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(RefID: 0001C1AA)
Home City Winterhold
Location College of Winterhold
Hall of Attainment
Race Wood Elf Gender Male
Level PC×1 (range=10-40) Class Sorcerer
RefID 0001C1AA BaseID 0001C19C
Gold 500 (+1000 Master Trader; extra as Fence)
Sells See Standard Merchandise
Buys Fence (all)
Other Information
Health 50+(PC-1)×8.3
Magicka 100+(PC-1)×5
Stamina 50+(PC-1)×1.7
Primary Skills Destruction, Illusion, Heavy Armor, One-handed
Perks Augmented Frost (rank 1); Impact
Class Details CombatSorcerer
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Voice Type MaleSlyCynical
Faction(s) College of Winterhold 3(Scholar); CrimeFactionWinterhold; Enthir Services

Enthir is a Wood Elf sorcerer living on the second floor of the Hall of Attainment, in the College of Winterhold. When meeting him for the first time, he claims to be able to obtain "hard to find" items, and instructs you to meet him in his quarters to conduct business discreetly. He occasionally travels to the Frozen Hearth inn in Winterhold. He has old ties to the Thieves Guild, which causes him to be involved in the quest Hard Answers.

In the Saints & Seducers Creation, it is revealed that he was hired by the manic mage Thoron to conduct experiments with the Atronach Forge and discovered the secrets to bind Golden Saints and Dark Seducers.

On a normal day, Enthir wakes up at 9am. He spends his time wandering around his room. He will usually be found seated on one of the chairs inside his room or on the bench located just outside his quarters. At 3pm, he leaves the Hall of Attainment to head to the Hall of the Elements. He spends two hours here wandering around, spending the majority of his time seated on one of the chairs or benches. He leaves at 5pm to return to his room in the Hall of Attainment. Enthir will pace around the area for the rest of the day until he finally goes to bed at 3am.

There are a few exceptions to the above schedule. On Tirdas and Turdas, Enthir leaves the College at 10pm to head to Winterhold. He actively seeks out Birna and will remain at the location he finds her at for the next two hours. Given the distance he has to walk, he usually will not be able to stay long since he has to head back to the College at midnight. From here, Enthir will resume his normal schedule of walking around his quarters until he goes to bed at 3am. Another exception occurs sporadically when he attends the various lectures that are held at the College. Finally, there are numerous quest-related events that will cause Enthir to take up a new schedule that are documented in the sections below.

Enthir sells mainly mage equipment and supplies, such as staves, robes, scrolls, ingredients, spell books, and soul gems. He does sell some rare items, such as daedra hearts and black soul gems. He will buy any type of item. He wears expert robes of illusion and a pair of boots. He also carries an iron dagger.

He knows the Alteration spell Ironflesh, the Destruction spells Frostbite, Ice Spike, and Ice Storm, and the Restoration spells Fast Healing and Steadfast Ward.

Should you bump into Enthir in Winterhold, even before joining the College of Winterhold or interacting with him during the Thieves Guild questline, he is willing to share some information with you. He tells you that the College does not allow its members to get away with everything: "Even with the College's laid-back attitude, there are still some things that are off-limits." and "There are some experiments the College frowns on. If they're aware of them, of course." He will then inform you about his talents in acquiring rare items: "If you ever need something, especially something hard to come by, let me know." and "I've spent a long time building up a list of contacts for goods from all over Tamriel."

Enthir's reputation for being able to acquire hard to find goods is well known throughout the College. This leads to him being involved in a few quests involving College members who have made use of his services. In addition, should you offer to sell an Elder Scroll to College librarian Urag gro-Shub, he becomes suspicious and thinks the Bosmer is involved: "Very funny. Did Enthir put you up to this?"

Related Quests[edit]


"You assured me that you could find it, however."

Enthir can sometimes be seen discussing business with Birna when he makes his trips to Winterhold:

Birna: "You looking for anything in particular this time?"
Enthir: "Perhaps, perhaps. I'm not quite sure what I need."
Birna: "Well, you know the drill. You don't see it here, it's gonna cost you extra for me to get it."
Enthir: "I'm fully aware of the terms of our... arrangement."

