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ON-icon-skill-Two Handed-Critical Charge.png Critical Charge
Line Two Handed
Line Rank 4 Cost 3780 Stamina
Cast Time Instant Duration
Target Enemy
Range 22 meters
Morph ON-icon-skill-Two Handed-Stampede.png Stampede
Increases the cost and the charge now deals damage in an area around the target, and leaves residual damage at the impact area.
ON-icon-skill-Two Handed-Critical Rush.png Critical Rush
Deals more damage based on the distance traveled. Reduces the cost.
Values are based on Max Magicka/Stamina 12000, Max Health 16000, and Weapon/Spell Damage 1000.
Critical Charge striking a target
Critical Charge: Launch across the earth and smash an enemy, dealing [3689 / 3729 / 3769 / 3810] Physical Damage. This attack is always a Critical Strike.
Stampede: Cost: 4590 Stamina, Duration: 15 seconds, Area: 5 meters.
Launch across the earth and smash an enemy, dealing 3811 Physical Damage to them and all nearby enemies. This attack is always a Critical Strike. After reaching your target, you sunder the ground beneath you, dealing [846 / 854 / 863 / 873] Physical Damage to all enemies in the area every 1 second for 15 seconds.
Critical Rush: Cost: [3510 / 3420 / 3330 / 3240] Stamina.
Launch across the earth and smash an enemy, dealing 3811 Physical Damage. Deals up to 50% more damage based on the distance traveled. This attack is always a Critical Strike.

Critical Charge charges forward and deals critical physical damage to an enemy. This can be used to close the gap to distant enemies, or escape from a tight spot by attacking a distant target. The Stampede morph adds an area damage over time effect, while Critical Rush increases the damage dealt the more distant your target is.


  • The Merciless Charge set from Maelstrom Arena will add Barbarous Lust increasing damage done with direct damage attacks.
  • Each tick of Stampede can trigger the enchantment of the weapon used to cast it, even if the player switches to the other bar.
  • The charge negates slowdown or immoblizing effects you are suffering from at the time of usage.
  • This skill can be used to reach over to enemies standing above you or across from you between a gap, as the charge isn't affected by regular gravity.
    • On the other hand, the skill often fails to work properly and cancels itself when attempting to use on enemies that are standing at the top of stairs you are standing on.

Patch Notes[edit]

  • Critical Rush: This ability no longer increases the damage of weapon enchantments.
  • Reduced damage of this ability by approximately 10%.
  • Critical Rush: Increased the ranged damage bonus for this ability to 68%.
  • Stampede: This ability now snares targets by 60% instead of immobilizing them.
  • Stampede: Increased the duration of the snare from this ability to 8 seconds from 5 seconds.
  • Critical Rush: Fixed an issue where charging at the minimum range would reduce this morph's damage.
  • Adjusted the snare applied to the enemy target at the beginning of all charge/teleport abilities (such as Shield Charge, Critical Charge, or Teleport Strike) to be a 60% snare for 750 milliseconds from a 100% snare for 500 milliseconds.
    • The snare remains unpurgable, and serves to help charge abilities hit moving targets more reliably without completing locking movement down.
  • Made some additional adjustments to all charge abilities (Shield Charge, Critical Charge, etc.) to prevent charging in invalid locations.
  • Fixed an issue where charge abilities (Shield Charge, Critical Charge, etc.) were causing your camera to clip through terrain when charging on certain slopes and hills.
  • Adjusted the order of the Active Abilities in this skill line. They now unlock in the following order:
    • Uppercut
    • Critical Charge
    • Cleave
    • Reverse Slash
    • Momentum
      • Developer Comment: This change is aimed at newer players. Our intention for this weapon line and the ones below is getting players into the habit of using their primary damage ability as soon as possible.
  • Fixed a specific case where some charge and leap abilities (such as Critical Charge or Dragon Leap) were displaying their animation and visual effects but not actually moving you to the enemy target.
  • Stampede: Fixed an issue where this morph could apply multiple snare debuffs whenever it was recast.
  • Decreased the damage dealt by this ability and its morphs by approximately 11%.
  • Critical Rush: Decreased the damage bonus based on distance traveled granted by this morph to 40% from 68%.
  • Stampede: Decreased the duration of the snare applied by this morph to 4 seconds from 8 seconds.
  • Critical Rush: Increased the damage bonus scaling of this ability to 50% from 40%.
  • Stampede: This morph no longer snares enemies hit. Instead, it now crushes the earth beneath you upon reaching your target, causing area damage to happen every second for an 8 second duration. This ability is balanced around our AoE DoT standards.
  • Stampede (morph):
    • Increased the duration of this morph to 10 seconds, up from 8, and reduced the damage per tick by approximately 20%.
  • Stampede (morph): This morph now also causes the initial hit to deal Area of Effect damage on impact.
  • Stampede (morph): Increased the damage done by the initial hit of this ability by 25%, and the damage of the Damage over Time effect by approximately 127%. Overall, this will result in approximately 86% more damage, which was done to help offset the changes to Merciless Charge, as well as to help Two Handed stick out better as a viable back bar option.
  • Critical Rush (morph):
    • This ability now ranks up in cost reduction instead of 1.1% damage done per rank.
    • Reduced the base cost to 3510, down from 3780.
  • Stampede (morph):
    • Reduced the initial hit of this ability by 20%.
    • Increased the base cost to 4590, up from 3780.
    • Increased the duration of the residual area to 15 seconds, up from 10 seconds.
    • Increased the damage per tick of the Damage over Time by approximately 3%.
    • Developer Comment: Similar to Carve, this ability's potency was juiced up to inject some power for the skill lines' PvE performance, but ultimately created a situation where the other morph felt eclipsed entirely, even in PvP. Stampede now focuses its damage less on an upfront burst, and instead on more sustained damage for targets sitting in the area. Overall, this will reduce the DPS of the skill as well, while letting it have a slightly longer duration to the effect so you can focus on other actions instead.
  • Stampede (morph): Decreased the damage per tick by approximately 47%.
  • Stampede (morph): Fixed an issue where the initial hit of this morph would only guarantee its Critical Strike against the first target hit, rather than all targets hit. Note that this guaranteed Critical still does not apply to the Damage over Time portion of the ability, which is by design.
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