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There are a small number of guaranteed generic magic items that can be found in Skyrim. Most generic magic items (Generic Magic Apparel and Generic Magic Weapons) are only found in randomized loot. The items listed on this page, however, are not randomly determined and will always be placed in the specified locations at the start of the game.

In most cases, detailed information about how to find each item is located on its corresponding location page.

Guaranteed Magic Clothing[edit]

Name ID Location Worn by Notes
Adept Robes of Alteration 0010d66d Arniel Gane
Sergius Turrianus
Adept Robes of Conjuration 0010d673 College of Winterhold Arcanaeum Urag gro-Shub
Adept Robes of Destruction 0010d676 The Bee and Barb Marcurio
Apprentice Hood 0010dd3b Brelyna Maryon
Vigilant Tyranus
Apprentice Robes of Alteration 0010d66c Mirabelle Ervine
Apprentice Robes of Destruction 0010d670 Brelyna Maryon
Apprentice Robes of Restoration 0010d681 Keeper Carcette
Vigilant Tyranus
Black Mage Robes 000c5d11 Argonian (00106118)

High Elf (00106116, 00106117)

Snowhawk locations may be disabled: 000c5d11, 000d8acb, 000d8acc
Blue Mage Robes 000d1f3b

Aranea Ienith
Borvir (dead)
Dravynea the Stoneweaver
Farengar Secret-Fire
Gavros Plinius
Herluin Lothaire
Hoddreid (dead)
Ice Mage (000e0fca)
Ilas-Tei (dead)

Paratus Decimius
Rundi (dead)
Septimus Signus
Sybille Stentor
Synod Researcher (2, dead, robes + leather boots)
The Caller
Wuunferth the Unliving
Yisra (dead)

Vlindrel Hall and Fort Amol locations may be disabled: 000e2dcb, 000e68d5
Circlet of Waterbreathing 000fc036 Inner SanctumDG
Expert Robes of Destruction 0010d677 Insane College Wizard
Expert Robes of Illusion 0010d67b Enthir
Hooded Black Mage Robes 0010710c Atub
Enthralled Wizard
Logrolf the Willful
Malyn Varen (can you loot him?)
Master Robes of Alteration 0010d66f Tolfdir
Master Robes of Conjuration 0010d675 Phinis Gestor
Master Robes of Destruction 0010d678 College Guard
Master Robes of Illusion 0010d67c Drevis Neloren
Master Robes of Restoration 0010d684 Colette Marence
Necromancer Robes 000c36ea Lost Tongue Overlook (map) Silvia Location may be disabled: 000648df
Novice Hood 0010dd3a J'zargo
Mage (dead)
Novice Robes 0010d667 Mage (dead)
Novice Robes of Alteration 0010d669 Onmund
Novice Robes of Conjuration 0010d66a Ansilvund Burial Chambers J'zargo
Novice Robes of Destruction 0010d668 Septimus Signus's Outpost in cupboard
Novice Robes of Illusion 0010d671 Angeline's Aromatics
Ring of Remedy 00100e51 Volkihar KeepDG

Guaranteed Magic Armor[edit]

Name ID Location Worn by Notes
Ancient Helmet of the Unburned 000f494e Labyrinthian, Tribune
Dwarven Boots of Major Stamina 0010df81 Nchardak Great ChamberDB
Dwarven Helmet of Archery 0001b9c0 Nchardak AqueductDB
Leather Boots of Hauling 000b4226 Sinderion's Field Laboratory

Guaranteed Magic Weapons[edit]

Name ID Location Worn by Notes
Daedric Sword of the Inferno 00028e96 Altar east of Skytemple Ruins Dremora SovereignCC Added by the Arms of Chaos Creation
Dwarven Sword of Arcing 000acc41 Dwemer Museum Location may be disabled: 000c19fe
Dwarven Sword of Devouring 000acc2c Mercer Frey
Elven Dagger of Binding 000be19c Volkihar KeepDG
Elven Dagger of Blizzards 000be193 Arch-Curate VyrthurDG
Hallowed Orcish Battleaxe 000aa12c Soul CairnDG
Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword of Burning 00106252 Red Eagle
Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword of Cold 000ddd67 White Ridge BarrowDB
Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword of Scorching 000f494c Labyrinthian, Tribune
Honed Ancient Nord Sword of Cold 000ddd6a Korvanjund Crypt

Coldcinder CaveDB

Hunting Bow of Sparks 000a734f South of Shrine to Peryite (map)
Iron Battleaxe of Chills 000896ba Arnbjorn
Iron Battleaxe of Dismay 00089708 Southeast of Shadowgreen Cavern (map) Location may be disabled: 0006b4e2
Nordic Dagger of BindingDB xx028339 Bristleback CaveDB
Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls 00040002 Ironbind Barrow Location may be disabled: 0004b475
Steel Dagger of Dismay 000a69ff Nepos's House Location may be disabled: 00108c2b
Steel Mace of Cold 0004b45a Helvard
Steel Sword of Cold 0004b45d Irileth
Steel Sword of Shocks 0004b468 Soul CairnDG
Steel War Axe of Cowardice 000a69d7 Ulfric Stormcloak
Steel War Axe of Ice 0004b462 Hamal
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