Enthir: "Have you gotten the items I requested from you?"
Birna: "Not yet. You know you're asking for some pretty strange stuff, don't you? It's not easy to find."
Enthir: "You assured me that you could find it, however."
Birna: "I did, and I will. It's just tougher than I thought."

Game data has lines recorded for Enthir's conversations with other College members, but they cannot be encountered normally due to a bug. He was supposed to talk with Arniel Gane about his project:

Arniel: "Err, excuse me Enthir. Might I have a moment?"
Enthir: "What is it?"
Arniel: "Yes, err, apologies for the intrusion. I was wondering, err, if you could possibly, ah, procure a few select items for me."
Enthir: "Really, Arniel? Because I seem to recall doing just that for you recently, at which point you assured me that you'd cover my expenses. And that, my nervous little friend, has not happened. Would you care to comment on that, perhaps?"
Arniel: "Ahh, hmm. Yes. I, err, I was unaware that I had forgotten that. I will, err, I mean I'll take care of that as soon as possible."
Enthir: "See that you do."

Enthir: "So, Arniel. How's that little project of yours coming along? Any progress worth mentioning?"
Arniel: "Oh, that. Err, yes. It's... It's quite promising, I believe. Definitely on the right track. Results, err, results should be soon."
Enthir: "Right. And what did you say the point of this little venture was?"
Arniel: "Oh, no. Err, wouldn't do to say at all. Not, err, not now. Not at all. I have far too many things to do still."
Enthir: "If you say so."

"You have any idea how much fangs would be worth? Or even better -- bottle their flame."

Enthir also appears to show interest in the return of the dragons, as shown in his bugged conversations with other College members:

Enthir: "You haven't heard any more about dragon sightings, have you?"
Arniel: "No, which is fine with me."
Enthir: "A pity. You have any idea how much fangs would be worth? Or even better -- bottle their flame. The right buyer would pay an immense amount."
Arniel: "Bottle... their flame? I can't... No, I don't think I've any interest in that sort of thing."

Enthir: "Is it true? Are there really dragons in Skyrim?"
Faralda: "There's talk of it, but I find it hard to believe."
Enthir: "I do hope it's true. So many opportunities..."
Faralda: "Opportunities for what?"
Enthir: "What? Oh, nothing. It's just... It's an interesting development."

Quest-Related Events[edit]

College of Winterhold Main Questline[edit]

Enthir is not directly involved in any of the main College of Winterhold quests. However, his dialogue will change as you progress through the questline. After gaining admittance to the College, Enthir will be quick to reveal his illicit nature to you the first time you talk to him: "Let me give you a bit of advice. You want to work on something that's not officially allowed? Don't tell anyone you're doing it. You need something you're not officially supposed to have, you come see me. You tell anyone that I told you, and I'll fry you from the inside out. Got it? Good." However, this dialogue is only available before you obtain the objective to return to the College during Revealing the Unseen. If you talk to him outside of the Hall of Attainment, you can say to him that you understand he is an elf who knows how to get things done. When you do so, he shushes you and whispers: "All right, let's not overdo it. Meet me at my quarters." At this point, he breaks off from his schedule and remains inside his room in the Hall of Attainment. He will stand here at all times, never pausing to eat or sleep. Aside from other quest-related exceptions to his schedule, he will remain here at all times due to a bug.

Enthir can be asked two questions when you strike up a conversation with him. The second question is only available while he is inside his quarters. Selecting this question will bring up two more options that both lead to the bartering menu opening up:

  • What's not allowed here?: "Purposely killing your fellow College members is a bad idea. I'd advise against it. Theft and assault can get you into trouble as well. As for research... Well, a sufficient explanation will cover almost anything. If you're going to need live test subjects for your experiments, it's easier to do that off of College grounds."
  • Can we do business?: "I hope you've got some coin."
I do. The question is, what have you got?: "Let's just take a look then."
No coin right now: "Well then you'd better have something I really want to buy."
"This is going to be terrible for business..."

During Good Intentions, like with the other members of the College, you can ask Enthir if he has ever heard of the Augur of Dunlain. Your question will visibly annoy him and he will respond: "Oh, no. No, that won't do at all. Not my problem. Not even a little. Take it to Tolfdir, he's supposed to be looking after you lot."

