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Barenziah (barenziah)
(lore page)
Location Mournhold, Royal Palace: Barenziah's Chambers
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 70 Class Queen Mother
Other Information
Health 630 Magicka 300
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Essential Yes

Barenziah can be found in her Chambers along with her guard, Alusannah. She has a number of useful contacts including Plitinius Mero. There are some rumors that there will be an assassination attempt on Barenziah's life.

Barenziah, being a queen, wears an extravagant robe and a pair of matching shoes. Barenziah is also particularly hard to kill, should you be so inclined. Not only does she possess a uniquely enchanted Daedric dagger (Cast on Use: Damage Health 50 points on target) and 5 exclusive restore health potions, but a very, very dangerous array of spells too. Aside from her natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by her ancestors, she knows Barenziah's Fire, Toxic Cloud, and has an innate 60 pts of Reflect.

Related Quests[edit]


The Queen mother is a powerful and important figure, offering unique information about Mournhold's politics as well as some other topics.

  • Voice:
  • "Approach and be recognized, my good man/lady."
  • "Attacks on this city! Oh, would that I were a younger woman...."
  • "These are strange times, my friend. The people are frightened."
  • " protector! It is good to see you again."
  • "The goddess is gone, yet you remain. You are a mystery, sera."
  • Greetings:
  • " are the one recently arrived from Vvardenfell. What is it you wish to ask?"
  • "You have other matters you wish to discuss with me? Please, go ahead."
  • "Good day to you. How may I help you, %PCName?"
  • "These are frightening times, friend %PCName. What is it you require?"
  • "Hello again. I trust things are going well for you."
  • "Hello again, friend %PCName. There is so much you seem to be involved with. How can I help you?"
  • "My protector! It seems you were able to take care of that ridiculous plot."
  • "Why, hello! My protector has returned! What is it I can do for you, my friend?"
  • "You are to fight the mighty Karrod soon, %PCname. Do you really have the time to be chatting with me?"
  • "Good to see you, %PCName. What can one who has defeated the mighty Karrod wish to speak about?"
  • "How goes your quest to forge the Blade of Nerevar?"
  • "It seems you are destined for great things in Morrowind, my friend. I'm glad there will be another for people to talk about."
  • "I understand you've been to the Clockwork City, and you alone returned. You've consorted with gods, what can this Queen do for you?"
"I am Barenziah. Were you confused about that?"
Gavas Drin
"Drin is the Lord Archcanon of the Mournhold Temple. He possesses great magical skill, and is utterly devoted to the goddess Almalexia."
"I have learned that someone has murdered the Lord Archcanon. This is a troublesome development. I fear the people will be frightened about this development."
  • "He is my son. He is also the King of Morrowind."
  • "My son is dead. My only hope is that his murderer will be brought to justice."
High Ordinators
"They are power warriors, some of the most deadly in all of Morrowind. In most areas of Mournhold, they are the law. Take care not to cross them."
King Llethan's Death
"I am sorry for his widow. He was an old man, and had lived a rich and rewarding life, but that is little consolation to those left behind."
"I know a little about the prophecies. I know about you and the Temple. Some people in the West set great store in signs and portents, but for thousands of years we Dunmer have had the luxury of being able to speak directly to our gods. We have no need of prophets, and distrust anyone who claims to speak for the gods."
Queen mother
"I suppose that is my official title. It means little to me. I have been a queen twice over now, and I have no wish to be involved in any of the intrigue. Still, it seems to bring joy to the people of Mournhold when they see the processions and the ceremonies. For that, I suppose, it is all worth it."
Royal Guard
"Oh, they're my son's personal guard. Effective soldiers, from what I've seen of them."

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

A Temple Informant[edit]

Discontent in the temple
"For the Dunmer, Almalexia has always represented the motherly virtues of compassion and forgiveness, healing and protection, but in recent years, since the war with Dagoth Ur, she has become a harsher, more unsympathetic patron. Almalexia has changed, and many followers feel she has not changed for the better. A movement within the priesthood critical of current practices -- the Dissident priests -- has been ruthlessly suppressed by the Temple."

