.
    • 2E 603 - Last documented case of the Knahaten Flu.
    • 2E 896 - Tiber Septim conquers all of Tamriel.
  • The 3rd Era
    • 3E 0 - Tiber Septim begins Septim Dynasty.
    • 3E 38 - Tiber Septim dies, succeeded by Pelagias [sic] I.
    • 3E 40 - Pelagius I assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood, succeeded by his cousin Kintyra I.
    • 3E 53 - Kintyra I dies, succeeded by her son Uriel I.
    • 3E 64 - Uriel I dies, succeeded by his son Uriel II.
    • 3E 82 - Uriel II dies, succeeded by his son, Pelagius II.
    • 3E 98 - Pelagius II dies, succeeded by his son, Antiochus I.
    • 3E 110 - War of the Isle. King Orgnum of the island-kingdom Pyandonea holds siege on Summurset [sic] Isle. The high elven kings and Antiochus I destroy Orgnum's fleet. The magical ever-full coffer of King Orgnum is lost at sea. It is reputed (by doubtful sources) to have resurfaced from time to time all across Tamriel.
    • 3E 121 - Kintyra II imprisoned by her cousin, Uriel III, who claims the Imperial throne. War of the Red Diamond, the symbol of the Imperial Family of Septim, commences.
    • 3E 127 - War of the Red Diamond ends when Uriel III is defeated in the Battle of Ichidag by his uncle, Cephorus. Cephorus I crowned Emperor of Tamriel.
    • 3E 147 - Pelagius III's wife, Katariah, declared Empress Regent. Pelagius III is popularly believed to have gone insane, though it may have been a physical malady that forced him to declare himself incompetent to reign.
    • 3E 247 - Uriel IV dies, succeeded by his cousin, Cephorus II.
    • 3E 249 - Haymon, the Camoran Usurper, conquers eastern Valenwood. Haymon's claim to the Camoran throne and his very origins are still debated by historical scholars. The most persistent legend is that he was the progeny of a Breton woman and the daedra Molag Bal. Certainly his army was largely supernatural, but was that of his archfoe, the Baron of Dwynnen.
    • 3E 253 - Battle of Dragontooth. Haymon, the Camoran Usurper, defeats the armies of Taneth and Rihad, taking southern Hammerfell.
    • 3E 288 - Uriel V leads invasion of Akavir.
    • 3E 290 - Battle of Ionith in the continent of Akavir. Uriel V killed. Uriel VI becomes Emperor.
    • 3E 317 - Uriel VI dies, succeeded by his sister, Morihatha.
    • 3E 339 - Morihatha I assassinated. Her nephew, Pelagius IV, becomes emperor of Tamriel.
    • 3E 346 - Uriel VII born.
    • 3E 368 - Pelagius IV, dies. Emperor Uriel VII becomes emperor of Tamriel.
    • 3E 370 - Arena PC born.
    • 3E 375 - Daggerfall PC born.
    • 3E 389 - Jagar Tharn imitates Uriel VII. The Imperial Battlemage treacherously imprisoned the Emperor in another dimension and wove an illusionary spell to disguise himself as the Emperor. Contemporary historians refer to this period from 3E 389 to 3E 399, somewhat euphemistically, as The Imperial Simulacrum.
    • 3E 396 - War of the Blue Divide between eastern Valenwood and Summurset [sic] Isle; Summurset [sic] Isle wins. The Five Year War between western Valenwood and Elsweyr; Elsweyr wins. The Arnesian War beterrn Black marsh and Morrowind; Morrowind wins. The War of the Bend'r-mahk with High Rock and Hammerfell and Skyrim; Skyrim wins.
    • 3E 399 - Jagar Tharn is defeated; Uriel VII returns.
    • 3E 401 - Nulfaga discovers the location of Mantella, informs Emperor, Emperor sends letter.
    • 3E 402 - Betony War begins.
    • 3E 403 - Betony War ends with Battle of Cryngaine Field and death of Daggerfall's King Lysandus. Succeeded by son, Gothryd.
    • 3E 404 - Gothryd marries Aubk-i, letter arrives, Lysandus begins haunting Daggerfall.
    • 3E 405 - Daggerfall PC sent to Daggerfall.

Alessian Order coup (speculation)[edit]

Belharza the Man-Bull, an apparent minotaur and the offspring of Alessia and Morihaus, succeeded Alessia to the Imperial throne in 1E 266. Beyond this, we know very little of the lineage of the emperors of the First Empire. A brief few lines in Lore:A Life of Strife and Struggle, combined with Lore:On Minotaurs and certain statements in Lore:Lady Clarisse Laurent Answers Your Questions, give rise to interesting implications.

