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Unmorphed and Focused Aim
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ON-icon-skill-Bow-Snipe.png Snipe
Line Bow
Line Rank 2 Cost 3240 Stamina
Cast Time 1.05 seconds Duration
Target Enemy
Range 35 meters
Morph ON-icon-skill-Bow-Lethal Arrow.png Lethal Arrow
Deals Poison Damage and always applies the poison status effect. Also applies Major Defile to the enemy, reducing their healing received.
ON-icon-skill-Bow-Focused Aim.png Focused Aim
Mark the enemy hit, allowing you to hit them from further away and afflicting them with Minor Fracture, reducing their Physical Resistance.
A Lethal Arrow
Snipe: Plant a masterfully aimed arrow in an enemy's vital spot, dealing [9226 / 9327 / 9428 / 9530] Physical Damage.
Lethal Arrow: Plant a masterfully aimed arrow in an enemy's vital spot, dealing [9529 / 9634 / 9739 / 9843] Poison Damage and applying the poison status effect. Also afflicts enemy with Major Defile, which reduces their healing received and Health Recovery by 30% for 4 seconds.
Focused Aim: Plant a masterfully aimed arrow in an enemy's vital spot, dealing [9529 / 9634 / 9739 / 9843] Physical Damage and marking the target. The mark increases the range from which the enemy can be hit by Bow attacks by 5 meters for 10 seconds. Also afflicts the enemy with Minor Fracture, which reduces their Physical Resistance by 1320 for 10 seconds.

Snipe deals a large amount of Physical Damage to one target. In addition to being the highest damage ability in the Bow line, it is one of the longest ranged attacks of any Skill line. The Focused Aim morph allows other Bow attacks to have a greater range as well, in addition to a reduction in the target's armor. Alternatively, the Lethal Arrow morph adds a Poison Damage over time to the attack, and decreases the effectiveness of Healing on the target.


  • The poison from Lethal Arrow does not stack, so you should wait for it to take its full effect before using it again on the same target.

Patch Notes[edit]