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A Bonewalker (Morrowind)

Bonewalkers (or bone-walkers[1][2]) are a form of revenant that guard the ancestral tombs throughout Morrowind. They are created by the Dunmer through sacred ritual, considered by most foreigners to be a form of necromancy.[3] However, the practice of necromancy is outlawed in Morrowind.[4] The Dunmer do not consider the creation of Bonewalkers and other such revenants to be necromancy, instead associating it with traditional ancestor worship.[5] Outlanders consider them comparable to the flesh revenants known as zombies in the West.[6]

Bonewalkers are zombie-like skeletal creatures[7] resembling a humanoid golem constructed using flesh and bone, similar to a flesh atronach. They appear as misshapen humanoids, covered in gaping wounds and sharp protuberances of bone and metal employed in the rituals that bind them to the mortal plane.[6][8] They are brought to life through the binding of a spirit against its will, which usually results in the spirit going mad. This unpleasant fate is reserved for those who have not served the family faithfully in life, so that they may guard the family shrine in undeath. Dutiful and honorable ancestral spirits often aid in the capture and binding of these wayward spirits. These mad spirits make for terrifying guardians, and are exceedingly dangerous to outsiders. Though they are ritually prevented from harming mortals of their clans, that does not necessarily discourage them from mischievous or peevish behavior.[5] All Bonewalkers are considered to be malevolent and dangerous.[6]

There are several varieties of Bonewalker that can be encountered, such as Greater Bonewalkers and Lesser Bonewalkers.[8] Some Bonewalkers have three precious stones set in their lower jaw, in accordance with ancient magical practice.[1]

Though not as powerful as other undead, Bonewalkers are feared for the terrible curses they can bestow upon their foes. Bonewalkers are resistant to frost, poison, and shock attacks. They are known to carry the disease Brown Rot. They can also be summoned by magic users.[8]

According to the teachings of the Tribunal Temple, Vivec encountered a Bonewalker in the ancestor alcove of House Mora when he came to recover the Treasure Wood Sword. The revenant emerged from a wall and declared that the Sword would not be handed over due to bargains that House Mora had made with Mephala, but Vivec banished it and subsequently recovered the Sword.[1] The Chimer Hortator Nerevar was supposedly transformed into a Bonewalker after his death at the Battle of Red Mountain. Even though this information is lost to the annals of most Tribune histories, he is still depicted in his Bonewalker form on his Temple shrines.[UOL 1]


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