Per ALOSAS, it can be inferred that Belharza was deposed in a coup d'etat in 1E 332. LCLAYQ provides an explanation for said coup: the Alessian Order strongly disliked nonhumans, including minotaurs. OM posits that Belharza and the minotaurs faced violent opposition from proto-Alessians during his reign. Conclusion: the nascent Order became strong enough that it was able to overthrow the Empire's minotaur emperor in 1E 332 (despite him being the blood of their holy Alessia) and drive other minotaurs from civilized territory. But Belharza's usurper had to have been a Dragonborn in order to maintain the covenant with Akatosh and be recognized as legitimate. Could the usurper be another heir of Alessia by a human consort, or even a child of Belharza with predominately human traits? Lots of questions.

Date of the Battle of Red Mountain and related events[edit]

  • The War of the First Council (aka War of the Red Mountain), Battle of Red Mountain, and disappearance of the Dwemer
  • I can place Sun's Death (the first major eruption of Red Mountain and only other known aside from the Red Year of 4E 5 [and now the minor eruption in 2E 583]) in 1E 668 via Lore:The Nirnroot Missive and then link it to the Battle of Red Mountain via Lore:Five Songs of King Wulfharth (and to a lesser extent Lore:The Arcturian Heresy and Lore:Ruins of Kemel-Ze, the latter which links the destruction of a Dwemer city on Vvardenfell with an eruption, and since only one is known to have occurred in that period...). Lore:Pocket Guide to the Empire, 1st Edition/Morrowind also ties the rise of the Tribunal with the eruption.
  • Cannot account for the conclusion of Lore:Dwemer Inquiries Vol I, which states events occurred in 1E 700 exactly.
  • Still looking for a source that dates the events to "around 1E 700", the predominant date for the disappearance of the Dwemer in wiki articles. If that date did not originate from a document, then could it be from Morrowind/Oblivion character dialogue?
  • Playing through the Ebonheart Pact content in ESO again, the loading screen for Iliath Temple states that the temple was converted to worship of the Tribunal in 1E 670. Since the Tribunal only came about at the end of the War of the First Council, this would mean that the war ended by 1E 670, not 1E 700 (which would support the idea of the war taking place entirely in 1E 668 and Sun's Death marking its end). Dwemer Inquiries Vol I looks like an outlier, and may be in error.
  • Overall conclusion may or may not be supported by the book Lore:Poison Song, depending on its accuracy. The dates would support 1E 668, but I haven't yet looked into why the book is historically inaccurate.

Campaigns of the Alliance War[edit]

  • In Ebonheart Pact territory
    • Daggerfall Covenant invasion of Morrowind
      • Commanders
        • Daggerfall Covenant: General Serien, General Vette, General Emax, Alexandra Conele
        • Ebonheart Pact: Grandmaster Tanval Indoril, Holgunn, Garyn Indoril
      • Invasion of Bleakrock Isle
        • Bleakrock Isle is attacked by forces under General Vette, Captain Rana of the Bleakrock Garrison leads the citizens to safety, they evacuate to Bal Foyen via smuggler ships
      • Battle of Bal Foyen
        • Covenant forces land in Morrowind, General Vette attacks the Dockyard and General Emax penetrates Fort Zeren
        • Only one location is defended, the other falls, but Covenant forces repelled
      • Siege of Davon's Watch
        • Covenant forces land in Stonefalls, surround key port city of Davon's Watch
        • Covenant siege equipment and camp at the Starved Plain destroyed, the former by a Pact soldier and the latter by disturbed Chimer ghosts
        • Covenant troops scale the cliffs, raze parts of the city's north
        • Balreth unleashed, obliterates Covenant army, but causes Ash Mountain to erupt and devastate nearby town of Senie; Balreth later subdued
      • Battle of Vivec's Antlers
        • Another Covenant army under General Alexandra Conele lands at Vivec's Antlers in preparation for an assault on Ebonheart
        • Dunmer saboteur sent to Ebonheart to sow unrest and demoralize the city's defenders, plot discovered and averted
        • During fighting at the Antlers, the native coral summons dreugh to defend itself, allowing the beleaguered Pact force to retreat
        • Conele attempts to take the Coral Heart to summon Sadal for the Covenant, but is killed and her army defeated
      • Various minor skirmishes and operations
        • Fort Arand
        • Heimlyn Keep
        • Hightide Hollow (results in disaster for Hrogar's Hold)
        • Lukiul Uxith
      • Siege of Fort Virak
        • General Serien, the mastermind of the invasion, captures Fort Virak, but is immediately besieged by the Pact
        • Serien uses necromancy to revive his troops when they fall in battle, allowing him to defend the fort indefinitely
        • A Pact soldier infiltrates the fort through its ruined basement, unbars the gates, and the fort is retaken
        • Serien is cornered in the fort's keep and in desperation transforms into a flesh atronach; he is defeated, but his ghost manages to kill Garyn Indoril
        • Covenant invasion of Stonefalls repelled
    • Aldmeri Dominion invasion of Black Marsh

List of Jarls[edit]

Does not include possible replacements in the Skyrim Civil War, as the conflict's outcome is unconfirmed at present.