As the situation becomes more dire with the Eye of Magnus, Enthir will become increasingly worried. Starting with Containment and until the completion of the questline, he will only say a single line of dialogue to you. This means you will not be able to barter with him during this period. This can also cause issues if you are trying to complete the quest Hard Answers at the same time. However, he retains his normal schedule, including his trips to Winterhold.

Enthir's dialogue during each quest is as follows:

Containment: "If this is somehow your fault..."
The Staff of Magnus: "This is going to be terrible for business..."
The Eye of Magnus: "To Oblivion with the rest of them - save yourself!"

After the resolution of The Eye of Magnus and your promotion to Arch-Mage, Enthir will be quick to try and get on your good side. The first time he sees you, he will provide you with a very over the top congratulations: "The Arch-Mage triumphant! The College... Skyrim... All of Tamriel owes you a great debt!" He may also comment: "I'm quite pleased that we're back to business as usual." He will also assure you that he is always on his best behavior: "Certainly nothing illicit going on here, Arch-Mage. You can be quite sure of that."

Onmund's Request[edit]

"Onmund made a deal. He made that choice, and now he has to live with it."

After completing the Under Saarthal quest, one of your fellow new members to the College, the upbeat Nord Onmund, will ask for your help regarding a private matter. When you ask him what is wrong, he reveals that he made a regrettable trade with Enthir: "Yes, but it needs to be kept quiet. I may have entered into an... agreement with Enthir. He had something I needed, so I traded him something of mine. It was a mistake, and now I want back what I gave him. It's an amulet that belonged to my family, and I never should've given it to Enthir. But he won't deal with me. Talk to him; see what it'll take to get my amulet back." He will not sate your curiosity if you ask him what he needed from Enthir: "It doesn't matter. It's also none of your concern. Just talk to him; see if you can convince him to give my amulet back."

You must now confront Enthir and say to him that you understand he has something of Onmund's and that Onmund wants it back. This will amuse Enthir greatly: "Oh my. How precious. Onmund is too afraid to deal with me himself, and so he's sent you. I'll make this very simple for you. All my trades are final. Onmund knew this ahead of time, and went through with it anyway. So there's nothing more to be said." If you exit dialogue with him at this point and then select this option again, he now says: "I've already made it very clear that all of my trades are final." Whether or not you did this, three dialogue options will now be available:

  • It's in everyone's best interest if you return the amulet. (Persuade):
Success: "Oh, I suppose. But you keep this to yourself; I don't want it being known that I go back on my trades. Understand?"
Failure: "Yes, you see, the thing is... I'm not concerned with 'everyone's best interest.' I find I'm only concerned with my own."
  • What if I were to pay you for the amulet?: "No, no. You're not understanding this. Onmund made a deal. He made that choice, and now he has to live with it."
  • There must be something I can do to change your mind: "Look how persistent you are. It's charming, really. Onmund gave up the first time I said no. But not you... All right. I'll tell you a little story. Let's pretend for a moment that a certain individual was looking to acquire a particular staff. Let's also pretend that he traded some valuable items for said staff. And it was only later that it was realized that this individual might... misuse such a staff. The resulting disaster would reflect quite poorly on everyone involved. Are you following me?"
What's your point?: "You're not very good at this, are you. Look, I traded a staff to someone and found out later that was a bad idea. So, I'd like the staff back. Understand now?"
I'll get the staff for you: "Finally, we have an agreement. I look forward to having it back soon. The sooner, the better, in fact."
You won't let Onmund out of his trade, but you want out of yours?: "It's an entirely different situation. I don't expect you to comprehend the nuances of these matters. Regardless, I'm making you a very simple offer. You get me the staff, and I give you Onmund's precious amulet. Do we have a deal?"

If you never managed to persuade Enthir to give the amulet back or agree to go after his staff, you can now say to him that he wants his staff back. This will cause Enthir to say, "Yes, I thought we'd gotten past that bit already. Onmund's amulet in exchange for my staff." and you will then have the same two options as before to either agree to get the staff or point out his double standard. This dialogue will also replace him telling his story should you choose that dialogue option again.

After your conversation with Enthir, assuming you did not persuade him to give back the amulet immediately, you will now have to travel to the indicated dungeon to retrieve the staff. Once you have obtained the staff, you can now return to Enthir and hand him the staff and ask for Onmund's amulet. He takes the staff from you and hands you the amulet while simply saying: "Pleasure doing business with you." When you provide the amulet back to its rightful owner, Onmund will be surprised that you managed to retrieve it from the clever elf: "Ha! I didn't think he'd really give it back. Thank you, friend. It's good to know I can count on you."

