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Lake Rumare

Lake Rumare is a large lake completely surrounding City Isle and the Imperial City. It's primarily inhabited by a dangerous variety of slaughterfish.

Many phrases in the local vernacular refer to Lake Rumare, such as "throwing money into Lake Rumare" to save time instead of "visiting that dump (the Imperial City)".

The main bridge across the lake is called the Talos Bridge and is located on the west side, between Weye and the Chestnut Handy Stables. Another wooden bridge (not marked on your map) is to the north, fording Fort Empire and Fort Caractacus. An island on the southern part of the lake houses Fatback Cave. The Ayleid ruin Vanua can be found southeast underwater, before the lake opens into the Upper Niben.

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  • The name "Talos Bridge" never appears in the game, but the cells that make up the bridge are called ICTalosBridge01, ICTalosBridge02, and ICTalosBridge03.
  • This is the only lake where you can find Rumare Slaughterfish; this variety appears to be primarily located in the northwest section of the lake. Regular Slaughterfish can be found elsewhere in the lake, but this variety is significantly more dangerous.
  • The shore contains a large number of flora, including Nirnroots, Sacred Lotuses, and Water Hyacinths.
  • Clams can be found both on the shores of the lake and underwater. Clams have a random chance of containing Pearls and Flawed Pearls.
  • The shoreline of the lake shown on the map is only roughly accurate. Some apparent islands are in fact peninsulas; some apparent bays are in fact lagoons.
  • One unusual island is located in the southeast part of the lake. If you swim out to this island, you discover that its banks are too steep to climb. Even if you reach the tops of the banks, there is an invisible wall that prevents you from entering the island. This island is the destination of A Mage's Staff, at which point you can access it through Wellspring Cave.