  • Windhelm
    • Elgryr the Unminded
    • Logrolf (implied due to preceding Freydis, his daughter)
    • Freydis
    • Mabjaarn Flame-Hair
    • Nurnhilde
    • Jorunn the Skald-King
    • Ulfric's father ("The Bear")
    • Ulfric Stormcloak
  • Whiterun
    • Gjalund
    • Morryn
    • Balgruuf the Greater
  • Winterhold
    • Hanse
    • Valdimar
    • Korir
  • Solitude
    • Roleke
    • Irthvyd
    • Temylda
    • Unnamed child predecessor of Alldimar
    • Alldimar
    • Svartr
    • Svargrim
    • Svana (implied)
    • Mantiarco
    • Potema
    • Pelagius Septim III
    • Jolethe (Septim/Direnni?)
    • Thian
    • Istlod
    • Torygg
    • Elisif the Fair
  • Riften
    • Hosgunn Crossed-Daggers
    • Laila Law-Giver
  • Fort Amol
    • Ivannar
  • Markarth
    • Hrolfdir
    • Igmund
  • Falkreath
    • Bjarfrud Skjoralmor (Founder of Falkreath)
    • Hakkvild's father
    • Hakkvild Yashnag-Slayer
    • Hjurgol Skjoralmor
    • Eerika Skjoralmor
    • Cuhlecain
    • Dengeir of Stuhn
    • Siddgeir
  • Morthal
    • Reddharn
    • Idgrod Ravencrone
  • Dawnstar
    • Macalla
    • Skald
  • Karthwatch
    • Olfwenn
  • Unknown
    • Hagridden (The Reach?)

The "Forgotten Interregnum"[edit]

Practically nothing is known or spoken of the 372 years between the fall of the Alessian Empire in 1E 2331 and the rise of the Second Empire in 1E 2703. Though nearly as long as the Interregnum of the Second Era, this period seems to have been all but forgotten. As the Interregnum was believed to be akin to an anarchic Dark Age prior to ESO's revelations that Tamriel was somewhat more stable during that time, perhaps these lost centuries actually were a Dark Age. Or maybe they were simply devoid of any noteworthy events.

List of provincial regions of Tamriel[edit]

  • Black Marsh
    • Dregmire(?)
    • Murkmire
    • Norg-Tzel
    • Shadowfen
    • Thornmarsh
  • Cyrodiil
    • Blackwood
    • City Isle
    • Colovian Highlands/Colovian Estates
    • Gold Coast
    • Heartlands
    • Nibenay Basin
    • Nibenay Valley
    • Stirk(?)
    • Topal Island(?)
    • West Weald
  • Elsweyr
    • Anequina
      • Reaper's March
        • Dawnmead
        • Jodewood
      • High Savannah
      • Tenmar Borderlands
      • The Scar
    • Khenarthi's Roost
    • Pellitine
      • Quin'rawl Peninsula
      • Tenmar Forest
  • Hammerfell
    • Alik'r Desert
    • Bangkorai
      • Fallen Wastes
    • Cespar(?)
    • Craglorn
    • Dak'fron(?)
    • Goldmoor(?)
    • Herne(?)
    • Khefrem
      • Hew's Bane
    • Stros M'kai
    • Sunforge(?)
    • Weeping Desert(?)
  • High Rock
    • Balfiera
    • Bangkorai/Western Reach
      • Ephesus
      • Mournoth
    • Betony
    • Glenumbra
    • Rivenspire
    • Stormhaven
    • Wrothgar
      • Orsinium
  • Morrowind
    • Bal Foyen
    • Deshaan
    • Gorne
    • Solstheim
    • Stonefalls
    • Telvanni Isles(?)
    • Telvanni Peninsula(?)
    • Thornmarsh(?)
    • Velothi Highlands(?)
    • Vvardenfell
  • Skyrim
    • Bleakrock Isle
    • Eastern Skyrim/Old Holds
      • Eastmarch
      • The Pale
      • The Rift
      • Winterhold
    • Japhet's Folly(?)
    • Western Skyrim
      • Falkreath
      • Haafingar
      • Hjaalmarch
      • Karthald
      • Whiterun
    • Solstheim
    • The Reach/Eastern Reach
  • Summerset Isles
    • Artaeum
    • Auridon
    • Buraniim Isle
    • Calluis Lar
    • College of Sapiarchs
    • Dranil Kir
    • Errinorne Isle
    • Eyevea
    • Silatar
    • Summerset Isle
    • Wasten Coridale
    • Unnamed southeastern isle near Dusk(?)
  • Valenwood
    • Grahtwood
    • Greenshade
    • Malabal Tor
      • Tempest Island
    • Reaper's March
      • Northern Woods/Arenthia Vale/South Weald


  • Gold (coin)
    • "Drake" during Interregnum (per ESO tooltip), possibly earlier
    • "Septim" during Third Empire