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SR-icon-spell-Ice.png Frostbite
School Destruction Difficulty Novice
Type Offensive Casting Concentration
Delivery Aimed Equip Either Hand
Spell ID 0002b96b Editor ID Frostbite
Base Cost 16/s Charge Time 0
Duration 1 Range 36 feet
Speed 47 ft/s Max Life 0.77 sec.
Magnitude 8 Area 0
Tome ID 0009cd52 Tome Value 47
Appears in random loot at level 1+
A blast of cold that does 8 points of damage per second to Health and Stamina.

Frostbite is a novice level Destruction spell that deals frost damage to Health and Stamina, and slows targets for 1 second.



  • Augmented Frost, raises damage to 10/s at first rank or 12/s at second rank


  • Like most Frost spells, it can be used to set off Frost Runes from a safe distance (though Ice Spike or Ice Storm may be preferable due to their greater range).
  • Frostbite is the only Novice level Destruction spell (barring Arniel's Convection, which is learned as part of a quest, and Vampiric Drain, which is gained through vampirism) to not be known at the beginning of character creation. All races start with Flames, while Dunmer start with both Flames and Sparks, but no races start out with Frostbite.