Queen Barenziah[edit]

"Greetings %PCName. I've been wanting to speak with you. I understand you've been performing some duties for Tienius, and you've done well. I believe there are other matters you should investigate as well."
other matters
"Mournhold is a town of two minds. On the one hand, there is the monarchy, led by Helseth, and on the other there is the Temple, and the goddess Almalexia. It is hard to know whom you may trust. While there has been no open hostility between the two, there are always undercurrents that bear watching. I would like you to make yourself known to the Temple. See what you can learn. Speak to Fedris Hler. He is a powerful man in the Temple, a confidant of Almalexia. See if you can get to know him a bit."
whom you may trust
"A difficult question, especially in the company of gods and kings. I am always here to answer your questions. My time in the political arena is done, and I will not miss it. I do, however, like to know what is happening to my son, and to his monarchy. I stay interested. You should also take the time to speak with Plitinius Mero, a dear friend of mine. He is knowledgeable on a great many subjects, and is always interesting to speak with. Apart we two, it is up to you to decide who your friends are."
Fedris Hler:
"There is more to Hler than one would think. There are rumors that he was once an assassin. It is fairly widely known that he is the leader of the Hands of Almalexia. This is not a person to be trifled with."
Plitinius Mero
"Ahhh...Plitinius. He's a dear friend of mine. An author, a man of the people. He's a good source of information. These royal trappings don't allow me to get out as much as I'd like, but I can always count on Plitinius to know how the winds will change. You'll often find him wandering about in the Palace Courtyard. Get to know him, %PCName. His knowledge and judgement are unparalleled."
"You'll have to ask him about that! His work has been quite widely read, but it's best if he tells you of it."

The Shrine of the Dead[edit]

Shrine of the Dead
"The Shrine of the Dead? An ancient shrine dedicated to ancestor worship, if I remember correctly. I can't imagine what the goddess would want with it. From what I understand, it was destroyed centuries ago."

Barilzar's Mazed Band[edit]

She can be asked about the Mazed Band:

Barilzar's Mazed Band
"I have heard of this thing, %PCName, but I know very little about it. I've heard whispers about it, but few details. Some say it is cursed...some say it is not. I can't understand why the goddess would want such a thing. If you want to know more, I would suggest speaking with Torasa Aram at the Museum of Artifacts. She has great knowledge of these things. Take care...some things are best left buried."

After the quest:

"I understand you have found the thing and returned it to the goddess. Walk with care, %PCName. It is wise to be wary of gods with mortal failings."

An Assassination Attempt[edit]

"So, what information have you uncovered about this mysterious plot my son believes is afoot?"
  • "My son believes someone would try to assassinate him? It's possible, I suppose, but not likely to succeed. He's more well-guarded than the emperor himself. It's all a bit overdone, if you ask me. Still...someone could be up to something. I suggest you speak with an old friend of mine, Plitinius Mero."
  • "Someone try to kill me? Ridiculous! Certainly I've made my share of enemies in my life, but those times are long forgotten. I suppose someone might think to use me to get to my son, but with the way this palace is guarded, if someone could reach me, they could just as easily reach Helseth. The whole idea seems ludicrous to me. But, if someone wishes to try...I've forgotten more about defending myself than most will ever learn...."
  • "Do what you must, my friend. I am not concerned."
  • "It seems that's been taken care of. Good work."
  • protect Barenziah: "My son has sent you to protect me? Ha! Please, friend...I mean no disrespect. I'm not laughing at you, or at the seemingly noble sentiments my son exhibits. It just seems odd to me that any would want to have me killed. And my son knows as well as any that I can protect myself. Still, do as he has commanded you. He is the king, and it is best to concede to his wishes. Take care, my friend."