Arniel's Endeavor Part 2[edit]

"Oh dear. He's so afraid to talk to me he's sending you to do it?"

Because of his talents in acquiring difficult to find items, Enthir becomes involved twice in Arniel Gane's research. During the second part of the four part quest, when you ask Arniel if he needs additional help with his research, he provides you with the task of talking to Enthir for him: "As a matter of fact, there is something you can do for me. I had retained Enthir's services in, uhh, acquiring something specific. But now he's refusing to deliver. Could you perhaps speak with him, and see if we can come to some sort of arrangement?" When you meet with Enthir, it becomes apparent that Arniel may have left out a few details:

I understand you have something of Arniel's.
"Oh dear. He's so afraid to talk to me he's sending you to do it? I should've expected as much. I'm afraid you've been a little mis-informed. I have something of mine, that I was going to sell to Arniel."
If you are the Arch-Mage of the College: "With all due respect, Arch-Mage, I'm not in a position to just give this away. I told Arniel what I wanted in exchange for it, and he was unwilling to come up with it. Now, if you're here on his behalf, I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist on my original payment."
If you are not the Arch-Mage of the College: "You think you can do what he can't, and I'll sell it to you. Then you're free to run off to him with it, if you like."
What is it that you want?
"I have a... friend, let's say, who's interested in a staff. A particular one. It's nothing dangerous, so don't worry. I'm not even sure why he wants it, but then that's not really my concern. He's willing to pay for it. The problem is that it'll be a little difficult to acquire, seeing as how it's in the hands of someone who isn't exactly friendly. So, you bring that staff back here, and I'll consider it payment for the item Arniel was after."

At this point, the quest marker updates and you must now track down the desired staff. Once you have obtained it, you can tell Enthir that here's the staff he wanted. He will then provide you with what Arniel requested: "Well, well. All right, you delivered on your end, so I'll deliver on mine. Here's the gem Arniel was after. Can't imagine what he expects to do with that... it's warped beyond any ability to capture a soul."

Arniel's Endeavor Part 4[edit]

"It was a simple task, so I didn't keep close tabs on it like I do with the dangerous stuff."

Despite his previous difficulties with using Enthir's services, Arniel enlisted them yet again to obtain the final item he needs to complete his experiment. When you ask Arniel if he has unraveled the mystery of the dwarves yet, he begins ranting about Enthir: "No, and at this rate, I never shall! Enthir is once again holding out on me. He refuses to deliver yet another item absolutely essential to my work! I am close, so close! You must force him to see reason!" He will not be of much help when you ask him what he wants you to tell Enthir: "I don't know, I don't know! I've already agreed to pay him quite handsomely for the... well, the item in question. Just... Do whatever it takes to get him to stop lording this over me."

Just as before, you will now need to confront Enthir on behalf of Arniel. When you say to him that he is holding out on Arniel again, the usually cool and slick Bosmer becomes quite angry: "Oh, by the Divines, you too? I've already told him. I don't have it!" You must then select one of two options, both revealing that your assumptions about the shady wizard are incorrect this time:

What sort of "payment" do you expect this time?: "Nothing, nothing at all! Arniel already overpaid for... whatever it is."
I'm not running any more errands for you: "Did I ask you to? Did you hear me say that?"

Regardless of your choice above, he continues by revealing the source of his frustration, growing more and more upset with each word: "You're not listening to me. I don't have it. I set up the whole deal. A courier was supposed to be bringing it from Morrowind. He never arrived. Okay? The deal was already done, the thing just never showed up. I can't help that!"

Two more options will now become available. If you ask him what is it Arniel wanted him to get, he becomes enraged and begins screaming: "I don't know. He never told me. He made most of the arrangements himself, he just needed it transported from Morrowind. That's what I agreed to help with. If I'd known it was so important to him, I'd have charged him more." If you instead ask where's the courier, he will be slightly less upset: "I don't know. Are you not listening at all? It was a simple task, so I didn't keep close tabs on it like I do with the dangerous stuff." Depending on the randomized location of the courier, he then says one of the following two lines of dialogue:

"Last I heard he intended to pass through Eastmarch on his way here."
"Last I'd heard, he was crossing the border from Morrowind into The Rift."

