Oblivion:Imperial Bridge Inn

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Imperial Bridge Inn
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Room Value 10
Publican Davela Hlaren
Important Treasure
Calcinator Treatise
Console Location Code(s)
ImperialBridgeInnExterior, ImperialBridgeInnTavern
Nibenay Valley
East of Bravil, east of the Yellow Road on the northern bank of the Silverfish River
Imperial Bridge Inn

The Imperial Bridge Inn is an inn east of Bravil (quest-related).

The publican, Davela Hlaren, buys potions and food while selling only the latter. She also offers advanced Hand to Hand training. The first floor contains the main reception area, consisting of a bar with an engraved counter and a dining table. The second floor features another dining area. The guest area is on the third floor.

The third floor is merely an open attic with three lower-class single beds arranged on the floorboards. The first two beds are the ones you can rent, while the last is the owned bed where Lithnilian sleeps. The Alchemy skill book Calcinator Treatise is beneath Lithnilian's bed, while a copy of the rare Hanging Gardens is among the books on and around a nearby set of drawers.


The rare books in the attic
Mirisa *

*Only present at the inn after the quest Goblin Trouble.

Quests Starting Here[edit]



  • Davela Hlaren will rent the bed even if you don't have the 10 gold necessary for a room; she will still unlock the door and allow you to sleep in the "rented" bed.