The Blade of Nerevar[edit]

  • pieces of the blade:
  • "Reforge the blade of Nerevar? I have heard rumors of the Nerevarine returning...could it be you? I wonder.... If what Almalexia says is true, and all the pieces of the blade are here in Mournhold, I have few suggestions for you. Helseth's champion, Karrod, carries a blade that is of ancient Dwemer design. Perhaps you will learn more from him, though it will be difficult to get the information out of Karrod."
  • "Reforge the blade of Nerevar? I have heard rumors of the Nerevarine returning...could it be you? I wonder.... If what Almalexia says is true, and all the pieces of the blade are here in Mournhold, I have few suggestions for you. Helseth's champion, Karrod, carries a blade that is of ancient Dwemer design. Perhaps you will learn more from him. He respects you, %PCName, and that is a rare thing indeed."
  • "You've retrieved one of the pieces. Excellent. I don't know what else I can tell you, my friend. Perhaps dear Plitinius can give you some advice. Good luck, %PCName."
  • "You have all the pieces. Well done, %PCName. I wish you well."
  • "I understand you've been able to forge the Blade of Nerevar once again! I commend you, %PCName."
  • Karrod:
  • "As fierce a warrior as I have ever seen, and completely loyal to my son. You'll often find him at the Winged Guar, enjoying a Cyrodiilic Brandy. It will be difficult for you to defeat this man in combat, %PCName. I wish you luck."
  • "He is a dangerous man, but could be a powerful ally."
  • "He is mute, %PCName. None have ever heard him utter a word. And the only way to get near him is in battle. You will need to convince Helseth to let you duel his champion. Speak with my son...perhaps it can be arranged."
  • "So you have defeated the Redguard? I am impressed, %PCName. He is a truly powerful adversary. I can only imagine my son's surprise!"
  • "You have already defeated him in battle, %PCName, and I have heard that he actually spoke to you. You are full of surprises. He may be willing to speak with you about this blade you seek. I wish you luck."
  • "The Redguard had a piece of the blade! Excellent."

  • "She is one of the Tribunal, the God-Kings of Morrowind. She resides in the High Temple here in Mournhold."
  • "[Stares at you thoughtfully.] I believe you are serious. I'm not sure I believe you have killed a living god... though I do think YOU think you have. I doubt you could prove it. And I doubt the priests would believe it... or would admit it, even if it were true. Say nothing about this to anyone. Or... I suppose you can tell who you like. Who would believe you? Fascinating. Simply fascinating. So many possibilities...."
  • "I understand you have told my son of the death of the goddess and the passing of Sotha Sil. Keep this information close, %PCName. The people of Morrowind will need time to accept what has happened. Until then, continue to watch over them."
  • Dark Brotherhood: "Not a group of people to be taken lightly. Their reach is far, and their methods well-honed. Take care when dealing with them."
  • "I've heard the man was killed. He was no fool. Whomever killed him must have been very clever."
  • Sotha Sil: "Sotha Sil is one of the original companions of Nerevar who have come to be known collectively as the Tribunal. It is said he is a powerful mage and a wizard with mechanical devices. Little else is known about this reclusive god."
  • Talen Vandas: "I'd only met the man once or twice myself, but he left a strong impression. Smart, charismatic...he could have been a leader of our people."
  • Tienius Delitian:
  • "Tienius has been my son Helseth's loyal and trusted advisor for many years. He is a skilled warrior, and an intelligent man. Do not be fooled by his rough exterior. Tienius is a shrewd man, and an excellent judge of character. It is no coincidence my son trusts him as implicitly as he does."
  • "I heard Captain Delitian had been murdered. He was a good man, and his murderer must be punished."

  • "I heard he had been killed. He was a dear, dear friend of mine. If I find out who was responsible, there will be retribution."


  • Barenziah also appears in Daggerfall, and as a card in Legends.
  • There are various books that give wildly differing accounts of Barenziah's life. See Biography of Barenziah, The Real Barenziah, and The Real Barenziah (Daggerfall version). Notably, the Daggerfall version of The Real Barenziah includes a passage about Barenziah's sexual encounter with a male Khajiit, which was removed in the Tribunal temple's sanitized revision of the book.
  • Barenziah's face and hair are unique and are not found on any other NPC in the game.
  • If you kill Barenziah and then talk to Helseth, he will attack you immediately.