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This article describes specific places of interest in Cyrodiil that are not marked on your map, do not appear on the compass, and aren't directly related to any of Oblivion's quests. Some of the places on this list do not have official names or titles, in which case unofficial names have been used to describe the places.

Bandit Outpost[edit]

Bandit Outpost

Southwest of Roland Jenseric's Cabin are some small stone walls that appear to be the ruin of a former building. Within the walls there is a stone floor with a tan cup and jug lying on it. As the name suggests, the ruin is inhabited by bandits.


Bralsa Andaren's Bedroll[edit]

Bralsa Andaren's Bedroll

This bedroll is placed near the Wayshrine of Kynareth, north of Fort Dirich and east of Nonungalo. It is occupied by eccentric master Destruction trainer Bralsa Andaren, whom you will have to track down during the Destruction Training quest. The bed is free to sleep in, although Bralsa will sleep next to you between 11pm and 7am.


Burnt-Down Tower[edit]

Burnt-out Building, south of Fort Irony

There is an island in the center of the Niben River directly south of Fort Irony. On this island are two trees: a white-barked tree with golden leaves and a burnt, black tree with no leaves. Between the two trees is a mysterious burnt-down tower. Inside the tower is a small crate containing minor treasure, a sack of grain, and a locked chest containing a moderate amount of gold. There are also two nirnroot nearby: one on the island and one across the bridge near three wooden steps.


Dark Grove[edit]

The Dark Grove to the East of Cheydinhal

Southeast of Cheydinhal, just to the right of the 'o' in Valus Mountains, there is a circle of large, dead trees. In the center of the circle is a fairly large black rock covered in cobwebs and some thin spikes with some skulls skewered on them. Between the spikes is a chest (with a small lit candle sitting on top of it) containing a small amount of gold and minor treasure. You may also notice some fireflies flitting about the grove.


Lonely Grave[edit]

The view from the Lonely Grave

High on a promontory south of Boethia's shrine with an unmatched view of the source of the Silverfish River stands an isolated gravestone with a chest containing minor treasure. Map

Ruined Structure[edit]

The Ruined Structure

Halfway between Cloud Top and Sancre Tor is a wooden bridge with a stone structure below it that resembles a ruined fort tower. The structure can be accessed by entering through the main entrance or by leaping off the wooden bridge and falling into the building (it has no roof). Inside is a sack containing gold and a chest containing minor treasure.



Shipwreck north of Beldaburo

In the Abecean Sea northwest of Anvil, near the Ayleid ruins of Beldaburo, are the remains of a wrecked ship. Outside the ship on the sand is an open chest containing a silver urn and a silver tankard, an empty open barrel, a shattered crate, a half buried empty chest, and a chest containing some gold and minor treasure. There is also a nirnroot nearby. You cannot enter the wreckage.


Skingrad Graveyard[edit]

Skingrad Graveyard
Skingrad Graveyard after the Oblivion Gate has opened

Close to Skingrad, just north of the Derelict Mine, there is a graveyard with a stone circle in the middle. The graveyard may be partially destroyed by an Oblivion gate later in the game, which will force some of the coffins to the surface.


The First All Things Alchemical[edit]

The original All Things Alchemical

Falanu Hlaalu set up a store southeast of the Imperial City, near Memorial Cave, before moving it to Skingrad. You can explore the ruins of the original store, where you will find three Resist Fire potions, (two potions of Insulation, one strong potion of Insulation), two chests (containing gold and minor treasure), one sack containing gold, two barrels containing alchemical ingredients, and a well. The area also contains many unique trees not found anywhere else.


The Northern Stairs[edit]

The Northern Stairs

The Northern Stairs can be found to the northwest of Cloud Ruler Temple on a high mountain. At the top of the large stone stairs are two beacons that sit in front of a chest containing minor loot. The chest does not respawn and therefore can be safely used for storage.


