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Rites Matron
(lore page)
Location Vateshran Hollows
Race Reachman Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Spiritblood Clan
Rites Matron

The Rites Matron is a Reachman located in Vateshran Hollows. She oversees the Vateshran's Rites.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When you approach, she beckons you to speak with her.

"Closer. Come closer. Let me see your face.

Speak with her to begin the quest.

"Curious. An outsider approaches. So rarely do we see one enter these Hollows. What could you seek? A challenge? Wish to test your strength against the spirits?
Tell us, outsider, what do you know of the Vateshran's Rites?"
Tell me about them.
"The Rites determine who may dwell in the Reach. They separate the strong from those too weak to survive in our lands.
If you do not belong among our people, then you shall perish. Do you have the strength of a Reachman?"
What do I need to do to succeed?
"Realms of Oblivion leak into this cavern. Three wings, each holding two champions of the great spirits.
Pass through each wing. Defeat every creature found within. Only once you clear a wing may you move on to the next."
I accept the challenge.

You can ask her a few questions before proceeding.

"This door leads to the Choosing. Once inside, decide on the first path to take. The Rites continue until you destroy all creatures within.
A rare offer of caution—the Hollows behave strangely in recent days. Stay wary."
Tell me more about the Vateshran's Rites.
"For centuries, the Spiritblood clan has tested our young with the Vateshran's Rites. Once a child possesses the strength required, they enter into the Hollows. Those who emerge become full members of the clan."
Who is this vateshran?
"Not who, what. Song-keepers. Glory-tongues. They remember the people of the clan.
Every leader that falls, every warrior that bleeds—the vateshran knows them all. Each who survive the Rites earns a vateshran song that will last forever."
Why do you refer to yourself as "we?" / Why did you refer to yourself as "we?"
"We three sisters who maintain Vateshran Hollows serve as one. It could not remove a sister without wreaking havoc on the balance within. The river needs the rain, which in turn needs the sun. So it is with us."
What do you mean that Vateshran Hollows behaves strangely? / What did you mean that Vateshran Hollows has behaved strangely?
"After observing Vateshran Hollows for as long as we have, we understand its rhythms and moods. The veil between us and Oblivion is thin, but stable.
Except for in recent days. Something shifts within the Reach. We cannot yet guess at the cause."

The Rites Matron enters the Choosing after you've completed all three wings. She is standing before the portal in the center of the room, which has changed from a deep black pool to a whirling circle of blue energy.

Rites Matron: "Well done, outsider. You perform beyond our expectations."
Rites Matron: "Proceed through the portal below for your final challenge."

You can speak to her here.

"You cleared all three wings and defeated the fiercest spirits my sister can bind. Perhaps the first outsider to do so in five centuries. Many Spiritblood have died attempting what you accomplished today.
You have more to do, though."
I noticed colorless splotches dotting the landscape.
"Yes, we know of these. Void stuff enters our sacred Hollows. Spreading faster than we can heal the wounds. The Binder in the Dark attempts to control it, but a presence interferes.
Hurry, complete the Rites so we may focus on this threat."

After you defeat Maebroogha the Void Lich, the Rites Matron appears.

Rites Matron: "A voidmother. We did not summon such a creature for this challenge."
Rites Matron: "Vateshran's Rites now end. You did more than we expected. Well done."

Speak to her.

"A hard-won victory. Feel pride, outsider. The Spiritblood clan shall remember your accomplishment for all time.
Though it comes at the loss of our first vateshran. This incursion of the Void into the Hollows concerns all the sisters."
What comes next?
"Although the Spiritblood do not allow outsiders within its ranks, we still recognize what you've done this day.
You may travel through the Reach, confident that none may question your strength. The song of your triumph echoes through time."

You can speak to her further after the quest.

"We see your true warrior nature now. It shines through your skin and bones. A glow of strength unseen in previous outsiders.
You deserve your song among the Spiritblood clan."
What will happen to the Rites?
"Fear not, outsider. Vateshran's Rites must continue. Challenges surround us, come at us from every direction. We must constantly test our warriors to keep them strong."
What about these black infections?
"Voidstuff. From between places. Some witches of the Reach wish to control it, empower themselves with its energy. They transform into a voidmother, like you saw.
The sisters will keep the infection at bay. Such is our duty to the Spiritblood."
Is Aydolan lost forever?
"The Voidmother consumed his spirit. Our first vateshran is unmade.
Although he created these Rites, we sisters shall keep it alive. And the Spiritblood clan will sing his song for eternity."

System Mail[edit]

If you are on the Trials leaderboard for Veteran Vateshran Hollows at the end of the week, the Rites Matron will be the author of the mail that you will receive containing leaderboard rewards.

For Your Victories at Vateshran Hollows!
The song of your triumphs in Vateshran Hollows shall echo through time! Accept this reward and know that you have proven your strength and may walk with pride throughout the Reach!