Enthir will then continue: "If you're getting involved in this, that'd be where you start looking." He concludes by returning to his usual sly self and asking: "Why is this suddenly so important, anyway?"

You can now return to Arniel to tell him what happened to the item he needs. Obviously, he will become very upset about the situation, particularly with the fact that Enthir only had a simple courier transport the goods. You can ask him why he did not tell Enthir how valuable the item was, and he will remind you about what kind of person you're dealing with: "Have you lost your mind? Think, please, just for a moment, about what he would do if he knew its true value. Do you really believe he would honor our agreement, or go running off to the highest bidder?"

Hard Answers[edit]

"Enthir... Gallus's friend at the College of Winterhold. Of course..."

Enthir becomes briefly involved with the Thieves Guild questline during the quest Hard Answers. Ironically, his scholarly talents will be needed in this quest as opposed to his shady procurement connections which are on display in his College quests. At the end of the Speaking With Silence quest, Karliah reveals to you that Mercer Frey murdered another member of the Thieves Guild, Gallus. She intended to capture him alive to make him answer for his actions, but was ultimately unable to do so. She managed to retrieve Gallus' journal which may reveal the truth regarding Mercer, but it is encrypted. When you suggest having it translated, she will recall one of Gallus' old friends: "Enthir... Gallus's friend at the College of Winterhold. Of course... it's [sic] the only outsider Gallus trusted with the knowledge of his Nightingale identity." She then urges you to head to Winterhold to have the journal translated by Enthir, beginning the Hard Answers quest in proper.

At this point, Enthir breaks off from his normal schedule and can now be found sitting inside a room in the Frozen Hearth inn at all times. When you approach him, he asks: "Can I help you with anything else?"

I've been sent by Karliah.
"Karliah? Then she's finally found it. Do you have Gallus's Journal?"
Yes, but there's a problem.
"A problem? Let me see it. This is just like Gallus. A dear friend, but always too clever for his own good. He's written all of the text in the Falmer language."
Can you translate it?
"No. However, I know someone who might. The court wizard of Markarth, Calcelmo, may have the materials you need to get this journal translated. A word of warning. Calcelmo is a fierce guardian of his research. Getting the information won't be easy."
"This is just like Gallus. A dear friend, but always too clever for his own good."

At this point the quest marker will now point you toward Markarth and you can end your conversation with Enthir. Alternatively, you can stick around and ask him three more questions which then have many possible follow-up questions:

  • What exactly is a Falmer?: "In the time before man, they were known as the snow elves. They lived in the sunlight and had a very prosperous society."
So they were like your kind?: "Like the Altmer [sic]? Yes, I would say their culture quite possibly rivaled our own."
What drove them underground?: "The Nords went to war with the Falmer in the First Era. Killed them by the thousands to drive them from their snowy homeland. The Falmer retreated underground and forged an uneasy alliance with the dwarves who ended up betraying them. This betrayal made them what they are now... horrible blind monstrosities with a burning hatred of any but their own kind."
They sound more like victims to me: "Yes, I suppose you're right. Forgive me. I've lost several close friends to the Falmer and it tends to distort my view."
You appear to despise them: "Why shouldn't I? The Falmer have killed more than a fair share of my acquaintances. They're animals... they show absolutely no pity or remorse."
Then I'll make it a point to hunt them down: "Good. I lost more than a few acquaintances to the Falmer and I wish to see them avenged."
"If you wish to learn more about them, you're welcome to my tome on the subject. Should be on my table."
  • What can you tell me about Gallus?: "He was a dear friend of mine and a surprisingly astute pupil of academia... I was devastated when he was killed. I suppose that risk always coexisted with his line of work, I just never thought his luck would run out."
He was an academic yet he chose a different path. Why?: "Well, for the thrill of course. He was quite clear that he felt more in his element climbing through a window rather than hunched over a dusty tome."
How did you meet him?: "Ah yes, quite an amusing anecdote actually. I caught him trying to break into my laboratory. I was about to show him the error of his ways when he made a curiously astute comment about my research notes. I was astounded and in turn it lead [sic] to a conversation. Who'd have imagined it would lead to such a strong friendship?"
  • Why did Gallus scribe his journal in Falmer?: "Besides the fact that there are only a handful of people in Tamriel that even recognize the language? I'm fairly certain he was planning some sort of a heist that involved a deep understanding of the Falmer language. Sadly, we never had the opportunity to speak about the details."
Where did he acquire the knowledge to use it?: "Ironically, I pointed him in the same direction I pointed you. To Markarth and Calcelmo. I'm only hoping whatever means he used to learn the language will still be available to you."