Mercenary's Camp[edit]

Mercenary's Camp

Mercenary's Camp is a small campsite outside the Ayleid ruin of Malada consisting only of an extinguished campfire, a cooking pot, and a locked chest containing minor treasure. Although usually uninhabited, the camp is used by Maric's mercenaries during the quest Nothing You Can Possess. During their brief stay here, bedrolls appear at the camp which are free to sleep in, before the mercenaries remove them halfway through the quest.


Mountain View Camp[edit]

Mountain View Camp with Frostcrag Spire in the background
The Flagless Flagpole

Mountain View Camp is an unmarked camp found southeast of Gnoll Mountain, close to Frostcrag Spire (if you have the Wizard's Tower official plug-in installed). On a clear day, the camp provides a good view over Bruma and the Jerall Mountains. It contains no bedroll. It is possible that this is the camp used by the wizard who designed Frostcrag Spire, as it is mentioned in the Frostcrag Spire Memoirs that he rested at a camp overlooking the Jerall Mountains when he came up with the idea to construct the spire.

Up the path from the main campsite, on top of some boulders, sits a flagless flagpole. A sack half buried in snow, a bottle of wine (that you cannot pick up) and an extinguished campfire surround the flagpole. With the Wizard's Tower official plug-in installed, the flagpole (being so close to the site of the spire) will be deleted from the game.



The bridge between Lake Rumare and the Nibenay River

Although the Old Bridge near the Imperial city is marked on the map, there are many unmarked bridges out there. Some are large, some are small, and the designs are many and varied. The grander bridges that cross the long bodies of water are arched and made of stone, while there are also crude log bridges crossing smaller bodies of water. Keep an eye out for nirnroot while crossing bridges, and beware of bandits and highwaymen that will often attack while you're crossing the bridges.

Bridge Locations[edit]

  • Lake Rumare has some grand bridges such as the large arched bridge on the southeast side of the lake near Fort Alessia. Also, the stone bridge that connects Chestnut Handy Stables to Weye is pretty notable. There are also some more minor bridges constructed with log and stone jotted about there.
  • The Niben River has some bridges around it. Although it is one long body of water, there are various islands dotted about that are connected to the mainland by small wooden bridges. There is a large bridge north of Fort Redman that a couple of bandits have staked out.
  • Lesser Rivers, such as the Silverfish and the Panther, have many bridges crossing them. The Imperial Bridge Inn, on the bank of the Silverfish River for example, has a couple of small bridges near it.


The harbor opposite Culotte

There are many unmarked harbors in Cyrodiil. You will find the vast majority of them along the banks of Lake Rumare and the Niben River, although there are some along the banks of smaller rivers too. They usually consist of a small wooden dock with a rowboat tied up to it, sometimes with coils of rope and tall wooden lampposts illuminating the dock. Some harbors include a small pier extending from them. Often there are some containers lying on the dockside: jewelry boxes, chests, crates, barrels, sometimes even coffins! Harbors are worth exploring because there are often small treasures such as jewelry, potions and gold lying around them. You may also come across nirnroot at harbors. There is not much action at harbors, although you might get to fight the odd mud crab.

Pier Locations[edit]

  • Around Lake Rumare: one just north of Vilverin, one near the exit of the Imperial Prison Sewer, one southeast of Fort Empire at the mainland side of the small wooden bridge connecting City Isle to the mainland, one immediately north of Weye, and a small one north of Sinkhole Cave.
  • Along the banks of the Niben River: one near the White Stallion Lodge, another southwest of the Ayleid ruin Culotte.
  • Some spread around the lesser rivers of Cyrodiil: one near Black Dog Camp on a bank of the Panther River, another near Cadlew Chapel, at the mouth of the Silverfish River. The last one peculiarly has coffins lying around it, possibly connected to the sinister Necromancers that hang about the nearby chapel...
  • One near Battlehorn Castle, west of Chorrol.

Other Unmarked Places[edit]

There are several other types of places that do not appear on your map, which are described on their own individual articles: