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An Ayleid lich (Legends)

Liches are undead necromancers which have embraced the power of Lichdom, placing their soul in an object called a 'Phylactery', which is usually a jar or a chest. They are selfish and power-hungry, destroying all in their searches for souls to repair the Phylactery. Extremely intelligent and powerful, a commonly held myth is that if the Phylactery is destroyed the lich will also be destroyed.[1] A weaker variant of lich is the nether lich, which appear as spectral in comparison to a normal lich.

Lichdom is very hard to accomplish, taking large amounts of time and sacrifices[1], as the souls of innocents are needed to achieve lichdom, higher amounts of pain from the unwilling victims produce a purer and stronger form of lich.[2] It also requires a powerful magical relic, as it acts as a casting focus for 'Urelu's Loathsome Coercion', the spell used to take the souls from the victims, the higher a relic's power is, the more painful the soul tearing will be.[2] Due to the amount of effort to accomplish lichdom, it's very rare for a traveller to encounter one, as most will stay in tombs studying obsessively.[3]

Liches have been known to disguise their true form using Illusion magic to lower the defenses of unwary travellers.[4]

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