Once you end your conversation with the wizard, he will provide you with another warning: "Calcelmo is stubborn as a mule. Be careful when you speak to him."

"Hmm. This is intriguing, but highly disturbing."

After you obtain a copy of the translation from Calcelmo's Tower, Enthir relocates again. He moves to the basement of the Frozen Hearth inn. He can be found standing beside Karliah near a table, remaining here at all times. He teases you when he sees you walk into the basement: "Back, eh? And how was our friend Calcelmo?" He then subsequently greets you with: "Was there something else?" Handing him the rubbing and telling him that this should help translate Gallus' journal will cause him to continue to joke around: "I suppose it would be inappropriate of me to ask how you obtained this, so I simply won't." He then remarks: "A rubbing, eh? Odd. I expected notes." When you reply that it's quite the tale, he says: "I undertstand [sic]. Now, let me take a good look at this. Over here, please." He then walks over to the table and places the rubbing there while holding open the journal. Enthir will then work on the translation, having the following conversation with Karliah:

Enthir: "Hmm. This is intriguing, but highly disturbing. It appears that Gallus had suspicions about Mercer Frey's allegiance to the Guild for months. Gallus had begun to uncover what he calls an '...unduly lavish lifestyle replete with spending vast amounts of gold on personal pleasures.'"
Karliah: "Does the journal say where this wealth came from?"
Enthir: "Yes. Gallus seems certain that Mercer had been removing funds from the Guild's treasury without anyone's knowledge."
Karliah: "Anything else, Enthir? Anything about... the Nightingales?"
Enthir: "Hmm. Yes, here it is. The last few pages seem to describe 'the failure of the Nightingales' although it doesn't go into great detail. Gallus also repeatedly mentions his strong belief that Mercer desecrated something known as the Twilight Sepulcher."
Karliah: "Shadows preserve us. So it's true..."
Enthir: "I'm not familiar with the Twilight Sepulcher. What is it? What's Mercer Frey done?"
Karliah: "I'm sorry Enthir, I can't say. All that matters is that we deliver your translation to the Guild immediately. Farewell, Enthir... words can't express..."
Enthir: "It's alright Karliah. You don't have to say a word."

At the conclusion of this conversation, the quest marker will update and you will need to talk to Enthir. He expresses his concern for Karliah: "Listen, all I want is the truth to be revealed to the Guild. They respected Karliah, and she deserves better. Do whatever you can and I'd consider it a personal favor." Your only option will be to thank him at this point. After doing so, he offers his services as a fence to you. This dialogue varies depending on whether or not you are a member of the College of Winterhold:

Condition Your Dialogue Enthir's Dialogue
Member of the College Thank you, Enthir. "If trying to rid yourself of stolen goods becomes a burden, and you find yourself in Winterhold, visit me at the College. I've been known to handle items of questionable interest from time to time and I'll see what I can do."
Not a member of the College "If you ever manage to gain entry to the College, and you find trying to rid yourself of stolen goods becoming a burden, come visit me. I've been known to handle items of questionable interest from time to time and I'll see what I can do."

Until you talk to Karliah, he bids you farewell with: "If you have further need of me, you can find me in the College." However, at this point, he resumes his normal schedule and he will return to his normal dialogue upon completion of the quest.

Fence Dialogue[edit]

True to his word, Enthir will be happy to serve as a fence for you as soon as you complete the Hard Answers quest. He now has a variety of new greetings related to this:

"So, did Delvin send you again or you here on your own this time?"
"Taking me up on my offer, eh? Good."
"I'm assuming you're here for more than a social call. Down to business, eh?"
"I'm always on the lookout for all sorts of goods. Bring me whatever you... well, 'find' and I'll see what I can do."

