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ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Destructive Touch (Frost).pngON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Destructive Touch (Shock).pngON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Destructive Touch (Fire).png Destructive Touch
Line Destruction Staff
Line Rank 14 Cost 2700 Magicka
Cast Time Instant Duration
Target Enemy
Range 14 meters
Morph ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Destructive Clench.png Destructive Clench
Converts the damage over time into a new effect based on your staff type.
ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Destructive Reach.png Destructive Reach
Increases the range. Reduces the cost as the ability ranks up.
Shock Touch
Destructive Touch: Devastate an enemy with an enhanced charge from your staff, dealing [1502 / 1518 / 1535 / 1549] Magic Damage and an additional [3004 / 3030 / 3066 / 3092] Magic Damage over 10 seconds.
Destructive Clench: Range: 15 meters.
Devastate an enemy with an enhanced charge from your staff, dealing 3176 Magic Damage. Flame Clench also knocks the enemy back. Frost Clench also immobilizes the enemy. Shock Clench converts the attack into an area of effect explosion.
Destructive Reach: Cost: [2700 / 2610 / 2520 / 2430] Magicka, Range: 28 meters.
Devastate an enemy with an enhanced charge from your staff, dealing 3176 Magic Damage and an additional 3102 Magic Damage over 10 seconds.
Flame Touch
Frost Touch

Destructive Touch deals magic damage and additional damage over time. Depending on the staff element, additional effects are also applied. The name also changes based on the staff:

  • ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Flame Touch.png Flame Touch knocks back the target
  • ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Frost Touch.png Frost Touch immobilizes the target
  • ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Shock Touch.png Shock Touch stuns the target

The Destructive Clench morph adds additional effects, again based on the staff type:

  • ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Flame Clench.png Flame Clench adds additional damage over time
  • ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Frost Clench.png Frost Clench increases the duration of the immobilization
  • ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Shock Clench.png Shock Clench deals splash damage to other nearby enemies

Alternatively, the Destructive Reach morph allows the ability to be used at a greater distance, changing the name to:

  • ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Flame Reach.png Flame Reach
  • ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Frost Reach.png Frost Reach
  • ON-icon-skill-Destruction Staff-Shock Reach.png Shock Reach


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