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This article is about the Companions faction. For companions for the player, see Followers.

The Companions are a group of warriors who take on private and public contracts for the people of Skyrim, and who purportedly carry on the tradition of the Five Hundred Companions of Ysgramor. Although the two groups offer a similar service, the Fighters Guild historically had a strong presence in Skyrim until the Companions seemingly replaced it entirely in the Fourth Era. They are based in the city of Whiterun, within the mead hall Jorrvaskr. The most elite members are included in the Circle of Jorrvaskr, and the chief councilor and arbitrator is known as the Harbinger, after Ysgramor, the "harbinger of us all" and the only real recognized leader of the Companions. Each new Harbinger is chosen by the last.

To learn more of the Companions and their history, see the lore article.


The Companions' sanctuary is the Nordic longhouse just below Dragonsreach, in the Winds District of Whiterun. This is an ancient and honored mead hall where generations of the Companions have met. According to local legend, Jorrvaskr is actually the oldest building in Whiterun. It existed alone on the mountain while the city was built up around it over the centuries. It features a main dining area, below which are the living quarters for the whelps and for the Circle and Harbinger.

Outside, there is a training area, and close by is the Skyforge, where the Companions' weapons are formed. The forge itself is large, ancient, and built outside on a mountain, close to the sky. Below the Skyforge is a ceremonial area known as The Underforge, which is out of bounds except on rare occasions.


Members of The Circle at the initiation ceremony


  • You may apply at their guild hall Jorrvaskr in Whiterun by speaking with Kodlak Whitemane.



Once the Companions quest line has been finished, you are named Harbinger. This allows you to command most of the Companions to aid you in battle and to forge Ancient Nord Armor and Nord Hero weaponry at the Skyforge.


Primary Quests[edit]

The primary Companions quest line consists of six quests; multiple radiant quests must also be completed over the course of the quest line. Three achievements (50 points; 2 Bronze and 1 Silver) are unlocked by the Companions quests.

Quest Achievement
Take Up Arms: Prove you are worthy to join the Companions. Take Up Arms 10 pts/Bronze
Proving Honor: Claim a Fragment of Wuuthrad from Dustman's Cairn.
The Silver Hand: Join the ranks of The Circle and clear Gallows Rock of werewolf hunters. Blood Oath 10 pts/Bronze
Blood's Honor: Claim the head of a Glenmoril Witch for Kodlak Whitemane.
Purity of Revenge: Retrieve the Fragments of Wuuthrad and wipe out the Silver Hand.
Glory of the Dead: Cure Kodlak's spirit and become Harbinger of the Companions. Glory of the Dead 30 pts/Silver

Radiant Quests[edit]

These quests are available after completing Take Up Arms and are repeatable:

These quests are available after completing The Silver Hand and are repeatable:

These quests are available after completing Glory of the Dead and are repeatable:

  • Totems of Hircine: Journey to the given location to find a Totem of Hircine. (This quest is only available while you are a werewolf, and can only be done three times, after which all Totems will have been found.)
  • Purity: Help a member of the Circle give up their beasthood. (Only Vilkas and Farkas wish to be cleansed, so you can only do the quest twice.)
  • Dragon Seekers: Go to a dragon lair with Farkas or Vilkas and kill the dragon. (This quest also requires you to have completed Dragon Rising.)


The Circle
Kodlak Whitemane (Harbinger)
Aela the Huntress Follower Trainer (Expert)Archery (Expert)
Farkas Follower Trainer (Master)Heavy Armor (Master)
Vilkas Follower Trainer (Master)Two-handed (Master)
Athis Follower Trainer (Expert)One-handed (Expert)
Njada Stonearm Follower Trainer (Expert)Block (Expert)
Ria Follower
Torvar Follower
Vignar Gray-Mane
Eorlund Gray-Mane Trainer (Master)Smithing (Master) Blacksmith
Tilma the Haggard


  • Within the Companions exists The Circle, an inner sub-faction of the highest and most prominent members, all of whom are Werewolves.
  • When the game tells you to "Talk to the Companions leaders for work", this generally means Farkas, Vilkas, Aela and Skjor. However, not all of them will necessarily have jobs for you at this time, but at least two of them will.
  • Arnbjorn and Hestla are both former members of the Companions.
  • The Companions track crime separately from Whiterun and the rest of Skyrim, operating their own bounty system. Unlike a Whiterun bounty, your options for clearing it are more limited.[verification needed — what can be done?]


  • The reward amounts for radiant Companions quests do not progress as intended. Instead of progressing evenly from 100 gold for levels 1-9 up to 300 gold for levels 40 and above, the reward given is 100 for levels 1-9, 150 for levels 10-19, then 300 for levels 20 and above. The level is also based on when the player completed the previous quest (or level one for the first quest), not the player's level when receiving the quest or its reward.
  • The Silver Hand radiant quests are available even after annihilating the Silver Hand.
    • PC Only This issue has been addressed by version 1.3.3 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch; the quests are no longer available once Purity of Revenge begins. (Note that this can make 100% quest completion for the Companions more difficult.) (details)