If you are currently expelled from the Thieves Guild, he may instead say: "Rumor has it you couldn't follow the Guild's rules, so we can't do any business until it's been worked out."

In addition to now being able to sell him your stolen goods, you can also ask Enthir how's business. He expresses minimal interest regarding the subject: "Business? Business is actually inconsequential to me. I share little of your lust for coin. However, as promised, I'll still be more than happy to take any stolen merchandise off your hands." He may now end conversations by saying: "Give my regards to Karliah if you see her." Much of this dialogue, along with Enthir's ability to serve as a fence, is subject to numerous bugs depending on the order in which you completed the Thieves Guild and College of Winterhold quests.

Standard Merchandise[edit]

This is the merchandise found in Enthir's merchant chest. These items are only available if purchased from the merchant; they cannot be pickpocketed or stolen. They are restocked every two days.

Count Item Details
1 Black Soul Gem
1 Complete set of Novice Destruction Spell Tomes
1 Complete set of Apprentice Destruction Spell Tomes
1 Complete set of Adept Destruction Spell Tomes Only if PC's skill level is ≥ 40
1 Complete set of Expert Destruction Spell Tomes Only if PC's skill level is ≥ 65
2 Daedra Hearts
3 Deathbells
5 Leveled Mages Hoods (enchanted)
10 Leveled Mages Robes (enchanted)
~9 Leveled Scrolls Max 12 (12@75%)
~15 Leveled Soul Gems (empty and full) Max 20 (20@75%)
~1 Leveled Staves Max 2 (2@25%)
~10 Lockpicks Only if Enthir is a Fence; Max 14 (6@100% + 4@25% + 4@75%)
4 Random Novice/Adept Illusion/Destruction Spell Tomes Only if Enthir is a Fence
8 Potions Only if Enthir is a Fence


  • During the quest Hard Answers, Enthir is found in the Frozen Hearth and has different dialogue and behavior. Oddly enough, Enthir and Mercer Frey share the same voice actor, despite the two characters being at odds with each other, and no attempt at a variation between the inflection of the two characters seems to have been made.
  • If you have already become Arch-Mage and haven't traded with Enthir yet, the dialogue option will not appear making him unavailable as a fence (see bugs). Completing the Thieves Guild quest Hard Answers resolves this issue.


  • Enthir will never initiate dialogue with fellow College members, as all the scenes were set to take place in the Hall of Countenance where none of them will ever meet.
  • You must trade with Enthir before you become Arch-Mage or he will not trade with you. Several bugs have been noted with the dialogue, but the default behavior indicates that if you trade with him before you become the Arch-Mage, then you should continue to be able to trade with him.
    • PC Only The Unofficial Skyrim Patch, version 1.3.3, fixes this bug.
    • If you have already become Arch-Mage and still wish to use Enthir as a fence, completing the Thieves guild quest Hard Answers removes this restriction.
    • On PC This can be fixed by adding a hidden Enthir Vendor perk with the following command in the console: player.addperk 0006bc37.
  • Enthir may get stuck in the Frozen Hearth.
    • On PC You can fix this with console commands. Go to the Hall of Attainment, use prid 1c1aa and then moveto player. This will teleport him to you.
  • After completing the Thieves Guild quests and joining the College, Enthir may lose his status as a fence. Despite having two separate dialogue options (one for his old retail mode and another for his fence mode), he will only buy non-stolen goods, and will be limited to the original 500 gold.
    • PC Only The Unofficial Skyrim Patch, version 1.2.3, fixes this bug.
    • On PC You can head to Winterhold and use console commands prid 1c1aa and then moveto player. This will teleport him to you. Then Enthir will have the same amount of gold as the other fences (max of 4000 gold), and will buy stolen goods.
  • If Enthir is in the courtyard of the College of Winterhold during a dragon attack, he will act as though he is observing a brawl and not fight or flee, even while he is personally being attacked.
  • Although he is a Bosmer, during the quest Hard Answers, he refers to himself as an Altmer when you ask him about the Falmer:
Player: "So they were like your kind?"
Enthir: "Like the Altmer? Yes, I would say their culture quite possibly rivaled our own."
  • After selecting the "I understand you're an elf who knows how to get things" dialogue option, Enthir will remain in his room at all times except when other quest-related events cause him to break off his schedule.