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The Keepers of the Razor were a militia group formed in the wake of the Oblivion Crisis that was originally dedicated to the eradication of the Mythic Dawn. After discovering the legendary Mehrunes' Razor, the militia renamed themselves and assumed the task of safeguarding the Daedric artifact. The Razor was broken into three components that were entrusted to the three highest-ranking members of the group's inner circle, who pledged to pass the pieces down to their descendants "until the twin moons themselves disappeared from the skies". By 4E 201, the Razor's pieces had been handed down through eight generations, though it is unknown if the Keepers still existed as an organization at that time.[1]

That year, the Last Dragonborn was contacted by Silus Vesuius, a Mythic Dawn enthusiast who had found the Razor's scabbard. He hired the Dragonborn to retrieve the three missing pieces from the Keepers' descendants, whom he had located after meticulous research into their family histories. The Dragonborn defeated the descendants, marking an end to the Keepers' legacy, and brought the pieces to a shrine to Mehrunes Dagon to have the Razor restored.[2]


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