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Added by Redguard Elite Armaments
Location Purewater Run
Race Redguard Gender Male
Level 34 Class Alik'r Warrior
RefID xx(?) BaseID FExxx821
Other Information
Health 413 Magicka 25
Stamina 182
Essential Yes
Voice Type MaleCommander
Faction(s) ccEDHSSE003_RedguardEliteFaction

Fijeh is a Redguard Alik'r and leader of the Remnants. He has been monitoring you for some time and seeks your help in rescuing his comrade Rakeed from Thalmor custody.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

After receiving his letter and travelling to Purewater Run, Fijeh can be found standing next to a small waterfall waiting for you:

You must be Fijeh.
I'd like to help find your missing Remnant, Rakeed. What comes next?
Actually, I don't have time to deal with this right now.
"Unfortunate, but someone else will take care of it."
I don't work for free. Before this goes further, we need to talk about payment.
"A little coin always greases the wheels."
"How much?"
Option Dialogue
400 gold seems reasonable.
"For that price? Sure."
I wouldn't do this for any less than 800 gold.
Passed: "How can I argue with that?"
Failed: "Nah, I don't think so."
There's other contracts I could be working right now. 1600 gold.
Passed: "How can I argue with that?"
Failed: "You expect me to believe that?"

After agreeing on a price, the conversation returns to the mission:

It's settled then. What's next?

Alternatively, if you left the dialogue after agreeing on payment:

Now that we've agreed on payment, what's the next step?

Either way, the conversation continues if the task is accepted:

"It's all in this note."
"Now... this conversation never happened. Understood?"
I'll return soon.
"Good luck out there."
I hope Rakeed is worth all of this trouble.
"Good luck out there."

After collecting intel from the two spies, return to Fijeh to report the findings:

Ismal has been traveling with a caravan of Thalmor to Morrowind.
"You've done well."
They will enter Skyrim from the southwest, passing by Sunderstone Gorge.
"It just so happens, I've got some scouts along the road. Meet up with them, and together see if you can't overpower the caravan."
Sounds good.
I prefer to work alone.
"I understand."
"Go in quiet, break our man out, then get out of there. Don't risk combat if you can avoid it. If you can't, then give 'em hell."

Whether you choose to go in alone or with the scouts, the conversation continues:

"Here, this is for you."
I'll make sure your man gets out safely.
"Stay sharp out there."
I only want to kill Thalmor. I can't promise anything else.
"It can't be helped."
"Stay sharp out there."

Upon returning to the cavern with Rakeed, Fijeh will he impressed and happy to see you:

"You made it! I'm impressed. It was a gamble, but turned out well."
Good luck out there. I hope we meet again someday.
More than deserving of some payment, I'd say.

Whichever way you reply, Fijeh's response will be the same.

"Thank you. Here, this is for you."
"May the gods keep you."

Fijeh's reward will be 400 gold unless he was previously persuaded to supply more. After saying goodbye, both he and Rakeed will turn invisible and disappear from the game.